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The Universe

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This page deals with the wonderful World we live in, our planet, our Universe and its inhabitants, our gift, and how we can take care of it.

03 May, 2024

Learn something new.

Growth is an integral part of #TheAwesomestLovenLifeForOneAndALL!!!

Quantum Physics for the Preschooler Part III



03 April 2024

New Earth

What is it and how do you enter it right now?

It is easier than you think actually.

Secret #1: Ask and pray for it.

Get the rest in this video

Much love for you ALLways.


20th March 2024


Quantum Physics Part II


I feel so excited to share this with you.

Enjoy growing each day.



20th June 2023

The Awesomest Love And Life

What does this mean to you?

Part I

So this website has been set up to encourage and inspire on an almost daily basis.  And I can tell you so many things that are true for me and have been tried and tested by me and they work marvellously.

But what is it that works for you? 

What would The Awesomest Love And Life look like and feel like for you?

The best way to figure this is as you go along.

And we have been speaking of this for a few days now as we discussed the Million Dollar Question and the unnamed post above it in which we dealt with what we are here for. (Please check Faith.)

I have always been that person who has seen people at their best even when reality spoke contrarily.  I have seen the best in people even after they have shown me otherwise.

But what I have discovered is that words can only do so much.  If it hasn’t “clicked” in a person’s brain, then even the most influential persuasive person can tell them a whole bunch of stuff but it will flow right off them making no impact whatever.

Someday when the light bulb is switched on they might get it.

This is alignment.  If a person is not in alignment with what he or she is doing there is no point in doing it.  If the heart and soul is not in it then it is a half-baked attempt.  Sure it might yield some results but the doer derives no satisfaction from it.  It is like when one has to cook versus doing it for the sheer joy of it.  And the recipients benefit the most from something done with positivity and wonderful energy.  Havent you eaten food at a person’s house and got sick for reasons other than salmonella.  It is the energies that went into making the food.  This is why it is a good idea to bless the food before you put it into you.  And not eat the food that certain people cook!  That’s a good policy.  (TBCS)




07 May, 2023

Isn't It Funny

That most people who do yoga or meditate look furious!

This defeats the entire purpose of both activities.  It is very understandable why this happens.  People are so focused on “getting it right” or some loftier ideals than just plain feeling good.

Breathe into it.  Smile.  Imagine smiley faces on every single cell in your body.  And while it’s cool to be concerned about form and getting it just right-I surely am-we can relax a bit about it all.  Practice makes perfect.

Again here @ theawesomestlovenlife, we allow ourselves some leeway.  Truly, it is not the end of the world if your down dog isn’t absolutely perfect.  In fact I have seen various people say different things about that pose.

=>So do what you can and be good to yourself<=

Yes, this features under Universe today because yoga, meditation, and smiles all make for a better world.  Even if you are being true to your Other Half, you can wear a smile as you go about your life.  You dont have to engage with anyone or make eye contact.  I have superhigh levels of loyalty and have figured out how to incorporate smiling into those!  It's not as if I am smiling at anyone.  My smile is part of my appreance, like putting on garments.  And then I direct it at people or not as the case may be.  But I am certainly not out there (or in here) glaring and adding to the pollution on planet earth.  

Again, there is one arena where we do not allow ourselves any wiggle room and that is coming up shortly.

Smile…even when no-one’s around.  There!  Feel better already.  Smile even through your tears.  This too shall pass.  There is light not only at the end of your seemingly endlessly dark tunnel, but at many intervals along the way. 

And if you wish to feel that endless light, you only have to turn within.  There is nothing dark about The Holy One. 

And He and His Spirit dwell within you.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!




25th March 2023

Brew a Cuppa!

Black, green, white…what is the difference between all these teas?

Green tea:  The tea leaves are steamed and scalded for several minutes after which they are rolled and dried.

White tea: It is less processed and made from new growth buds and young leaves of the tea plant.

Black tea:  For this tea, the leaves are put through a process of oxidation or fermentation and then dried.

All these teas are chockful of antioxidants and help the heart.  White tea has the highest number of antioxidants, next comes jasmine tea, followed by green tea, and then black.

So why is this here under Universe?  Tea is something else that we have in common with most of our 7.9+ billion brothers and sisters, it is yet another unifying factor.  Most cultures in most parts of the world have a tea-drinking habit.

=>No matter what the colour, tea is good for us and soothes the soul<=


Time for a cuppa?

Much Awesomeness$$$$$++++ !!!




19th March 2022

Would you like to do something good for your eyes and your brain today?

Consider taking a ginkgo biloba supplement.  I know a leading doctor who takes this and one of the healthiest "youngest"(despite his actual age) gentlemen I know.  Check with your doctor.  Ginkgo biloba supports circulation and heart health and good moods.  There are other benefits as well.  Kindly Google as it would take too many words for me to put it positively:).

Why is this under Universe today?  The more healthy people with great vision and mood, the better it is for our planet!  So spread the word, and do invite your friends over here: this is a safe happy space for all to find relief.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$ !!!






12th February, 2021

Today I share this Prayer to the Guardian Angel which my Mother taught us and we said during Family Prayer.  This is here under Universe because Angels are universal and for ALL...much as!

“Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom God’s Love commits me here, ever this day, be at my side, to rule and light, to guard and guide, Amen.”

Yes let us speak to our Angels.  They are there for us 24-7-365.  We can speak to them or even think our requests.  I like to say this Prayer in the morning these days.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$




30th December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


Is for We are the World.  Thank you Mr Michael Jackson (R.I.P.) and Mr Lionel Richie.  This is one of my favourite songs ever, to listen to and perform.  It comes to mind today pretty powerfully.  We are the World.  “We can’t go on pretending day by day that someone somewhere will soon make a change.”

So let’s be the change we wish to see, increasingly so.  Thank you Mahatma Gandhi for that super awesome line.

If it’s on our radar, we are responsible.  In addition to the material giving, let us also pray.  My Mammi said Prayers work miracles.  (R.I.P. Mammi).

Much Awesomeness+$$$$






28th December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


Is for Unity.  United we stand.  There is strength in numbers. To quote some ancient sayings that are super relevant today.

Let’s let go of what divides and embrace what unites. The latter exceeds the former.

U is for Universal.  Love and Awesomeness are Universal.

Trust the season is amazing for you.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$

Thank you.





21st December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


is for Peace.  Let there be World Peace.  But how can there be World Peace if there is not peace in each heart and home…So that’s what we must focus on, being the peace we wish to see.  In our daily dealings and goings-on.  Can we turn the other cheek when someone is not the kindest, can we walk off fast when we see and feel not-so-good things brewing…

With God ALL things are possible.  Let’s bring those soldiers back from the frontlines, shall we.

I wish you peace and ALL your heart’s desires.

Much Awesomeness++++$$$$






17th December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


Is for Nice

Am sure you have made it to Santa’s Nice List!

Be nice.  Many successful people say the higher they go the nicer they become.

You haven’t been that nice until now?  Let it go.  Forgive yourself.  Resolve to be better right now. 


Can we be nice in tough times?  That’s the true test isn’t it.  Its easy to be nice when everything is going well.

Niceness is an integral part of #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!

N is for New.  Old things have passed away, behold, ALL things have become new, if anyone be in God.




09 December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets

H is for

Have yourself a very merry day…each and every day leading up to Christmas and beyond and always!

As I told my favourite Music Therapy person only this morning, it takes the same amount of energy to be happy as to be sad.  In fact it takes more to be sad and to frown.  And our miracles are on the frequency of joy and those upper reaches. 


The mind knows not the difference between fake and real.  So fake it till you make it if you have to.  Smile, yes, lift those corners of your mouth, go hahahaha even if you don’t feel like it.  Magically you begin to feel better.

So get your  “Happy” on and spread the light.  






30th November, 2020

Christmas Alphabets

A is for

A is for Awesomeness.  A is for Advent.  Both are gifts from the Most High to ALL.

Advent is a lovely time to go deeper within and clean, and clear, and strengthen some more.

Then we spread that fresh energy out to humanity.

Have THE awesomest Advent and Christmas season, everyone.  Let’s dwell on God’s Awesomeness and our own…in ALL humility, that latter one.

Be good to you.  Be kind to you.  Be loving to you.

Have a blest day!

Thank you for your time.




06 November, 2020

10 years

Apple and Google stood up to the President himself, defying his intention to back out from the Paris Climate Agreement.  These awesome companies were among 4000 others that signed a declaration to help keep global warming to under 2 degrees Celsius, with or without the government’s help.

We have 10 years in which to get this done, say the experts, to keep our planet safe, to stem the spread of global warming.  Let’s give ourselves 5.  Let’s ALL come together and get it done in 1 year. Everything is possible if we believe and do our best.  Let us aim high.

You can find many tips here @ for how to save Mother Nature.

Thank you for your time, Love, and support.




27th October, 2020

Double H Part I

That is for Health and Hormones and how they are being adversely affected by chemicals in the world around us, sneaking into our homes and work areas.

=>What affects the health of human beings affects that of the Universe...and vice versa<=

I have heard about this before and I have said bah, I will be fine.  However, c-19 has made me more alert in every arena and what I read recently resonated with me.

Here’s the “gist” of it:) :

  1.  Chemicals mess with the signals that the molecules called hormones send out.  This affects health greatly and adversely.  Of the approximately 1000 known chemicals that have this effect, the worst seem to be a) BPA used in aluminium cans and paper receipts (and I used to write grocery lists on the latter thinking I was doing Mother Nature a favour…while not so much for myself!) b) Agricultural pesticides, c)Flame retardants in furniture and electronics, and d) Phthalates in food packaging, cosmetics, and other personal care products.

  2. These chemicals are in dust so we inhale them and we absorb them through our skin.  We eat a substantial amount along with our food, mainly through produce, but also via meats as the animals eat that produce.  We feed it to ourselves when we put our hands to our mouth and those hands have touched electronics or our furniture.

  3. The BPA free trend has helped a lot.  Perfluorochemical substances have been reduced in nonstick cookware and food packaging.

  4. There are other simple ways to limit exposure like eating organic as much as possible in as many food groups as possible.  Guess what?  In merely a couple of days this can diminish the internal levels of pesticides! (TBC)



16 October, 2020

Today we take a brief break from the incessant asking (which is not the best way to pray anyways and we will discuss this soon). 

=>Today, we ask not what God and His Universe can do for us, but what we can do for God and His Universe<=

Does the ALLmighty need anyone’s help?  No!  But He does not violate free will.  That’s where we come in.  Those of us who know better must help the ones who are using their awesomest free will mindlessly.  And so the world is in a bit of a “state”, to put it mildly.

So what can we do for you today, God and Your Universe?  How can we be Your hands, feet, eyes, mouth, heart, mind.  And this could differ for each of us, but here are some suggestions.

Maybe we could:

  1.  Smile at a stranger who looks low.

  2.  Pick up a gift card of $10 and give it to the person behind us in the grocery store.

  3. Chat with someone who seems lonely.

  4. Unplug all appliances not being used right now.  It wastes power to leave stuff plugged in when not in use.

  5. Donate to a legit charity across the Universe even though we know our name and face will not be splashed in the papers.  That is true charity.

  6. Help someone in a developing country start a business on Kiva.  $1 =about Rs 56.

  7. Do some kind deeds for those closest to us.

  8.  Tell our Parents how much we love and appreciate them.

  9.  Eat a vegetarian lunch or dinner to do something good for the environment.

  10. Pay the next person’s bill who is in line behind us at the drive-through.

  11. Apologise to someone..even if it was not our fault.

Ensure that this is done according to what you feel comfortable with since the good deed has to be infused with feelings of Love and not unease.

=>We have the magic wand of kindness in our hands daily.  That is among the most powerful weapons.  Let us use it to touch others and sprinkle some fairy dust wherever we go, leaving Awesomeness in our wake<=

Yes, Lord, and our Universe…what can we do for You today…and every day.  We can never repay what You incessantly do for us, each and every single day.




12th October, 2020

Christmas starts in October @!!!

I would have Christmas all year long if I could.

It is said that one can send Christmas cards out when the ladies (or gentlemen!) start to soak the fruit in wine for their Christmas cakes.  And that is end October.

When I lived with my Parents and did all their greeting cards for them, I would send Christmas cards out in October.  So it is automatic for me to start getting in the mood.

This year as well, we have to be more careful and mindful of how we approach everything.  The Christmas season is awesome, and at the same time, it can bring many things to the surface.  Writing to someone about it in confidence is a great gift and I wish for this gift to be available to even more people.

=>Christmas is for ALL, religion no bar!<=






07 October, 2020

A Special Letter


Dear Cow Farmers:

Trust all is awesome with you as it is with me…and getting better!

I write to send you my Blessings…and my apologies.  I am sorry that you have lost one of your best customers.  It is not that I used to buy a LOT of beef, but my Pure Protein Power balls featured significantly in my regular intake, the mere thought of them making me salivate.

Strange, and yet not, that today, as I write, no salivating.  This can be attributed to all the research I have done recently for and the knowledge gleaned about the toll cow farming takes on Mother Nature.  I cannot stand by and allow that to happen and participate in it.

I am sure you use ethical means and treat our sister cows well.  However, it is what it is, those ladies take a long time to grow, and while they do so, they cause emissions of gases that affect our atmosphere and seasons and everything.

The ingestion of said meat in excess harms our health.

Am I saying today that I cease to buy beef right this minute? No. I cannot commit to that.  It has been one of my dreams to patent and market my Pure Protein Power Balls.  Perhaps I will have to change the recipe though.  I have already begun to add quinoa and veggies to everything so it’s not all meat.

I surely have cut back my consumption of beef by about 80% though.  And the adverse effects to the environment are already so great that some people say Bah don’t bother, it will not make a dent!  But

=>I firmly believe that everything I do makes a huge difference, and that I must keep on doing more and more while inspiring others to as well<=

Of course I am concerned for your income.  My suggestion is to start diversifying right now, go into plants, and other good stuff.  You are brilliant, you will figure it out!  There are many people moving away from red meat so you have fair notice.

Thank you for reading and God Bless.


p.s. surely there is another name for these farmers but this is how the letter came to me, so…:)




15th September, 2020

Clueless about c-19*

That’s what I was at the start of it all.  And this is due to my not reading newspapers too much or listening to the news.  We will speak about that later.  This is also due to my massive faith.  However, the Universe lets us know what we need to…and one of my Best Friends mentioned to me how irresponsibly people were acting.  I did not wish to be part of that group and so I educated myself.  I mean, one cannot say: "I have faith" and then stand in the middle of the freeway...right?  There is no Blessing in behaving foolishly.

So, this many months into it, when so much has been lost especially precious life, why are people still behaving in a clueless fashion?  Ours not to question why, ours not to judge, ours but to do our best…and more.  And as one of my Music Therapy clients told me, we have to pray harder.

This is what I am doing to help the Universe and myself:

  1.  Boosting my immunity further.

  2. Not thinking or talking too much about c-19 so as not to vibrate to that. (Thus I also changed its code name from capital C to small:)).

  3. Thanking God for wisdom and awakening for all people.

  4. Keeping stress at bay as it invites all sorts of unwanted things in.

  5. Eating even more healthily-this is tied in with #1.

  6. Being alert and coming from a place of faith.

My Even Better Health Kit:

  1. Vitamin C and D.

  2. A good multivitamin to cover all bases.

  3. Salt and a bottle with a dropper.

  4. Rosemary and tea tree oil.

  5. I am going to pick up eucalyptus oil on my next grocery run.

  6. Greens.

  7. Spices and herbs.

  8. Sanitizer, mask, gloves.

  9. Apple cider vinegar.

  10. Garlic and ginger.

  11. Natural honey. ( and as of 14th October 2020 points 12 and 13)

  12. A good probiotic.

  13. Yogurt.

So, the first sign of the common cold is often that scratchy feeling in the throat, right?  If one acts at that point, then it is possible to stave it off or to shorten the duration.  “One” often gets lazy-yep me!  But these days when I get that feeling, say, after a trip out and using the store’s heavy sanitizer (elaborations soon), I act immediately and gargle with salt water and apple cider vinegar, about a couple teaspoons each to a glass of water.  If the feeling doesn’t subside, I pop some raw garlic, and some turmeric and pepper mixed in water.


=>The water should be lukewarm and not hot when you gargle<= 

I heard that from a registered male nurse.  One step less makes it more doable!

I use saline nasal drops which I made myself.  And I first squirt some salt water into my throat.  Please dilute well-or you will pay as I did!  Or just buy some.

A good concoction to have daily is a vinaigrette made with

-olive oil (or canola or any other healthy oil),

-turmeric powder

- ginger

- garlic

-lemon juice

- pepper

- chilly powder

- and salt. 

It tastes amazing in a salad and can boost immunity as well as stave off the germs. Oregano is famous for its health benefits as are basil and rosemary so chop those and add to your vinaigrette.

Coconut oil is supposed to be antibacterial.  I know that some people ingest that.  Many doctors say  we should be using primarily coconut oil for cooking.  I beg to differ because in cold climates, coconut oil is solid at room temperature.  I don’t wish to have that sitting in my arteries.  And there are so many contrary reports. So a combination is good.

I feel an urgency as I write this, to get this message across.  This is because I chanced to see and hear on telly yesterday as I strolled by that numbers of c-19 cases are increasing.  It is our duty, people, to rise up and do our best.

Using the nasal drops daily is a good idea.  I feel it might dry out my throat too much.  It's up to you to figure what works best for you.  Some people pop some raw garlic daily.  But it must be chopped and then left for about 10 minutes to get the full effect of the allicin it contains and which helps fight disease.  I have ginger daily, several times but not garlic.  However if I feel something coming on or am going to be exposed, then I will take some preventive garlic.  Of course don’t bite it as the smell takes ages to get out!  So chop it really fine, let it sit for 10 minutes, and swallow with lots of water. 


Better still, make a ginger garlic paste.  I actually have a tea with ginger garlic paste and it isn’t too bad.  Recently I added thyme to my ginger juice. 

=>No matter how healthy a person is, they could still be a carrier of c-19<=

I am certain that I do not wish for anyone to be ill on account of me, so sorry, no hugs or visits just yet :)

A Prayer: “We praise and thank You Lord for the gifts of perfect health and wisdom.  We pray and thank that ALL people wake up and restrain themselves a little while longer from travelling and socialising.  We pray and thank for immunity and that c-19 leaves our Universe and we can live in peace while we take all the lessons that it was meant to teach us.  We pray specially for those who have been the most impacted by this.  We pray and thank that humanity can leap from cluelessness to awareness so that no more time is lost.  Thank You and Amen. “


*(please check word key)




01 September, 2020


Greetings, my Awesomests!  Trust ALL is excellent with you as it is with me.

So this was sent to me at 4:30 a.m. today and I hasten to send it your way.

ALL of us should take our flu shots ASAP.  I didn’t even know that one can do this as early as September. Discovered that last year. (Gosh wish there was a more positive name for this shot, so let’s call it the f-shot from here on in.  I mean, it’s not as if we are taking an injection to go and get the f!)

Yep, I used to be one of those who said no to the f-shot, what with  my deep belief in and closet full of natural cures.  This was until a nurse said it is good to take it to build immunity over time.  You want to hear something weird? I LOVE taking injections!  So it is a fun trip for me.  Kindof like going to the spa.  (Yes, and you guessed right again, I LOVE going to the dentist as well.)  So I will go and get my f-shot this week.

Anyways, why the urgency this year?  Because of c-19 of course.  They say a second wave is expected (thanks to the irresponsible behaviour of a few-we send them Blessings, and those of us who know better have to work harder while they party on loudly.  No judgement here at the Awesomestlovenlife.  We are merely at a different stage of our evolution is all, and with the benefits of that comes greater responsibility.) 


No the f-shot is not protection against c-19.  But, we must do our best to bolster our immunity against all things.  Who likes being anything less than absolutely healthy anyways.  It costs everyone a lot. 

=>If we have some sort of bug then our susceptibility to other things-including c-19-rises.<=

In fact, why wait, maybe I will go and get it today.  Time is of the essence.  I am sure you feel the urgency in ALL things as do I.  Let’s always come from a place of faith though, never fear.

=>Sky-highest immunity, such a vital part of #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL!!!<=

=>Prevention is better than cure<=


Coming up very soon, more immune-boosting tips.  This, with particular reference to c-19.


(Update here: I havent yet been able to get my flu shot.  I am getting it this month though, if they are available for all. )


26th September, 2020

Update: Let's not believe all we hear!  It was someone at the pharmacy who told me flu shots were available in September.  They are only available mid-October.  Lucky I called before I headed out today.




18th August, 2020

How to Go Greener Easily

Part I

Trust your day is going Awesomely as is mine!

Does it sometimes seem too tedious to go green and all that comes with it?  It actually isn’t.  All we have to do is commit to small changes.  We can opt to do one a week and that becomes a habit.

“Waste not want not” goes the old saying.  And yet, the amount of waste generated by most households is alarming, to say the least.  It was on a tv show many years ago that I heard that throwing stuff out is like throwing money into the garbage bin.  Let us think about that for a moment.  We do not need to go so far as participants in that show, highly qualified and rich people who sometimes ate out of dumpsters.  Yes, actually, and this is because so much perfectly packaged stuff is discarded.

Today, I am going to share with you some facts I learnt recently.  And then based on that we can decide what is comfortable to adopt in order to save Mother Nature and thus ourselves and the Universe.

The Facts:

  1.  Greenhouse gases, methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and others,  these being emitted into the atmosphere has caused the temperature of planet Earth to rise by 1 degree C.

  2. As a car uses the most fuel in starting and acceleration, so also with an aeroplane, it uses up a lot to take off and land.

  3. Global carbon dioxide emissions have increased 32% from 2013 -2018.  (Sorry I don't yet have the figures for 2020 and as soon as I get them they will be posted here.)  This is from increase in the number of flights.

  4. Fossil fuel is the first contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.  Animal farming comes in a close second.

  5. Meat and dairy consumption is expected to increase hugely in the next 3 decades.

  6. This does not bode well for the forests, water bodies, and air…and human beings, as animal products aren’t always the healthiest if not eaten in moderation.  In addition, animal farming is a huge contributor to air pollution and can take credit for 14% of global greenhouse emissions per a report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.

  7. The world’s population is increasing.  The amount of land for agriculture is not.


How We Can Help:

  1.  If you travel (especially fly) a lot for work, try doing a long-distance meeting.  Especially in the current situation of c-19, it might be acceptable.

  2. Drive rather than fly, walk rather than drive wherever possible.  A bicycle is a great option.  Please wear a helmet. (TBCS)  How to Go Greener Easily Part II

=>Surely Mother Nature and tending to her is on your radar and most of us are doing our best.  However, there are some who are still not ready or aware, and so we who are must do more.<=




07 February, 2017

Going Green in 2017

That rhymes!  Don’t you love it when it happens without even intending it?

The environment and preserving it, sustainability, has always ranked high on my list of passions.  At the same time I know God has an endless supply so I don’t overdo it.  Overdoing it comes from fear and that is not good.  I also don’t read reports about what is going on in the atmosphere etc etc.  I don’t read any negative reports as far as possible actually, while I do make sure I have the gist of things and am "well-informed". :)

This, again, happened to me without my planning it.  Read on, it is rather interesting.

Late last year, I was almost out of laundry soap.  I use a particular brand that I love for its fragrance, very mild and clean, yet powerful enough to last.

Of course, as with any other line, it has various permutations and combinations.  I checked them out and prices.  I saw the one that is biodegradable but thought it must not be so effective.  My mind told me I needed the one with bleach for all those stains (which ones again?) so I picked it up.  In the car I could smell it and thought, hmmm, it will make everything so clean.  Then I brought it into my home and oh my goodness!  I could hardly write you one morning though the bottle was a few feet away, so strong was the smell!  Then it began to irritate my eyes.  Yes, through the thick plastic bottle packaging.

My mind-that famous thing!-still said oh, just keep it outside for a bit.  But the effects lasted until I had no choice but to return it.  High sign or what?

No more browsing required, I got the environmentally friendly one and wow, it works SO well.

"Little drops of water maketh the mighty ocean." 

=>What can we do today to help Mother Nature to ensure that our gen and all the ones to come can continue to enjoy her Awesomeness...<=


~Life Coaching~Wellness~Meditation~Music Therapy~Writing~Editing~

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