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Money is an important form of energy, it is a precious gift that helps us buy things which contribute to our Awesomest Life.  Here we learn more about our Money and how to make it work for us.







I advise everyone currently to play it safe.

This has been my standard statement for about 3 years now, especially since C-19.  not from a place of fear. But from a pov of wisdom.  Dont play with what you cannot afford to lose.  That does go for anything in life.

Look out on my YouTube Channel for a video which will come out soon.

Much Peace and Abundance ALLways!




Who doesnt want more Money?  It seems to be the #1 thing people are manifesting, right up there with Love! 

Let's see whether you are open to this method of getting more cash.  Do comment your views below the video and your success stories!

Much Love+Peace




Superexcited for this Challenge!



12th June, 2023

Trapped Money

So, there are some people who have a small store in their homes, especially when it comes to groceries.  It’s like, their pantry is so stocked that, anything you name, they have it!  That’s pretty cool, you say.

Hmmmmm….not so much.

Here’s why:

  1.  This could indicate a tendency to hoard or some limiting beliefs in scarcity.  But that’s another topic for another day.

  2.  Most of that stuff could go bad because really, how much does one need on a daily basis?  And even dried stuff like lentils and beans can go stale.  Gosh don’t try cooking that stuff!

  3. So if you have more than, say, 2 week’s worth of supplies in your home, that is trapped money!

If you are super rich and have money to toss around, that’s fine.  But if you are on a strict budget right now and every buck must be accounted for, then look into this. 

Here’s another caution: this does not mean buy only enough for 2 days because you will then spend so much on fuel to go to the store multiple times.  And what about your time.  Time is money!  Mine surely is.

It is essential to be proactive. Make that list, check it twice. :) (Yep, always in the mood for Christmas:))

=>You are super rich right now!<=

Would you sell even your small toe for a billion dollars.  (I saw you pause there but only for a fraction of a second!)  I heard a pastor ask this. O.K. I would not sell any part of my body for a billion dollars but maybe I will ask you about your arm!

What does that mean?  That you are priceless.  Come from that space of and belief in abundance.

Also, according to me,

=>There is no price that can be put on the human body!!!<=

But, super rich as you are right now, don’t keep your money trapped only to have to throw it out in a few weeks. 


=>Throwing out money’s worth is throwing out money<=

So... even to the monetarily super rich I say be mindful of trapped money.  Waste not want not and you might never be in want but someone somewhere is and it is all energy.  What I do here affects everyone everywhere, and yes, you might have donated your monthly amount, but that bag of stale lentils you just threw out could have fed someone for a week...and he would have eaten it even stale. 

"Food" for thought?

Soon we speak of money traps.  Stay tuned!

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!




05-05-2021 (Supercool date!  Mammi loved dates like this)

Be Rich Now!

So, how much money do you have in your bank account right now?  How much money do you have in your wallet?  Does your bank account look more like a blank account sporting some red; does your wallet feel lighter than you would like?

Help is here!

“Live within your means” is an old saying of sorts.  I would like to say inhabit what you have right now, those parameters.  BUT…and there are a few with this!

  1.  Think rich.  So say you have $50 in total.  And you are writing out a budget.  Write the decimal point as a comma, so it reads $50,000,000!

  2. Of course, still do the calculations with the $50:).

  3. Make it your aim to have some left over at the end of the month. 

  4. So put that away right now.

  5. And live within what is left over.  You can do it and still live well.  Eggs and potatoes are pretty cheap all over the world!

  6. Do one act of riches daily.  Like a small donation.

  7. Treat yourself daily.  Whether this costs money or not.  The best things in life are free.  Like oxygen.  Splurge on a coffee from time to time.

  8. And you can stop by here daily and often.  Absolutely free of cost and you will feel boosted and inspired.  Not bragging on me but on the God I serve and The One who writes through these hands every day.  “In Him I live and move and have my being.”

Feel abundant right now, feel grateful right here and watch the magic unfold!  We can only attract what we are and what we feel so let us focus heavily on that.

ALL He had were five loaves and two fish…And He gave thanks. And He fed 5000!

Much Awsomeness+++$$$...and Money…and anything else you need, especially some miracles.  Look in the mirror.  There is one of the greatest miracles.  The human body we inhabit each and every day.  The most highly specialised “machine” ever.  Can't put a price on that.



26th April, 2021

Money is


Everything is energy.

Money is energy.

So treat it well without deifying it.

I am appalled to see people scribble on money notes and then those notes go into the system and someone gives them to me!  So when I pay cash I tell the cashier please give me some nice notes on which no-one wrote their grocery list!

So yep, please pick up a notebook on which to doodle.  Try to get a flat wallet so you don’t have to bend your bills.  And when you spend money say thank you rather than frown.  Keep your vibrations around money high, and believe that, when you spend, it invites more money in.  So don’t block that flow with thoughts of lack.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. So let us be aware of the power in everything around us.  But most of all, let us be conscious of the immense power within us.

=>Let us always and in ALL ways use our power for Good<=

Much Abundance + Awesomeness+++$$$$!!!



14th April, 2021

Save Money These Ways Today

You probably love your hot showers and baths as much as I do.  Who are we kidding?  Most of us don’t bathe lukewarm.  What’s the whole point of that, ay?  Yeah yeah save your skin...there’s lotion for that!

I suppose you don’t take hot showers right through the day-though I wouldn’t be surprised, so rich are the benefits of a hot bath.  But most of us don’t have time for it and that certainly would adversely affect the skin. 

So...I saw this on tv recently.  This financial guru brought it to people’s attention that we don’t need to have our water heaters on the entire day!

Brilliant right?  That saves money and power.  I don’t know how much exactly, but it must take a lot to heat up an entire tank of water and keep it hot.

Most people pay a monthly rental for their water heater. From what I have seen all over the world, there is some form of switch that goes on to make the water hot.

=>Switch it off when you don’t need it!<=

More Tips:

-You can also go further and have the people you live with bathe within a certain time frame of 3-4 hours. 

-And if you want to go even further?  Do it at off peak power times when the rate is low!

One number I do know is, if you keep your computer monitor switched off, you save $12 a year.  Nice, that would buy lots of coffee, or coconut milk, or a couple slabs of cheese.  Always food, right? :)

I find it very cool that when we are mindful of the environment, it saves us money as well.  Everyone wins!

=>Optimising ALL resources, an integral part of #TheAwesomestLovenLifeForOneAndALL !!!<=


Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!




08 April 2021

A Different Aspect: First Thoughts

Greetings ALL !!!

Today we speak of money from a different aspect.  It is from the point of view of the Law of Attraction.

This is superimportant because the Law of Attraction is working all the time whether we are aware of it or not.  And so we had better be aware…if we want to live our AwesomestLovenLife that is…and I am sure most of us do! I say most of us because there are some who think they must be resigned to the way things are and we send them Prayers.

So if your finances are a certain way, do look at this: what are your first thoughts about money?  I will bet anything they are negative!  And that’s ok.  But it will keep you stuck and delay results in your life.  So why did I say that's ok?  It is because we must not spend any time in regret.  We forgive, we forget, and we change.


=>Now is the time and in this moment we plant the seeds of abundant transformation and take positive action!<=

So practise now.  Think of money.  Then think good abundant thoughts!

For instance, money comes to mind, think, and say aloud if you can: “I am super rich!  I have plenty of money.  I love money, money loves me!  I am wise with money!”

Now it is best to say this while feeling good.  If you are not feeling good right now, then try this; put a smile on your face and then think and say the affirmations.  It doesn’t matter if the smile is fake right now.  Fake it till you make it and your mind does not know the difference.

The magic of a smile is that before you know it, it will be real. 

Next we will speak of a special trick and secret that brings more money in faster and as if by magic.  So do keep looking out for that!

I desire and intend that life provides you many reasons to smile endlessly.

Much Awesomeness++++$$$$ !!!




22nd March, 2021

Save Money and Mother Nature with This!

Would you like to save money and some trees today with one simple act?

You can swap out your coffee filter!  Yes actually.  You can use any of the paper products you have at home like paper towel or even tissue paper.  3-ply tissues are great, 2-ply work just as well.  Make sure you place them well in the filter space.  Then go in and add your coffee powder.

Tissue paper works well for smaller amounts of coffee.  I would go with the paper towel for larger amounts.  You can use cloth napkins if you can put up with cleaning them after and throwing them in with your wash.

C-19 has made me very adamant among other things, adamant about doing as much for the Universe as possible and about spending my money where it makes my soul leap with joy and getting good value for every buck spent.

=>Little acts reap rich rewards for the Universe and for us.  Let us act consciously at all times<=

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$ !!!



12th March, 2021

Awesome Numbers

An update 4 months later


1.     Gold Price: USD per ounce 1722.4

2.     Silver Price: USD 25.59


3.     US Dollar: =1.25CAD


4.     Indian Rupee: Rs72.643 =1 USD/Rs58.0115=1CAD


5.     Kuwaiti Dinar: K.D 1 =3.31USD


6.     Euro: 1 EUR=1.2USD/ 1.49 CAD


7.     Oil Crude (WTI) West Texas Intermediate: 64.44


8.     Dow Jones: 32778.64


9.     TSX: 18852.37


10. Nikkei: 29717.83


11. Nasdaq: 13319.86





 This was 12th November, 2020 for comparison purposes. 



1. Gold Price: USD 1881.63 per ounce


2. Silver Price: USD 24.34


3. US Dollar: =1.31 CAD


4. Indian Rupee: Rs 74.64=1 USD/Rs56.96=1CAD


5. Kuwaiti Dinar: K.D 1 =3.27USD


6. Euro: 1 EUR=1.18USD/ 1.55 CAD


7. Oil Crude (WTI) West Texas Intermediate: 41.64


8. Dow Jones: 29293.33


9. TSX: 16737.39


10. Nikkei: 25520.88


11. Nasdaq: 11810.63



11th March, 2021

Money Secrets From the Millionaires Part I

So I am blest to have known a couple of millionaires and 1 billionaire.  And these are a few secrets I have gleaned from them, from observation of how they live as well as from my “interviewing”.

  1.  They give generously to charity and their religious place of worship.

  2.  They are generous with their gifts.

  3. They dont give to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who comes begging and pleading.  They are discerning.

  4. They do not waste money.

  5. They live well.

  6. They are careful with their money while living large.

  7. If you have a profit on paper it isn’t yours unless it is in your bank account.  This with particular reference to stocks or other investments you may own.  So don’t take it for granted. (TBC)



27th January, 2021

Amazon Inc.


Stock Price: 3298.18

This is close to its 52-week high of 3552.25

Market cap: 1.65 T

EPS: 34.2

PE: 96

Analysts Opinion: Buy to Strong Buy.

So let’s do a paper trade of 1000shares.  We just spent $3298180 plus fees :)

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!



14th January, 2021


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency.

It was invented in 2008-9 by a group of people or person under the name Satoshi Nakamoto.  It is digital money.  Bitcoin is like Internet cash.  It is a peer-to-peer system with no middlemen.  The peer-to-peer technology makes for instant payments.  It is fully decentralized.  One of the benefits of Bitcoin is lower transaction fees than regular online payments. 


There is not bank or Government backing to this neither are there physical Bitcoins.  As per market cap, this is the world’s largest cryptocurrency. 


Blockchain is the decentralized ledger system used to create, store, trade, and distribute Bitcoin.  A blockchain is a collection of blocks.  Bitcoin features a collection of computers or nodes.  These run the code that governs Bitcoin and store its blockchain.

To invest in Bitcoin or not?

Stop, Breathe, and Think as with all things.  Despacito, and invest in small amounts as advised by some gurus if you are not sure. And only invest what you can stand to lose.  ALL the best with whatever you decide.

Much Awesomeness++++$$$$




Let's continue our stock analysis journey!

20th November, 2020

Positive Earnings Surprises

(please scroll down)




12th November, 2020

Awesome Numbers

An update

  1. Gold Price: USD 1881.63 per ounce

  2. Silver Price: USD 24.34

  3. US Dollar: =1.31 CAD

  4. Indian Rupee: Rs 74.64=1 USD/Rs56.96=1CAD

  5. Kuwaiti Dinar: K.D 1 =3.27USD

  6. Euro: 1 EUR=1.18USD/ 1.55 CAD

  7. Oil Crude (WTI) West Texas Intermediate: 41.64

  8. Dow Jones: 29293.33

  9. TSX: 16737.39

  10. Nikkei: 25520.88

  11. Nasdaq: 11810.63


As we can see (if we scroll down) not too much movement with most of the above. Nikkei and Nasdaq are up. And yet, keeping abreast of the numbers that go to make up our Universe and our life is an important part of #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!

=>As long as we do not allow ourselves to be ruled by any numbers-or anything, really-and maintain a good perspective at ALL times<=

Have a blest day and thank you for your time.


05 November, 2020 

Earnings Per Share (please scroll down)



22nd October, 2020

Let's Enjoy Pie!

Money 101 for a Student…and ALL !!!

Hello my Rich Awesome one.  Today we speak of a lovely topic, Money.  It is the bane of many people’s existence, though.  We need to change the vibe around this fabulous gift from God.  We do that by changing how we speak and feel about Money, and by taking charge of our finances-no matter what their size at this point. 

This is for everyone and especially for students because people are going to work younger and younger and they tell me they have no clue about their income and Daddy handles it all.  I also hear Uni students say often that they have no money.  Or maybe you need a refresher, thanks to c-19.  You have come to the right place! So let’s get to the basics so we form a firm foundation which will carry us through life. 

  1.  Money is a Gift and an Energy.  It is sensitive and responds to thanks and love and faith.  Worry pushes it-and everything-away.

  2. We must treat it with care and love.  We must make it work for us or we will be slaves to it.

  3. God is the Source.  Thank Him for this great gift.

  4. We must look beyond what we can see if we wish to be rich.

  5. Affirm “I am rich, I have plenty, I am wise with money.”

  6. Always write down expenditure and income. 

  7. Be organised.  Organise your wallet.  No bills and cash in the same place.

  8. Thank people who give you gifts and accept graciously.  Of course this applies to legitimate gifts and doing what is right.

  9. The Formula which can be tweaked to each person goes somewhat like this and can be seen in the picture below:

  10. So take the total sum you have.  Always pay God and then yourself first. 10% each.  Both are investments into your future.

  11. Have a splurge fund and if you don’t use it all pay that to yourself as well.

  12. Never skimp on food.  Do your best with what you have and trust that more will come!

  13. This is an approximation of what your expenditure should look like.

  14. Please treat Money with respect.  This is why we have capitalised it in this article.  Don’t fold or crumple your notes or write on them!  Yes people do all of those.  So you might have to get yourself a new wallet-rectangular and big enough to contain your notes unfolded.  These are available at super low prices.

  15. There are several more tips, tricks and ideas coming up, we will speak of the Law of Attraction as well.  For today, this is plenty.

Be and feel blest…because you are, beyond anything you can envisage!

=>Most people love pie.  Let's bring that same love to our Money Pie and enjoy the process of portioning out and making it go as far as possible...for our highest good and that of ALL !!!<=




















So, yes, this is what your pie should sortof look like.  Play with it and see what suits you best.

1.  10% (or more) to God + charity.

2. 10% to you in a good savings account or deposit.  This is the "Me Fund".

3.  25% for housing.

4.  10-20% for food.

5.  11% transport.

6.  5% debt repayment.

7.  5% entertainment.

8.  5-15% splurge fund! (based on what you spend on food)

9.  4% miscellaneous.


Whatever you don't spend in any of the others goes into the Me Fund.  Note the use of all positive language. 

=>What we plan for we draw in<=


06 October, 2020


(please scroll down)



21st September, 2020​

Awesome Numbers updated this fine morning, and as you will see, they are not too different from last month. (please scroll down).

  1. Gold Price: USD 1,902.1  per ounce

  2. Silver Price: USD 24.5 per ounce

  3. US Dollar: 1=CAD 1.33

  4. Indian Rupee: Rs. 73.58 =1 USD

  5. Kuwaiti Dinar: K.D 1 =USD 3.268

  6. Euro: USD 1.17

  7. Oil Crude (WTI) West Texas Intermediate: 39.29 

  8. Dow Jones: 26,882.16

  9. TSX: 15,874.43

  10. Nikkei: 23,360.3

  11. Nasdaq: 10,647.52


Have the best day ever!  May the numbers always be in your favour.


02 September, 2020


Today, Dearest ALL, we revel in success, we bathe in abundance, and we study a lovely company that signifies all this.  Google, petnames (ticker) GOOG or GOOGL (the latter shares have voting rights, only difference.).  I am superexcited to be doing this analysis ce matin because of a recent discovery about this wonderful company.

First, though, let’s get straight to the nitty-gritty.  When I look at a company, I do so as an absolute baby (the reasons for this will be divulged shortly.).  P/E, EPS, DIVIDEND (I love me some gifts!), market cap, position in 52-week range, debt sitch, profits, and analysts opinion.  I don’t check too much into the past, but recent past news is good to look at.

Google Stats (approximately at writing time)

Price USD $ 1673.68 (really reasonable!)

Market Cap 1.136T 

P/E 36.79

EPS 45.49

Volume 613942

Dividend Not applicable, they say.  Boohoo.

I am not going to get stuck on this-I guess being part of GOOG is in and of itself a gift and the appreciation in price makes up for the lack of dividends.

There was a dip in net income 2016-2017 and then a good increase.

Net Income  31-12-2019  $34,343,000

The share is at its 52 week high now.

GOOG is a 1.6, Buy to Strong Buy according to the gurus.


What astonishes me is the lovely jump in numbers since only yesterday when the market cap was 1.111T and the price about $12 less. (17 dollars close to press time!)

So, does GOOG get our ALL vote today?  In a heartfelt word YES!  Today, Google gets the vote for a different reason altogether. I am about to reveal what I learnt recently that has me so excited to hang out with this company today.

I discovered that Google is doing much to save the environment...  Say it with me, Kudos!

Here’s a synopsis: 

Google has been using primarily renewable energy, so it has been carbon neutral since 2007, the  purchase of carbon offsets covering the balance. The person named the first federal sustainability officer of the United States, Ms Kate Brandt moved to Google in 2015. She addressed matters related to Mother Nature early on.  There are no coincidences.  On her first day at work, the American Business Act on Climate Pledge was set in motion by Google, President Obama, and others. 


The approximately 500 hours of  Youtube video uploads per minute and 5.5 billion Google searches each 24 hours call for a LOT of energy, as we can imagine.  For  Ms Brandt, Google’s being carbon neutral was insufficient.  She  has aimed to use renewable materials across all levels of GOOG’s operations, thus striving to do away with pollution and waste.  Google currently keeps materials out of landfills and saves itself millions by selling millions of used parts over again.  Awesome!  This company wishes to spread the love to the people by inspiring them to live more sustainably.  A case in point would be Google Maps.

I LOVE that Google is using its massive global presence to do good. Thus all the G’s in the title.  Google, Good, Go Green, Global, Giant.

There is an interesting story about Google’s name.

Part II (TBC soon)


06 October, 2020


It started out being called Backrub.  Googol means very large number, 10 to the power of 100, that is, 1 with a hundred zeroes.  When the domain was being typed in, they made a mistake and wrote Google!  (This is similar to how Oprah was named.  Because her actual name was Orpah.)

Why does Alphabet Inc. show up when you type in Google?  Alphabet Inc. is the Parent of this amazing company.  Google is the subsidiary. This corporate restructuring, decided upon in August 2015, was done with an intention to facilitate operations, increase security, and help Google make a foray into spheres beyond only advertising and internet searches.  This move helped thrust Google to tech conglomerate status.  Apparently it is working out well. Let’s go verbatim with why this name was chosen: "We liked the name Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity's most important innovations, and is the core of how we index with Google search! We also like that it means alpha‑bet (Alpha is investment return above benchmark), which we strive for!"  Awesome.

Let’s do a paper trade right now, high price, low price, whatever…Let’s be the rich billionaires we are and buy 1000 shares @ $1,464 ish  Total spent $ 1,464,000. Bam!  There, we are proud owners on paper and in our imagination of these lovely shares, and we have joined hands with the Goliath-a nice Goliath in this case-and thus we are adding to its Going Green initiatives. 

=>Yes, let us look at ALL things with the wonder of a child, stocks included.  That brings the joy back into everything…including a portfolio that might not look so sunny at this point <=

Thank you for reading.  I love you…and GOOGLE teehee.




25th August, 2020


P/E Ratio


The P/E ratio is key in stock analysis.

The Formula:  Price per Share/Earnings Per Share


That is  Market Price of a share divided by Earnings per share, in simple terms.   People often look at the P/E ratio to figure whether they will purchase a stock or not.  But it is not conclusive.  It is just one of many indicators of how healthy a stock is.  In fact we will soon look at all the other Nasdaq 12.


A too high P/E gives cause for concern.  Why doesn’t it in the case of Enghouse (ENGH-T) (P/E 49.13)?  This is because the company has no debt...  Man!  How many companies do you know with  zero debt?  (How many people do you know for that matter with zero debt?)  So I feel that the fact of no debt offsets the high P/E and the company is so strong in all other respects especially its work ethic and the speed of its acquisitions.  Also its manpower is excellent.  All these things can absorb and offset a too high P/E and prevent what usually happens of the price falling to even things off when earnings don’t rise fast enough.  This is proven with ENGH-T, because its price has held strong now and even gone up.  This is my personal opinion by the way.  Someone might tell you that debt does not affect P/E.  To that I say,

=>Even if something doesn’t affect something else directly, it does indirectly<=. 

Debt affects everything indirectly, it can even make relationships go sour!  But that is another topic for another day.


05 November, 2020 

Earnings Per Share 


EPS is how much of the company’s profit is apportioned to each share of common stock.


The Formula:


(Net Income–Preferred Dividend) /(Weighted)Average Outstanding Shares


Weighted average is used because the number of outstanding shares varies over the year.


Say there is a company.  It hasn’t sold all its shares; some are outstanding.  It has a net income.  How much of this net income would the shareholders receive should it be divvied among them?  That is the Earnings Per Share.  It is quite effective to use EPS as a yardstick for comparison between companies before one invests.  So if I have to choose between companies A and B, this is how it would go: “A’s EPS is higher than B's so I will go with company A but this is not all I will look at.” That last bit was added in there to make sure tyro investors know not to jump based on one positive aspect.


In general, a higher EPS is good because it indicates better profitability of a company.


Say there is a company 3F.  Its preferred dividend is $4000, its net income is $60,000 and its outstanding shares are 4000, evenly over the year.  Its EPS would be (60,000-4000)/4000=14.


This means that if all the net income were distributed, $14 would be received for each share (to be) held.


Now say 3F had 3000 shares outstanding for the first half of the year and 6000 shares outstanding for the second part.  The weighted average would be (3000 + 6000)/2=4500.  The EPS would then be 12.44



20th November, 2020

Positive Earnings Surprises

Analysts figure what a company’s projected EPS could be.  Companies announce their actual earnings each quarter.  If the latter outdoes the former for a few quarters in a row, say 4-6, the company scores well in your analysis. 


12th August, 2020


Enghouse ***********

Some posts from 2015 called this company ESL.  It’s pet-name or ticker symbol has since changed to ENGH-T.

Love and Blessings to you, Awesome one!

This is my favourite company (and I will divulge why really soon). I wish to write about it today and share it with you. 

Business: This Canadian-based company is one of the foremost providers of software solutions.  It acquires businesses with a view to being more diverse, and it serves a range of niche (vertical) markets.

Gosh…merely writing about ENGH-T makes me happy!  About fell off my seat when, in response to my furtive question, he said to me that the current share price is around $75!  I giggled in glee, firstly at my naiveté in imagining that c-19 could affect ENGH-T’s share price adversely, and secondly because I had predicted and wished 5 years ago that this stock would go to above $100.  Apparently it did and there was a stock split.  Yes, a mindful company as well, to reduce their price and make the shares more accessible to more people.  He was kind enough to refresh my memory about why stock splits happen as well. :)

We are not delving deeper into the company indicators this morning; that is coming shortly.

For now, I wish to do a paper trade of 1000 shares of ENGH-T at the current price of $72.9.  And let’s look forward to our imaginary dividends as well. Yes, this darling of a company likes to reward its people!

So that's a nice chunk of money we spent this morning, $72,900.  Aren't we rich! 

Yes, ENGH has always had the ALL vote and still does.   Today it gets several stars as well. Wishing this company more and more success.  Truly does inspire and go to show that “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Thank you for reading and have yourself THE Awesomest Day EVERRRRRR!




Awesome Numbers

Numbers are everywhere.  They feature in our health, our appearance, our finances…and definitely in monthly bills!  Numbers can excite-as when one gets a raise- or have the opposite effect as well, like when one stands on the scale after a period of indulgence!

I desire for AwesomestLovenLife to be a one-stop-shop for my Readers as time is at a premium for us all.  So I try to cover all significant topics.  Thus these numbers are featured that are a vital part of our Universe, some of them act as indicators of economic health, and all of them help us remain well-informed and connected to the world we live in.

So here we go, these are current at the time of writing and are constantly in flux just as ALL of life.  I will update these regularly so you don’t have to go searching all over the place:

  1. Gold Price: USD 1951.5 per ounce

  2. Silver Price: USD 27.25

  3. US Dollar: 1=1.3 CAD

  4. Indian Rupee: Rs 74.64=1 USD

  5. Kuwaiti Dinar: K.D 1 =3.27USD

  6. Euro: 1.18USD

  7. Oil Crude (WTI) West Texas Intermediate: 41.22

  8. Dow Jones: 28,100.97

  9. TSX: 16,595.03

  10. Nikkei: 22750.04

  11. Nasdaq: 10921.96


Frantic checking of the numbers daily is absolutely not recommended as it can induce fear if they are not so good.  Remember that there is a Power above and beyond ALL of this which is so benevolent, and what goes down must come up.  We focus on Awesomeness, and peaks and troughs cannot distract us.  This makes for more happiness and contentment with life and we can be peaceful in ALL situations. 


Soon we will speak of Special Numbers, stay tuned for that!

=>Awesome Numbers are an integral part of #TheAwesomestLovenLifeForOneAndALL !!!<=

Bless you with Favour and Increase today and ALL the days of your life.


Our Daily Brain Fodder:

WTI is West Texas Intermediate.  This is among the world’s highest quality crude oils.  As per the name, it is obtained from Texas mainly and is one of three paramount standards for oil.





25th February, 2016


The Awesomeness of Term Deposits I


Greetings, my Rich People!


So, you want to be richer than you are right now…who doesn’t?!

You are too scared to go the stock market route.

I understand.

A great option in this situation would be term deposits.

These avail of the magic of compounding while still keeping your desire for safety in mind.


Term Deposits are best for:

1.  New investors.

2.  Scared investors.

3.  Those who have a reasonably good sum of money to invest.

4.  Those who don’t wish to take any risks.


What you should know:

1.  You might need a minimum amount to deposit. 

2.  This varies from bank to bank and country to country.

3.  The rate you earn might not be too much more than the going bank rate.


Next Steps:



08 March, 2016


1.  Educate yourself as much as possible.

2.  You can do this online.

3.  Write down your questions.

4.  Call up the banks if need be.

5.  Jot down all the info.

6.  A chart will help with comparison.

7.  Give yourself some time if you are not sure.

8.  When you feel sure, go for it.


=>Every little bit counts.<=


The longer the term you tie in your money for, the better the rate of interest in many cases.  Some banks allow you to come out of a long term deposit with no penalty, some don’t.  Please check into that. (TBC)



And in keeping with finding everything you need here, a little education on stock indicators follows.


What is the P/E Ratio








24th September, 2015


Updates on Enghouse, Coach and Google  (ESL.TO, COH, GOOG)




(Please note the order, yes, playing favourites!)




Checking in on our companies and paper trades.  This helps develop good money habits of watching over one’s portfolio but not too often.




Enghouse: Bought 100 shares @ $50 on 15th July, 2015.  ESL.TO is at 54.55.  Lovely!  LOVE this company.  




GOOG-Google Inc. is $622 ish today.  Yeah wow.  Purchased 100 @ $531.69 on July 27th, 2015.  Cool.




COH Coach is at $28.40.  Purchased 100 on June 12th @ $34.94.  It doesn’t bother me as I have infinite faith in this company and trust it will live up to that and its name.  Also, that is the good part about paper trading :).




Tip of the Day to ALL ye aspiring investors: 




=>Please paper trade until you feel you have the hang of this investing thing<= 




One can never get this perfectly right, it is not like playing the guitar or roasting a chicken as there are way more unknowns here.  Let your money grow in the meantime and keep it in a safe interest-paying bank account.  You can earn a little more and place your money in a term deposit.  If you do not like your money to be locked in, then choose a short-term deposit but remember to re-invest the principal as well as the interest when it matures so you avail of compounding to some extent.



Surely, you are not going to get a gain like my GOOG  one above by keeping your money in the bank, but


=>You have to focus on what you have in hand<=



I will share another tip tomorrow that will prove very vital to you in your journey as an investor, especially for those of you who are starting out.


I find that, while I trust ALL will benefit from what I write in some way, my writing is often geared towards those who are starting out in various spheres and those who are in seemingly unfavourable financial straits right now or who are facing some other challenge, like in the arenas of the heart or the kitchen.


(Please don’t think I am a verbose writer: just trying to use positive language:)


Kindly Note:  ALL the above were paper trades.  But do remember that make-believe often comes true.  


God bless you and your portfolio…real or imaginary!



26th May, 2021

In celebration of Mental Health Month-which is May. 

A Letter of Intent has been entered into by the Chopra Foundation and Mind Medicine ( MindMed a clinical level psychedelic med company), in order to partner and increase information and awareness in the field of using psychedelic medicine to improve mental health.

This is great news and is welcome since the arena of mental health in the US (where 1 in 5 people struggle in this area) has been a trifle inert for awhile.  It is good to explore all options without judgement.

The collaboration between Mind Med and the Chopra Foundation will serve to help people on their path to their awesomest health and also shine the light on what consciousness is and altered states of consciousness.

=>Mind body heart soul spirit emotions...they are all integral elements of #TheAwesomestLovenLifeForOneAndALL !!!<=


All of these are precious and interconnected.  Let us tend to each of these equally.  One impacts ALL, ALL impact one.

Blessings for this venture and positive energy to ALL those who need some light in the darkness.  This too shall pass.  You are not alone.  You are prayed for daily.  Prayers work miracles as that amazing lady called Mammi used to say and firmly believe.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!


p.s. yes, that would be Dr. Deepak Chopra's Foundation.

p.p.s.  TheAwesomestLovenLife mentions this by way of information and is in no way endorsing or recommending this path for those who need help.  It is up to the individual.  We found it interesting, thus.












































































































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