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On this page we deal with the Mind and ways in which we can master it.  We also speak about honing the Character.

30th March 2024


How do you Deal with Toxic People?

You stay far from them.

Or they will infect you and your precious space and life.

All that you so carefully curate

will be destroyed before your very eyes


and again.

Watch more here. (I love to write but am leery of posting anymore, knowing that people just lift articles spin and sell.  Thus I switch to videos midway through my writeup.)

Love+Peace for ALL and Happy Easter.


07 March 2024


The Ratio of your Life

What is this fascinating concept downloaded to me by the Divine (as is everything!)

Find out in this video and do leave your kind comments and views.

I havent heard this spoken of anywhere before so do share it with as many people as you can.



06 February, 2024


Something lovely to enjoy for those Master Manifestors who desire to speed things up!

A word to the wise: be patient and enjoy the ride.


30th June, 2023

Enjoy this meditation that truly does it all!  Build that self-concept.  As the saying goes, Self-Love is

the best love.  It sure is.


31st May, 2023

Light the Fire

Within and under oneself.

Keep that fire burning.

We spoke last week about what we are here for.  Today we tell ourselves not to be complacent because complacency and lethargy are not the friends of progress.

Life is constantly evolving and moving forward. 

Let’s keep up.

So yes, know ourselves and to our own selves be true. 

What makes our heart sing and the spirit soar?  We do that as much as possible.  Live our highest passion.  Because many times in life we have no choice and we must do things we don’t like.  In addition to doing what we love, let us ask

Have I pushed myself today?

Have I taken some sort of risk?

Have I learnt something new?

Have I gone further than I went yesterday?

I like to answer Yes to all of these on a daily basis; then I feel I have truly lived my best for this day.  Then I know I have grown.

So what are some ways in which you can push yourself?  I will give you some small examples.  (TBCS)



11th May, 2021


I find it funny when I hear someone describe themselves or someone else as “self-made”.

What exactly is that?

I can only speak for myself and I know that I am not self-made!  I love praise and I enjoy it and then hand it over to the rightful recipients Jehovah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and His Holy Spirit, and my Parents for their great genes and the awesome upbringing I am blest to have had.  I am a mere channel.  I work like a beast.  But I often feel like that is part of my duty.  And the 12 or 18 or 21 hours a day or the one time 24 hours a day I put in do not make me “self-made”.  I couldn’t have got to where I am without the help of so many people.  Even when it seemed like I was all alone, I had people praying for me and I had God and His angels.

Yesterday I heard someone tell someone else who had received a major achievement: “It was all you”.  Gosh, I almost ROFL ed!  But I contained myself knowing that the one who said it has far to go in terms of clarity and wisdom about life.

Hopefully it dawns, and often it never dawns.  Thus the world is  in its current state when it should be Paradise.  We just have to pray for those who choose to live in a land of oblivion their entire lives, and do better, those of us who know better.  If we shine brighter, it can compensate for the dimness in some pockets of planet earth.  And we have to do it with no judgement, only with gratitude for our own enlightenment.

There is something supersexy about gratitude and giving credit where credit is due.  My Mammi taught me that (but she didnt exactly call it "supersexy" teehee:)).  Sit down for a second and go back for a briefer second (because we don’t do too much of that here @ theawesomestlovenlife.  We believe in being present and letting the past go in its entirety while blessing it.)  You will see how many people helped bring you to this point in the history of your life and that of planet Earth.  What you cannot see is how many invisible people helped you and still are.  I don’t mean to spook anyone out or anything.  But the blood was shed and the way paved.  We know of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (moment there!), Martin Luther King Jr, and Joan of Arc.  What about the unsung heroes, the soldiers who gave their lives.  So what if it was Afghanistan or some other far reach of the Universe millions of miles away from you and I?  They gave their lives, precious blood was shed, those who return do so with all kinds of scars and no-one pays them any heed (I do!), and so we walk in peace and freedom today.

What about the sweepers, or the one who cannot speak about her calling to anyone and so people think she's a Girl of leisure and glamour...until they reach Heaven and have access to the records and say we wish we had truly looked at her and appreciated her.

Today let's sing their praises for a moment, those whom no-one ever sang about or made a huge newspaper spread about.  Was it you?  Here you go. Here's an ALL vote!

“Self-made” anyone?



30th April, 2021

If You’re Going to Do It Anyways

So what is your main goal right now…or is it a few.  Maybe it’s weight loss or weight gain.  Perhaps it is self-regulation or kicking some “deep habit” ( I don’t particularly like to use the word addiction).  Like say you’re trying to give up a sugar habit or an excessive carb intake.  Or maybe it is something like ciggies or ganja.

No matter what it is, en route to the Promised Land of being free, we sometimes slip up.  And then, there is this whole vicious cycle and mire that takes place of guilt and berating oneself and all that jazz…

Cease!  Desist!  Here at theawesomestlovenlife, we are proponents of being gentle with ourselves while being firm.  This is a space of no judgements.

I learnt this partly from my Faadhi.  One day I had a bad dream of something happening to him and I felt I had to act on it.  So I called him, didn’t tell of the dream of course, but started asking him to do all these things like drink some coffee, put extra virgin olive oil on everything etc.  He listened patiently and amused with me as always.  Then he said with his smile which I could hear across the miles: ”Whatever I eat is good for me.”  Wow!  Right?  Isnt that an amazing belief to have.

Which brings us to today’s insights.  And I have told this to people before. 

Often we know before we are going to slip up.  So what should we do?  Bless it!  Enjoy it!  Say: “This is good for me!” Then do it.  This way, it will not harm you as much and might even do you some good.


So you slipped up.  So what?  It’s done.  You can do better next time.

O.k. Awesome one, let’s not get complacent here!  Let’s not use this card too often.

I am not encouraging you to remain stuck in old habits.  I want you to be and feel free. is pointless to feel bad about slipping up.  Be kind to yoruself, then be firm, and get back on course.  

Here’s something else I have found:

=>unless someone is ready to learn a lesson or give up a habit or change their ways, all the “teachers” can show up and you can pour all kinds of advice on their heads and it will not make much of a difference.  There is this “click” that has to happen, the proverbial penny dropping.  AND THEN THEY’RE GOLDEN!<=

What can we do in the meantime?  Pray for them, send them positive energy, don’t judge their path.  Give them space.

Some “addictions” are good. Then I will use the word. Like an addiction to God’s Word.  Or an addiction to visiting theawesomestlovenlife haha LOL!  Jokes aside, you can stop by here incessantly and trust you will always and in ALLways leave with your vibration boosted and some inspiration that you do not know when or where it will hit.  And it is absolutely free of cost. 


Like the beautiful air we breathe. 

And God's Amazing Grace.

I mean who are we to be so blest ay?

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!




19th April 2021

Be Good to Your Mind Today...and Everyday

Want to be extra good to your mind?  Would you like to do something small that strengthens it immediately and over the long term?


Complete tasks!  Yes, every, single, little, task.

Most of us talk ourselves out of completion due to sheer laziness.  I will drink this coffee and leave the mug right here for a minute.  I will bake a cake and do the dishes later.  Let me eat dinner and put stuff away some other time (like tomorrow would be nice teehee!).

Drink coffee and replace the mug! (I use mine multiple times to save water and Mother Nature.  Dont go ewwww.  I didnt drag it through the mud, I only drank coffee with it.)  If you don't use your mug multiple times, then wash yours and put it away.) Bake the cake and complete the entire task!  Eat dinner and bang out the dishes and putting away of food right after!

Energetically, this sends the message of completion to the brain and this will bring more completion and good things on a larger scale.

Do you have any projects that need to be finished?  Do those stat or hire someone to.  Lets not leave stuff dangling.  Everything is energy.

It brings some sort of deep satisfaction to complete one task and then go on to the next.

Here’s another tip:

=>If you feel like you cannot complete a task on a certain day, then don’t start it in the first place!<=

So guess what?  (Don’t say it!:) That’s a little inside joke.)

=>Completing tasks also speeds up manifestations!!!<=

The mind is such a powerhouse.  Let’s pledge to be as good as we can to this vital part of our existence here on planet Earth.  Be in the mind when we have to, and in the body as much as we can so as not to think excessively and surely remain positive and in the highest vibrations possible!

Much Awesomeness++++$$$$!!!




17th March, 2021

How to Overcome Any NonPositive Habit Part I

Is there some habit you would like to break but you have been feeling sortof stuck lately?  Is this habit taking up a lot of your power and you are tired of the way you feel?  Would you like to level up here and now?

Well you surely have come to the right place today!

So here’s how to overcome any nonpositive habit.

  1. Be kind to yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Let your inner dialogue be empowering and kind.  “There, there, it’s ok, you’ve got this.”

  2. Pray.  “Dear Lord/Universe.  Thank you for the Grace to overcome this.”

  3. Future Prayers will all be thanks ones.  “Thank you Lord/Universe that I have overcome and am brand new!”  Even if you are in the midst of it.

  4. So say we are speaking of smoking.  Figure out what it is you like about it. 

  5. Now, find the activity that can come closest to it.  It could be chewing gum or taking a walk or drinking pineapple juice or green tea. (TBC)




09 March 2021

"It takes the same energy to smile as to frown.

 It takes the same energy to be up or to be down.

So let us choose with care

And spread light and love everywhere."


In fact, in my opinion, negativity takes more energy...and creates wrinkles and all sorts of unwanted stuff!

This means that, what people choose, their thoughts, words, and feelings, everything is reflective of them. 

=>Let us always choose well as we are representing ourselves each and every single second!<= 

Why not live and love our awesomest and best right here and now?  It’s up to us.  Let us choose well.

Blessings+++$$$ !!!




17th February, 2021


John 8:7: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!"

Right? I mean, get over it already! Only the one who can focus on the good stands a chance in this life. Only the one who understands that things happen for us not to us can be a victor. Get out of victim mode. Drop the "woe is me" story! Look at the glass as half full always. I shouldnt be speaking to half the population...and I am cool with them all. (some from really, really far LOL) Heck if you knew my story! And my cups are, like, overflowing all the time! God's Grace. Ms Bliss.


So let's stop casting ourselves first of all, accept and move forward and up.



03 February, 2021


ALL of what we see started with a few thoughts and some words. 

Imagine big, imagine well, use our words and thoughts and feelings carefully. 

=>We are creators!<=

Thank you.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$


28th January, 2021

Another Vital Question

A good question to ask is: “What do I really, really, truly want?”

Most people roam around and walk through life not knowing the answer to this!

And thus, results are less than stellar.  Then they wonder why.

Know thyself and to thine own self be true, as the saying goes. 

Let’s go further with this: “Know what you really, really, truly want and to that be true.”

Now what we truly desire could change over time.  We can always go back and do a review.

It is good to write down the answers that come to this question. 

ALL the best ALLways+++$$$!


20th January, 2021



















19th January, 2021

The Only Way

The Only Way to get what we desire in and from life-and that includes people- is to make The List.  Then be everything on that List.

We follow the Golden Rule: Do to others as we would have them do to us. 

Before we do something think how we would feel if others did it.  Prevention is better than cure...and milk once spilt cannot be unspilt!

Keep far from and move far from what and who does not serve our Highest Good. This aint a dress rehearsal: one life to live, once chance to live it!

Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see.”


Jesus is The Way, The Love, The Truth, The Light, and The Life!!!




04 Jan 2021

Christmas Alphabets


is for Zest.  Zest is not something that appears by magic.  I have found this to be true of most feelings.  Sometimes, yes, we feel something and know, oh this is excitement, or this is joy.  On account of how we are programmed from ancient times, often, we have to create it. Zest is one such.  If we are not careful, we can easily slip into being blasé.  Gratitude helps, exercise helps, how we talk to ourselves makes a huge difference.

Zest is truly important in #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!

Here’s a resource:

Much Awesomeness++++$$$$!




31st December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


Is for xystus.   No deep meaning here.  What does one write for x anyways, so few choices. :)

So let’s learn a new word and keep up that spirit of growth through 2021 and ALLways. Stay young forever.  This is one of the ways to keep the mind young.  Young mind, young body and vice versa.

Xystus: a long and open portico used especially by ancient Greeks or Romans for athletic exercises in wintry or stormy weather sometimes : a walk lined with trees

Actually feel soothed to think of the walk lined with trees…and the athletes working out.

Happy 31st December and an Awesome 2021!



25th  December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


is for Truth.  "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free"!

Learn about God, learn about yourself, let that be ongoing.  And own ALL you know!  It is among the most freeing things ever.  Love it ALL.  It brought you here and this too is good.  If it doesnt seem so good, trust that it will be used to your highest good somehow.

T is for Time.  There is no Time and yet there is Time.  No time because everything exists now as per Quantum Physics.  Time because we do inhabit planet earth and are often ruled by that little gadget, the clock :).  So the middle ground is best.  Patience is honed while we wait.  And if we have a challenge in that arena, we can ask for the Grace…as I have to!  This is because my Faith is so high and that’s a good thing.  So lots of deep breathing and distraction.

Merry Christmas, ALL!

Much Awesomeness.





16th December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


M is for meditation, a huge buzz word these days, thank goodness.  Because the more people who meditate the better it is for each individual and the Universe.  They really should teach it in schools.  Only a matter of time and I am certain some schools already have it as part of their curriculum.

We have spoken of this here before @

This season is a good time to lift things up several notches.  I didn’t know that people meditate before bed.  It sounds weird right, meditate before you sleep.  But sleep and meditation are two different things.  So try it out, it is awesome.

And if you can throw in another 3-4 minutes at tea time, that’d be great.

Elevate your life Awesome one.  Only you can do it.  You and God.  And "may mighty forces come to your aid."

M is also for more.  Yes meditate more.

Blessings+++++$$$ like you cannot imagine!



10th December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


is for Inspiration.

Be an inspiration to yourself! Look around you and truly take in the glory that is ALL over the place.

Feel inspired.  Ask for fresh inspiration daily of what must be done next.  This is especially important if you feel you are in a rut and wish to get out of it.  Ask and you shall receive.

Be an inspiration to someone else.  Ask this question each morning: “Who needs me today, where can I be of help?”

And of course, for oodles of inspiration, each and every single day please visit this space created just for you my Awesome one!

You inspire me daily.

Thank you.

God Bless++++$$$$




02 December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


C is for “chill out”.  No matter what is going on in your life right now, whether you are awaiting your Beloved or your wealth or perfect bod, chill out!  Relax.  I am sure you have done all the work on yourself and in your imagination.  Now it is time to let go and let God.  If we don’t let go, He cannot work. Be happy while you wait, Awesome one. Recall that all our good is on the highest frequencies so we need to be there as well.

I pray that your life exceeds what you have envisioned. 

Have your heart's desires...and then some!





19th November, 2020

Seated Within

O…M…G…Awesomeness personified!  I am super excited to speak about this amazing artiste.  As you know, everything that I find awesomest I feel so eager to share with you.  So…Seated Within…that is how I know this person. And I am grateful to Youtube for having connected us and that this person took the time to reach out and go further and support what I do.  The work put out is phenomenal and always, always captivates. 


Why I place this under Mind-though I could very well have posted this under Fun for Christmas presents as this person and the channel is such a gift!-is so that we can take a mental health break and watch this video while breathing deep. I have shared my favourite one here.

Let us allow our eyes to move between being closed and open so that we can savour the visual feast while our bodies absorb the music and allow it to feel, heal, and renew.  In case you truly do not have 30 minutes to spare, watch for 5-10 and then allow it to play in the background while you work.

I trust this takes your day-and life-to a whole new level.  This is the related Youtube channel.

There are briefer vids as well for shorter meditations.  Please Subscribe, like, comment, hit the bell notification and invite your friends to as well. 


I deeply desire and pray that all (approximately) 7.8 billion people on planet earth can benefit from this beautiful work.  Thank you, Seated Within, for sharing your light and your talent so brilliantly. 

Wishing you much continued Success++++$$$$$ and that goes for my Awesome Readers as well!

Love + Peace





10th November, 2020

Forgiveness: Can There Ever Be Too Much Part II

(please scroll down)




29th October, 2020

Halloween Mind and Spirit Strengthening Exercise

  1. Buy your favourite candy a few days before Halloween like now.

  2. Keep it in plain sight.

  3. Now don’t eat it!

  4. See how many hours you can last.

  5. The idea is to save it right until the 31st.

  6. Hopefully you don’t fall on it at midnight of the 30th-31st!

  7. What if you indulged a bit already (like yours truly! C’mon I had walked so much to go get it and back and then walked my dog.)

  8. Let it go and freeze the rest until the 31st

  9. Exercise a little extra during these hours before the feast (or after as the case may be teehee:))

  10. Put cinnamon on it and drink green tea after.

To me Halloween is about Angels by the way.

Much Love


28th October, 2020

Forgiveness: Can There Ever be Too Much? Part I


The short answer to that is no.  There can never be too much forgiveness.  I speak of this subject today in connection with an article you will soon read on embracing contrast.  Gosh, life is simple as well as circuitous at times, the navigation. But we are provided with firm rules which, if followed, yield consistent results and keep us safe…most times.


As we know, the Lord loves to throw us curve balls to keep us stoked, help us grow, remind us of old lessons, and let us know who’s Boss.  Whenever too much complacency sets in, we find ourselves in situations that boggle the mind…as happened to me the other day.


Much of our angst over things stems from the fact that we could have and should have acted differently.  And we know it.  Many people try to put the blame on others.  And that might work for awhile on the surface.  But deep down, where it is supposed to have effected newness, there is no change.  And if there is no change there, then the lessons get stronger and stronger…until we wake up.  Which is what happened to me.


It gets a little tricky for me to narrate stories.  This is because I have pledged to maintain people’s privacy and speak only positively.  So do bear with me.


I am the person whose forgiveness is in advance like God’s.  I also forget pretty easily.  And therein lies the problem.  No let me rephrase that, therein has lain the problem thus far.  Because I truly have woken up.  There can never be too much forgiveness but there can be too much forgetting.


If one forgets too easily there is every chance that the wisdom and lessons are forgotten as well.  Why did this situation come upon me?  What am I supposed to learn from it? How can and must I change my behaviour to stop this pattern in its tracks and create something new and better?


I am extremely forgiving, I forget, and I love so much that I then want to go back and throw parties for those that try to do me harm.  Sometimes those closest manage to stop me; sometimes they don’t.


Here’s the thing, forgiving is a duty. If we forgive, we release ourselves and the other person of the burden.  Forgetting is good for then we can fly free.  So what are we forgetting?  The incident, and its details.

=>BUT we must take the lessons and vow not to do the same things again that brought the challenging situation in the first place<=



10th November, 2020

Forgiveness: Can There Ever be Too Much? Part II


Long story short, I figured that dinner with a certain group of people (with whom I had not had such a good experience previously but had forgiven)would be a good idea.  So I sortof manifested an invitation.  Why did I do this?  Not because I am socially starved but because of my over-eagerness to move forward and an excess of love most times!


I was an impeccable guest and even brought a tray laden with food.  But it didn't go so well.


When we try to force a situation or put ourselves into the line of fire, we are going to be shot at, no two ways about it.


Moral of the Story?  

There are a few:

·         Ask for God’s Will rather than manifesting so much!  If I was truly desired at dinner, I would have been invited willingly rather than having to manifest an invitation!

·         Listen to myself rather than the chorus of voices telling me what I ought to do.

·         When I have already dined 6 times with a group, then choose dessert or a cuppa tea rather than another dinner!  "Don't be cheap", as Mother would say.


Why was that last dinner the final straw?  It was because everyone was tired, and too much time  was spent.  I went and actually sat with the wrong person who misplaced anger onto me.  I cannot tell more since I would violate my own principles in so doing.


I was in the right, the situation was wrong on every count, BUT, I went and stood there and literally said fire at me.  I wasn’t prepared for this as I went in on a fuzzy cloud of love.  Thus I didn’t give the appropriate answer.  I donated my power. I take full responsibility for what happened.  We always have to.  LESSON LEARNT!!! Finally.


In conclusion, let me say please let us be true to ourselves and love ourselves to bits.  Everyone has his or her own agenda.  We bless them, we wish them well, but we stay far enough to keep ourselves safe.


I don’t know what it is that is going on in the Universe today. But I still say life is a gift. For there is sufficient beauty to counteract all the rest of it.  Give Him the ashes: He promises beauty.  But let us be wise and aligned to that beauty.  One of the best ways is to take the lessons and move forward, and behave differently to get new results…like the geniuses we are!  Lovely day ALL.



15th October, 2020

A Lovely Meditation for Children…and ALL~ "The Magic in a Cereal Bowl"

Hello Awesome Sweet Child (or Teenager or Adult)!

Welcome to this meditation created especially for you.

You are in a safe happy space.  What we are about to do-which is meditate-will bring you more good power, peace, and happiness and you can use all of that to help others and yourself.  It will make your school (or work) life easier, and help bring good things faster.

If you are a child doing this, I trust there is an adult around.  Have them help you get a bowl of dry cereal.

Now go to a comfy spot like your couch and sit down with your back straight.  You can do this with the adult or have them watch you, whichever feels best.

Let’s begin:

  1. Blink your eyes a few times and breathe in and out as usual.

  2. Now take a deep breath in, hold it there and breathe out slowly.

  3. This is how we are going to breathe for the rest of our time together, as slowly as possible.

  4. Close your eyes. Now truly tune in to what you can hear in the background, to some sounds from outside, maybe the cars, the birds, people talking.

  5. Feel.  Feel the bowl in your hands.

  6. Now touch the cereal in the bowl.  Let your fingers move through it.

  7. Open your eyes and truly look at the colours and the shapes of each piece.

  8. Now, slowly bring some of the cereal up to your mouth…and this is the only time you can sortof play with your food and use your fingers to eat cereal. If you feel like laughing please go ahead!

  9. Maybe the cereal is crunchy, maybe it is sweet, listen to the sounds while you eat.

  10. Now close your eyes again and get back to focusing on your breath as you listen to these affirmations (Adult please say these)(If this is a Child doing the meditation and you can read, say these out loud)

You are awesome

You are powerful

You are kind

You are happy

Now we switch to I

I am loved

I can do ALL things

I am happy and co-operative

I bring joy.

Let these words play within you as much as possible, even after we leave this space.  Memorize them.

11. Now open your eyes slowly.

12. Take a few more deep breaths.

13. Move slowly from your spot.

You did great!  You can tap into this peaceful state anytime you like and need to by slowing your breath and tuning into your senses.

You are awesome and invincible!

Thank you for your time.

Come back and practise often, bring your friends!


For my adult Readers, you can do this each morning as you eat breakfast, especially if you are starting out on this wonderful path of meditation and do not wish to or have the time right now to sit still.  I say right now because you will love this so much that surely, you will set your alarm to awaken you 10 minutes earlier each morning. 

If you take your cereal with milk then do it right before you pour in the milk and continue the vibes while you are eating.


It is an amazing way to start the day.  And if another session can be added later in the day as well, it enhances the entire life experience.




12th October, 2020


The Mind: Two Key Factors


The Mind is such a vast, fascinating topic that one can write about ad nauseam.  But I would like to start with two aspects that come to “mind” immediately (pun intended): Meditation and Mindfulness.


These two words are bandied about freely and heavily today.  Yet they have many people feeling flummoxed.  Today, I wish to simplify things for you.  Especially if you are a child reading this, you will find it easy to understand.


Let us start with meditation. I have been practising this for many years and it has enhanced-and saved- my life. It should be a skill that is taught very early on.  In later articles I will go in-depth into the art of meditation.  Today I will teach a quick technique that you can do anywhere, even sitting right there reading this, something that came to me awhile back. 

=>“Breathe in to your toes and out through your nose"<=

That is meditation simplified.


Meditation is characterized by slow breathing, quieting the mind, and focus on the breath.  So, automatically, if you breathe in to you toes, (though figuratively), your attention is on your breath and not so much on your thoughts, and then it will take awhile for the breath to reach from your nose to your toes…you get the general idea. Then the breath has to come all the way up again and go out of your nose. There, that’s one cycle of breath.  You are well on your way to being a meditation aficionado!  Not that difficult is it?  For today, do this four times.  Increase by one each day.  Then try to do this twice a day.

Meditation yields so many benefits, and you might not get all of them by doing this, but you surely have taken a step in the right direction.

You will certainly feel calmer and refresh your mind.

We will go deeper next time and also touch upon Mindfulness.




You are a Leader!  Each second, you are leading.  About 30 trillion cells in your body are at your command.  The atoms in the air around you are at your mercy, and so is each and every human being on planet Earth, numbering 7.594 billion at press time.  Yes, what you feel, do, and think here can either bring that soldier back from the frontlines across the Universe…or keep him there.  So please let us choose wisely how we use the massive power at our disposal each and every minute.  Let us lead with Love.


#TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!



07 September, 2020


Why Meditate? Part I


Meditation is, perhaps, today, among the most used words the world over, right up there with stress.  The two go hand in hand because the former is one of the best ways to send the latter packing.  There are many benefits to this awesomest practice of meditation, and some of them are not so well known.

As I sit here, the choice is consciously made not to overload your brain with words like amygdala and prefrontal cortex today.  We might get into all that later (or we might not, depends on where I am led).  I don’t need to parade my knowledge, neither do I wish to burden your sweet mind.  So let's fast forward and get right into the good stuff that happens when one meditates.  Meditation is taught here at theawesomestlovenlife.  There are some novel, unique methods developed on site as well.  We will be getting into all that shortly.  You can contact me for some one on one, and for those who cannot for some reason, I will teach you simple methods that you can master right here.

Assuming that some of you who are reading this right now are new to this wonderful practice and it seems a bit formidable, throwing big words at you is not going to help one bit despite the fact that you have the brain power to grasp it all.  The idea is to get more and more people to meditate, not scare people away; and my goal is to reach ALL, starting with the masses.  And yes, I do take shortcuts because we do not have time to spare and waste.  This in no way diminishes the benefits.  It is time to simplify life further, and that is a huge lesson I have taken from c-19.


That said, here are

The Benefits of Meditation:


·         It makes us more present.  This means the past loses its hold on us.

·         This makes us more free, and thus, more powerful.

·         Inducing a sleep-like state, it also helps dissolve old neural pathways, and thus, erase old, negative programming.

·         It makes us more chilled out.

·         And that means it keeps us young.

·         And this means more beauty/handsomeness, thicker hair, clearer skin, more “glow”.

·         Feelings of peace replace old feelings of fear and anxiety as those particular neural pathways are diminished that cause one to immediately assume that a sensation is bad.

·         This means less stress.

·         And that means less disease since stress is one of the major causes of all illness, from a cold, to the other and vile c-word. (Please check word key to clarify which “c”.)

.         Yes, meditation does boost one's immunity.

·         Less stress also means you don't gain weight as fast.  So yes, you automatically come to your optimum body weight, assuming that you keep up with your mindful food intake and daily exercise.  (This is NOT an invitation to eat all the candy you desire presuming meditation will magically dissolve it.:))

·         If so much energy is pulled away from worrying, that means more energy to do essential tasks.

·         And this also means, for married people, a better “boudoir” drive. :)  Hello to my couples trying to get pregnant.  Yep, meditation will help boost your fertility and chances of getting pregnant, so get on it stat!

·         Worry diminishes brain power; meditation decreases worry, and, thus, increases brain power.  This means more intelligence. (TBC)


=> Meditation is surely an integral part of #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!<=



20th August, 2020

An Anytime Feel-Good Secret

Coming soon to theAwesomestLovenLife!


21st August, 2020 (see?  I said it would be soon:))

An Anytime Feel-Good Secret

Who doesn’t love a good secret?  And who doesn’t love to feel good?*

I discovered this recently.

=>I can have chamomile tea at any time of the day if I need a boost!<=

Chamomile is usually associated with winding down for the night.

It was one of those days.  I had exhausted every feel-good trick in my books.  There were still 6 good hours of daylight left until I could turn in.  The chamomile tea box was my last resort.  I had never brewed myself a cuppa that late in the afternoon.  The whole thing sort of took place on autopilot as inspired action often does.

Here’s what happened:

1.  It soothed my nerves.

2.  It energized me a bit.

3.  It shifted my attention.

4.  It boosted my happiness level.


There seems to be some concern about this tea aggravating allergies.  I know someone who has those and is not affected by it.  It is up to each one to figure.

(I will soon share what I did for one of my favourite clients using this tea-with permission, of course, always that!)

Isn't it amazing, though, that having chamomile during the day does not make one sleepy and can actually energize.  And it does it's thing in the night to induce sleep as well. ( But not too close to bed-time or you will have to wake up to go to the loo.)  Yes, we can call it the Magic Tea (You are right, I never did leave the land of Fairy Stories...and don't plan to either!)


*Yes there are some who don’t love to feel good; they are so used to feeling bad that it becomes a way of life and anything different feels odd.  It is up to us to lead the way, not exactly by words but by example and mainly with our vibe.  More than anything let us pray for ALL that we may march in and towards #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!  That is because we are already in it though millions don’t realize, and if each one continues to be his and her best, we get more and more of it. And it can all start with something so small as…a chamomile tea bag.


Go brew some for yourself…or someone you love. 

o.k. o.k. go on and add some honey if you don't like the taste of this tea.  Please then add in a pinch of cinnamon as well to metabolize the sugar.


Hey, I just noticed that the word ALL is contained in “small”.  What does that tell me? 

=>That small acts yield huge results for the individual…(you know what’s coming!) and ALL!<=



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