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On this page we speak of Love in all its nuances.

13 April 2024

A Unique Way to Get your SP

Watch this!



17th June, 2023

What are you feeling right now?

Is it euphoria?

Is it bafflement about the world sitch?

Is it a dull ache where hope used to reside?

Worry not.

This too shall pass.

So if it’s awesome

Or if it’s not so cool,

Don’t worry.

Breathe deeply.

Be detached.

Dream big.

And wild.

May you have the right desires of your heart!

As in, pray for the best of what belongs to you.

Leave others-and what and who is theirs-be.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!



10th May, 2023

The Second Golden Rule

Or The Platinum Rule…just don’t want this one to trump the original (since platinum is more expensive than gold.).

The Golden Rule is “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

The Second Golden Rule is “Do to others as they would have you do to them.”

Or in other words, “Treat others as they would like to be treated.”

What does this mean?

It is very simple.  How does someone wish to be perceived or treated?  Do that for them.  Imagine how you are spreading kindness with this act.

For instance, say there is a gentleman named Robert (purely fictional character).  He hates his name.  And while he hasn’t gone out and actually changed his name because he doesn’t have the time or funds right now for the procedure, he introduces himself as Bobby and asks people to call him that.

Call him Bobby already!

Acts like these cost us nothing but reap rich rewards for the recipient and the giver which is ourself.

OK, on the flipside, those who know what others like and do the opposite are gullies with a b instead of the g…(you get my drift.  I don’t want to use that word here in this predominantly positive space.)  This means that intentionally, one is doing something they know someone else does not like and giving that person nonpositive energy...and unbeknownst to them, receiving it back.

Of course, ensure that you do nothing at the cost of your own well-being.  Let us be as authentic as possible as we go about this life, and especially with our acts of kindness.  God sees all, He sees the heart.  He can see through everything!  And most of all,

=>I must live with me<=. 

I can see all that I do, I am the one receiving back, ay? 

If you truly cannot call Robert Bobby for some reason best known to you, then don’t speak to him at all for a bit.  Or if you have to speak to him, say at work, then call him nothing.  This way both you and Robert, sorry, Sir, Bobby, teehee, are happy.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!




27-28 April, 2023

For my Birthday, this is my Gift to the Universe.  A Message of Love.  I have always grown up with the example of my Parents and Mentor giving people gifts on their birthdays-often very large ones!  So this is mine to you.  And I wish to thank my loyal readers and supporters for walking with me this past year.

My Mother always taught us that “Charity begins at Home”.  The actual truth of that sank in much later.  I wrote this piece some years ago.  It is even more relevant today.  Trust you enjoy it!

Charity Begins at Home

“Charity Begins at Home.”

“Home is where the heart is.”

Where is your heart?

Within you.

So, love yourself first.

Your body is the Temple of God and His Holy Spirit.

To love yourself means you love God, because He dwells in you!

So loving yourself first is a sacred act and necessity.

Charity and Love are synonymous, used interchangeably in the Bible.

“God helps those who help themselves.”

Loving yourself

Is an invitation to others

To do it too.

Show them how it’s done!

LOVE and Loving yourself is an integral part of

#TheAwesomestLovenLifeForOneAndALL !!!

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$ and I pray you receive miracles today especially!




07 April 2022

So…what are you feeling today.  I hope it is awesome!  But if it isn’t, help is always is!

Is  someone trying to make you feel less than.  Or is it you that's doing it with your own thoughts allowed to run amok.


=>Dont give them-or you!-permission!<=

This is what I know and can share with you today:

  1.  Let the past go.  And this is an ongoing process.  When the mind tends to move backward-and it often does that out of habit-then we literally must pull it back to the present, and face forward and step forward.  This is a conscious effort.

  2. Look at the good.  This is the secret to feeling good and being happy.  Otherwise what chance do we have.

  3. Redemption is for all.  People’s “sins” are between them and God.  Yes often it is not easy to witness other’s lives, and sometimes we must speak up and sometimes we speak up and are not listened to.  And then we pray for that person.  But we dont judge and we don’t hold things against others.

I wish you well on your journey and trust you feel inspired by this.

And oh yes, it is never too late.   Now is the perfect time to start.  Face forward.  Move forward.  Your best is yet out ahead.  And that is no myth.  As long as you believe.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$$



31st March, 2021

Get to the vibration of Love…and stay there!

I find music is a quick way to get to the vibration of Love.  Especially Love songs of course.

So find your faves and listen to them.  Make sure they are positive.  I trust it will elevate you and your Hope. 


Find your One and know how that releases magical powers.  Don’t settle: you deserve the best.

=>It helps the forward movement of God’s Kingdom when you are with your One<=

Much Awesomeness+++$$$


01 March, 2021


The Story

Love…Love…Love…ALL we need is Love.  Courtesy the Beatles, one of my favourite groups ever, and they will always be relevant.

This is true.  This is because Love is everything and everywhere.  Love is another name for ALL the Awesomeness of this life.  Love is another name for God.

In terms of romantic Love, find the person who blesses your “Story”. The ones who judge you for it and hold some historical events against you?  Drop them like hot potatoes.  First of all  though, bless it yourself since it brought you here.  This is what I learnt from Rascal Flatts from their awesome song God Bless the Broken Road.

Find the people who not only bless your Story but celebrate you for it and think you are superawesome to have overcome all that.  As long as one isn’t doing those same things over and over and has learnt, if you know what I mean.



09 February, 2021


Dance to your own tune, move to your own rhythm, find your own pace, give yourself your own space, love your own face.  Just be, from time to time.  Shut out all the noise and go within. Go back to center where you will find your self, your Self…and your God.  Can these  ever be separated…

And Philippians 4:7: “May the peace of God that passeth ALL understanding guard your heart and your mind.”

Much Awesomeness++++$$$



2nd February, 2021




























21st January, 2021

Eschew this word

The b-word

That would be “bored”. 

Somehow, I have disliked that word in what seems like forever.  I don’t allow my children that I coach to use it either.  I would say, "If you have nothing to do, twiddle your thumbs, but don’t say the b-word!"

And more recently, I discover that boredom is way low on the scale of vibrations, equal to the 3rd d-word, right below the 2nd g-word, and right above the 1st and 2nd g-words, and the d-word(*please check Word Key)!  Yes, actually.

I can recall about 3 times I have felt bored in my entire life.  And those moments were equally bad to some of my greatest challenges.  Not being used to feeling that, gosh, it was awful!  My life is full and vibrant; each day I indulge in my work, talents, and interests so there is never a dull moment.  I am in love with life, this absolutely precious Gift from the ALLmighty.

Today, I am going to help you to eschew the b-word from your vocabulary forever.  Now you think I am going to tell you to take up a few new hobbies and fill your time!  Actually not at all.  All that is great; you do it when you see fit.

In addition, there is a better way:

  1.  Just stop saying the word!  Words create.  ALL of what we see came to be because of a few thoughts and words and feelings…and maybe some action.

  2. Now say something positive: “I feel so motivated!”  “I  am so excited!”

  3. You can really do this while sitting on the couch and breathing, staring into space and  day-dreaming of your beloved! I mean, I love breathing…don’t you. (and dreaming of my Beloved!:) day and night teehee)

Imagine not ever feeling the b-word anymore.There it is done! Especially since we know how low-vibe it is.

=>If you can imagine it and say it, you can have it!<=  Let us always use this immense power for good.

Yes this has been posted under Love today because it is a HUGE act of Self-Love to choose your words well and keep your vibe in the highest reaches possible.

Much Awesomeness++++$$$$.

Thank you for your time.



18th January, 2021


Self-Love: How to do it


Self-Love is simple yet hard.  It is simple because it is actually easy.  It is hard because humans have made Love-particularly Self-Love-into this complex thing when it should be as natural as breathing.  Do we give our breathing much thought?  No.  It is just O2 in and C02 out except of course when people are just starting to meditate and make a huge deal of something they have been doing since conception.


Simple as breathing is, it is vital to life.  Cadavers don’t breathe.  No breath, no life.  Similarly, no Love, no life.

A little known fact is that the Lord commands us to love ourselves.  “Love thy neighbour as thyself.”  Most people miss the love thyself bit.  It is actually a sort of a prerequisite to loving others. 

=>Love yourself first and then your neighbour that way<=


I am not going to get into the reasons why Love has become so complex.  I believe in taking positive action.  Self-Love is dormant within: it only has to be awakened.  Just as people everywhere try to inject excitement into their Love relationship or Marriage, here we are, injecting some pizzazz into loving ourselves.  Some of what I am about to say may surprise.  And this is for ALL my Readers, particularly the children.


So here are a few of the Steps to Self-love: (TBC)


11th January, 2021

To Thine own Self Be True

Today, make a list of all that’s awesome about you.  In what ways have you grown over the past year.

It feels so good to give credit where it is truly due, His power within.  And then give yourself props. 

“Know Thyself

and to thine own self be true”.

This came to me a few days back

“Know others...

and to thine own self be true.”

When people reveal themselves, accept it.  God can change them; we can inspire and lead by example, praying, hoping for, and trusting in the best.

Know who you are and be true to you.  You are the only one who knows what you truly need and desire.  Only you know what makes your heart soar, your hips swell, your abs shrink, and your skin glow.  You know what and who you need more or less of, and what your limits are.

Live accordingly.

If you feel you don’t know who you are, don’t worry (be happy!).  There are many like that and there is no time like now and no other time than now.  So start on this awesome process.

=>Your Self is THE best person you will never get to know and you can never truly be done with this process!<=



29th December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


Is for

Visitors.  The 3 Kings reach Jesus only on the 6th of January.  They bring Him Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

Visitors.  Not too many of those these days, ay?  I am sure all of us are keeping to the decorum and guidelines that these days require of us.  We pray for those who aren’t.

May you be visited by the Lord of hosts and many Angels. 

May your Visitors be lovely happy financial surprises, magic, manifestations, and miracles.  Please stay attuned.

Much Peace and Awesomeness+++$$$$



15th December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets

Is for

Love obviously!

Today I am not speaking of romantic Love but of Self-Love and maximizing that and sending it out to humanity.  Amazingly, doing that can and does often bring romantic Love in as well.  Because of course "Self-Love is the best Love" and we show people how it's done.  And the Love for humanity signifies selflessness and being unconditional.  These are two things often sadly lacking in romantic Love.  So if one gets to that spot it’s a good thing and will bring more like it.

~How can we love ourselves more right now?

~How can we love others more?

That’s for each one to know.

Spread Love wherever you go.

Love is God and God is Love!

Thank you for your time.

And have a Love-ly day teehee:)


04 December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


Is  for evergreen and everlasting.  Evergreen trees are associated with Christmas~ yes, let’s leave them planted in the soil while we get a real-looking fake version. Let’s take care of the great gift of Nature.

E is also for everlasting.  That’s God’s Love + benevolence to us.

Aren't we sooo blest!

Oh and by the way, Awesome one, you are forevergreen.  So do rock it and enjoy your eternal youth and vibrant health.

Take care.

Thank you for your time.

Much Love.



23rd November, 2020

So…You Want to Marry a Rich Man Part I


Greetings for a Lovely New Week:  feeling Awesome things for us!

I once did a job on this very topic, actually, truth be told it was a rewriting job…but I have never really “rewritten”, always providing original articles on the topics given…yes, at the same  measly cost!  But enough about my integrity…teehee:)

I was amused by the topic of this job, yet, not surprised.  Most women want to marry someone rich.  This is a good thing because, whereas money cannot buy love or health or any of the best things in life, it can and does augment those things.  This is a bad thing because very few women do research into the riches of prospective husbands.


Here are good questions to ask:

1.  Is he truly rich?

2.  As in, is there a scaffolding under his lifestyle?

3.  As in, does he actually have liquid cash or cash in the bank, or

4.  Is his lavish lifestyle fully funded by debt? (or Daddy?)

5.  Is he good with money and savings?

6.  What is his money philosophy?

7.  What are his views on gender roles?

8.  If you would like a career would he support that?

More soon! (TBC) and as we wait for Part II, let us ask ourselves what it truly means to be "rich" (I have my own answer for you at the end:))




11th November, 2020

Dear Lord, ALLmighty, and Awesomest:

We thank and praise You for the gift of life.  We commemorate those who have given precious blood and life that we be here today, paving the way for us.  For me, that starts with Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Let us be ever mindful of that gift, Father God, and let us live each day, each minute so as to honour that.  Let us walk in love and peace.

Thank You, Father, that You give us World Peace and Heaven on Earth so we do not need to send our people to the frontlines.  Thank you that many awesome civilian jobs are created to accommodate this.

Today I specially pray for the Prayers of all 7+ billion people on this magical date 11-11.  May they be enormously surprised and happy and full.  Give them abundance, Lord.

ALL these things I ask and thank for in Your Name for Your Glory Amen and Amen.



04 November, 2020

What to do When Someone Doesn’t Respond to You

Greetings ALL!

Do you often wonder why someone hasn’t written to you?  Would you like to receive an immediate response to your passionate-or even superfriendly-texts?

Well you certainly have come to the right place this fine day!  (And every day teehee:) Love having you here.)

Let me narrate a little story.  So my beautiful brilliant friend D (Initial changed-but you know who you are because you gave me permission to write about you:) is also famous for her terse answers-which have helped me so much in my life.  We all need that blunt friend who is also polite with it and cares enough to set you straight.  So I was complaining one day to D that someone hadn’t written me back.  And she said: “Look, you have to be mature enough to drop it once you have written.  That person has the freedom to reply or not.”  Lovely.

To this I will add a few things I have learnt:

  1.  Once you send the email or text, let it go.  Put your phone away and don’t be checking incessantly.

  2. Whatever you send out, do so with Love.

  3. If the appropriate time has elapsed-like 3 days-for a reply, send Blessings to the recipient, as, for most people, their energy is turning a bit sour as they fret over the silence.  And who does that negative energy affect?  You!  And the rest of planet Earth.  And we do not want that, do we?

  4. Is it fine to write and say hey what did I do, are you offended?  Short answer, no.  That shows neediness.  If you sent out your message with purity of intention and someone got offended, it’s about them not about you.  If they bring it up at some point and baffle you, then that is your opportunity to say I am sorry you feel that way that is not how I meant it, so much is lost via email.

You see, Awesome one, nobody has their hands tied up.  So your recipient is free to write.  “Busy”?  Ha!  They can make 2 minutes in their overfull lives, right?  Pretty much like you did.  So, let it go. 


You must also know this:

=>You are a privilege to have as a friend or relative or Lover.  It is for their good if they keep in touch with you!<=  

Feel that confidence minus the pride.  Also trust that if this door is closed-either permanently or temporarily-God will open a new and better one.

Yes, there are so many techniques to "manifest" a text from someone, but I do not refer to them here for this reason: if someone has to be coerced into writing, then what's the charm in it?  If they didn't use their own free will to write you, of what value is that letter?

What fascinates me is these rules can and do apply in all relationships.  This is what we mean by “Love” here on  We refer to Love in all its awesome manifestations. 

=>Let us exhibit good manners with ALL.  How I behave is a reflection of me.<=





02 November, 2020

Please visit Health for more about Weight and great tips to maintain it



20th October, 2020

Plus or Minus 10

“You Need to Lose about 10 lbs.”

Wait a moment…before you react to that statement, it isn’t me saying this to you.  This was said to me.  And please wait, again, before you are offended on my behalf.  This is not an article on how unkind someone was to me or about mindfulness or body shame or any of that. 

So there I was filling out some paperwork for my dream car (don’t have it yet!  Yes it didn’t pan out that time.  But I already have it in spirit and in my mind!)  And the gentleman and I were chatting and he was telling me about his strict regime, one bun, one apple, and how much weight he has lost.  (Though that bun was so white I was like why is he putting that into his body!)  Then I asked him: ”How much weight do you think I should lose, Sir?”  And he said: ”You need to lose about 10 lbs.”

Yes, I agree, this is a totally inappropriate chat for a car dealership.  However, I do milk situations when I find a successful person.  This gentleman had achieved success with his body, he was willing to speak, and I was acquiring “tips”…my ongoing “interviewing” process.

I got this same message from the Universe too-and we will deal with that later when we speak of the Low Fodmap food plan and how awesome it is.

Losing 10 lbs if one needs to is a good thing.  It means way less weight to carry around, less of a load on the knees and the heart, and it could work wonders for the entire body and mind, if one likes the skinnier look.  Me, I don’t like myself too skinny…and if I look that way, I go eat a bit more :).

Each one knows best how one feels.  And that is the key.  It is not about living up to societal norms. 

~How do I feel right now? 

~Do I like the way I look?

~Am I feeling bloaty?

~Are there some weird aches happening?

=>The body is such an amazing resource, it is a major means by which our Higher Self communicates with us for changes we must make<=

=>The Universe speaks up when we don’t listen to our body or take the first signs<=

Our body is the Temple of God and His Holy Spirit, so we must treat it as such.

If you feel you have 10 lbs-or some weight-to lose, keep stopping by and I will soon share my favourite food plan.  (See?  I didn’t say “diet”:))  I also have so many easy weight loss tips that I cannot wait to tell you.  They work like magic.

Or maybe you wish to gain 10 lbs.  I can help you with that as well, to do it healthfully.  I read about an actor who had to gain weight for a role and ingested things like doughnuts and pancakes happily.  Gosh!  There are better ways.

The most important thing, Awesome one?

=>Love yourself right now at the weight you are and the shape you are!  For you are awesomely, fearfully, wonderfully made, in God’s own Image and likeness!  You are gorgeous right now and as you are becoming<=

That is the whole truth and nothing but.  So don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise.  Mainly, don’t allow your own thoughts to tell you a different story.

So, we are going to do this together and it will be super easy and facilitate our forward, upward movement.

Let’s make this commitment, to be at optimum during these months leading up to Christmas and the New Year.  Then we can indulge in a healthy way during the season, and we do not start 2021 with that load of lbs that need to be shed and all the guilt and deprivation that comes with that.

So we are not going to call it "weight loss" or "weight gain".  It is our "Optimal Health and Body Plan".  Allright?

You will be amazed at how easy this is.  There is strength in numbers, so joining forces is a good thing.

Thank you for coming by here each and every day.

Have yourself THE awesomest day ever!

Yes I have placed this under Love because it is a huge act of Self-Love, to tend to our health, to know what we need, and give ourselves the best.  You will find the upcoming posts under Health as I share the awesomest tips and secrets that I have come across and use on a regular basis...gosh!  I cannot wait.




08 October, 2020

Let’s Talk Politics Part I

This discussion is so important that, for the first time, both parts are being posted on the same day.  Much food for thought.  It takes some bravery to write this and I request you to read carefully and then you may come to our Facebook page and indulge in a healthy discussion.  Thank you for being mindful.  It is written with Love-as all my writings-please read with the same sentiment.


Why is this placed under Love?  This is because it is a huge part of Self-Love.


Those who know me well would be VERY surprised to hear me even say this word, let alone write about it: I most strongly dislike Politics and politics (the latter meaning drama that certain people create in everyday life); let’s get that out of the way early.  So why am I speaking about this (to me) loathsome subject today?  It is because I was inspired to.

I actually write this out of concern for a majority of the population, and that would mean for ALL.  Because

=>what the majority of people do does affect everyone and what anyone does affects everyone<= 


I have been standing by and watching and listening way too long and now I must speak up.  There is something going on that is detrimental to #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!  And we need to correct it stat, for each person’s sake and for that of our Universe.  Let’s get to it.

August 15th, 2020 was the 73rd year since an awesome country called India gained Independence.  I love India, everything about it, even the cows being sacred and part of the traffic.  But that is another subject for another day.

I thought of those chiefly nameless people who had fought for Independence.  Then the expatriates came to mind, many of whom try to deny their being Indian while the rest of the world clamours for all things Indian, how ironic, right? (No judgement-be who and what you want to be, do what makes you happy.)  And then, it struck me how badly the residents of India speak of their country and its Government.  The common thread is “corruption”.  “The roads are bad, the money of the people is eaten up lalalalala” and so it goes.

This got me thinking about the creative power of words.  What the people say might be true in the here and now, but if close to a billion people are telling this story, then could it be a huge part of what is keeping the magnificent country stuck in patterns that are not to its highest good?  Is this what is encouraging this behaviour from politician after politician who comes into power?

Let’s seemingly digress here for a bit, the Law of Attraction states that “Like attracts like”, and thus, “what we focus on grows larger”.

Whoever holds a position of power could use our empathy.  And then, what if it were made a rule, a law to pray for those in power?  Nice positive prayers…a whole nation praying this way could bring out the best in the leaders and cause corruption to flee.

Not everyone is Jesus.  There was and will be only One.  There was also only one Gandhiji, one Martin Luther King Jr.  This doesn’t mean that everyone else must give up.  No, we can and must each be the best we can be, emulating those qualities of greatness, fulfilling what is set before us.  No-one else can do that for us.

Instead of thinking of all the flaws in the heads of state, how about having conversations about their strengths?  Or if one cannot see their strengths, then say nothing at all.  They are, after all, in charge right now.  God allowed it, He had a purpose for it, the people voted them in.  So does that mean that, for the entire tenure of a seemingly “bad” (there are none-another topic!) person, the country and its people are resigned to suffering (in not so much silence)?  Ridiculous, right?

I am one of a few people I know who prays daily for all Leaders-especially those who truly need it. (you know who I am talking about.)  They have families, grandchildren, spouses to whom they mean the world.

To make things easier, here is a Prayer: “Lord we thank and praise You for our wonderful Universe and the country that we specifically belong to.  We thank You for our Government.  We are the people, help us to exercise our rights and fulfil our responsibilities well.  We pray and thank for those in office right now.  May they be blest with wisdom and use their power well for the highest good of the country and the Universe and to praise You, in Your Name and for Your glory, thank You and Amen!” 

Now how could something so flimsy as corruption stand in the face of a Prayer so beautiful and pure?  There is strength in numbers.  Entire nations praying this way would mean Peace on Earth sooner than we imagine.

What can we do right away?  The next time such a conversation starts, harping on what is not right with the present Government or a particular Leader, state something good and get up and excuse yourself.  Don’t add to it.  The person who is ranting will think you are nuts if you tell him or her to pray for the politicians.  So don’t cast your pearls before swine.  We say the Prayer.  It will catch on soon enough.  And if someone posts jokes about the Leaders, don’t affix your vote to it.  Be a part of the force of positivity. 

In fact, I could have included this article under Mind because it is, in a way, being mindful of the Government.  If we wish to follow the Golden Rule in ALL things, then how is Politics an exception?

I am in no way diminishing the importance of each country’s Government when I say I loathe politics.  In fact, as I said, I pray for the Government of every nation and its Leaders.  It is just that this subject leads to heated arguments most times.  Etiquette tells us to steer clear of  speaking of Religion and Politics.  I would go further to say we should steer clear of politics as well, small p.  And that would be tiffs and bad blood between celebrities, friends, and family members.


Yes, reality tv and several people might be making a living off of politics as we speak.  

=>To each his own and God for ALL! <=

We judge no-one.   For those of us who have chosen the path of Awesomeness and who strive hard daily to maintain that highest level of being, it would be like pouring mud into clear waters.  Let’s not.  Lets.  Just.  Not.


Same day, 08 October, 2020

Let’s Talk Politics Part II

There once lived a Man, His Name was Jesus.  He was very very very great (to me, The Greatest Man that ever lived or will live!).

He said: “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.” 

He also said: “For with the judgment you use, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you ... The standards you use for others will be applied to you.”

And “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

I was wondering today what a different man the current President of the U.S. would be if everyone who has been bashing him and making fun of him prayed for him instead.  Praying for someone does NOT mean we condone their actions.  Judging someone brings you down to their level.  You might not be doing exactly what they are doing but it is pretty close to that frequency, for those who follow the Law of Attraction…and everyone does, whether they know it or not.  Here’s the thing,

=>the one who criticizes is merely bringing bad things upon himself, he isn’t changing that person!<= 


If we truly wish for someone to change, we lead by example, and we pray for them. 

Jesus said:”Only Prayer can drive this kind out!” And He was referring to the worst kind of demons.  In those days, many negative things were attributed to “demons”.  I would say it is the absence of Love.  If one is not filled with the Holy Spirit, then anything can inhabit that person.

Here let us use an old line, “point at someone and three fingers point back at you.”

Let’s close with Gandhiji’s famous saying:”Be the change you wish to see!”

I believe in taking positive action.  Is all the bashing doing any good and yielding good results?  No!  It is doing the opposite, sending bad vibes into the ether, and not setting a good example for our youngsters as well.

=>Guard our space with ALL we have to be ALL that we desire daily<=

May God bless you overabundantly this day that He has made especially for you!

And here's to every Leader; may you lead well, seek Divine Guidance before you do or say anything, and serve God with every decision you make.

=>#PoliticianMindfulness is an integral part of #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!<=

Thank you for your time, your Love, and your support.




05 October, 2021

The Best Love 

Part I


When we were in school, we came across this line in English: “Self-Love is the best Love.”  Didn’t know what it meant.  We had to analyse it for Grammar.   Later, I read about being in love with oneself.  That made more sense.  But I also wondered, is this a grapes are sour kind of thing?


To elaborate for those of you who might not be familiar with Aesop’s Fables: there was a fox and he was trying to get to a bunch of grapes.  Try as he might, he couldn’t reach it.  So he sauntered off saying: “Those grapes must be sour anyways.”


Appreciating oneself appealed to me and I discovered that it is the best way to increase self-esteem while always bearing in mind humility.  But this concept of enjoying one's time alone and being in love with oneself came at the peak of desiring it from the outside.


Then I said ok, let’s give this Self-Love thing a try.  Wow...  It truly is the best!  It comes directly after loving God completely as we are commanded.


Self-Love means loving oneself to bits in the here and now.  It does not mean that we resign ourselves to the way things are forever: that would go against the grain of Self-Love.  It does, however, mean acceptance of the way things are now.  To sum it up, Self-Love means: “I love myself as I am right now, I love my life as it is right now, I bless the past though I live fully in the present, and I love myself and my life as they will be.”  This can also be used as an affirmation as one sets off on the path of Self-Love and even when one has made much progress.


There is a great relief that comes from this way of life.  It takes the pressure off.  It reduces the need to be validated from the outside.  And I have heard that when that happens, when we stop chasing it, it magically shows up on the outside.  But the true "magic" is, at that point, if and when it comes from the outside, it doesn't really matter because we have filled ourselves up!  So we can enjoy it like extra topping on an already lovely cake.


=>So let's stop seeking truest Love and validation from external sources and give ourselves what we need and desire<=

The sad truth is that most people berate themselves internally.  Then they feel surprised when the world does it.  Happily that is changing as we speak, as we become more mindful and aware.


Life is ALL about finding that perfect balance, between humility and high self-esteem, between living well and minding ones resources, between curiosity and privacy.  But when it comes to love of God and Self-Love, we can and should go overboard.  It yields amazing dividends.


=>Love yourself awesomely so ALL learn how to love you that way!  And for those who don’t, bless them and keep them far for your AwesomestLovenLife!<=


=>Self-Love is and must be an extension of God’s Love!!!<=


Joy to ALL.



15th September, 2020

You are a Superstar!

Right here, right now

Right where and how you are.

You don’t have to

Tone down your light


Be brave!  Shine awesomely

Shine bright.


with ALL your might.



14th September, 2020

“Give me the Gist of it”

My Mother often shared things of interest with me.  She would write stuff down in a diary, save newspaper clippings, and read things out to my Father.  AwesomestLovenLife is merely an extension of that, Mother.  Thank you.

Every time I find something that excites me, I think of my Best Friends and of you guys and feel super eager to share.  The other day I brought an article to one of my Best Friends who said to me: “I am not in the mood to read so much right now, please give me the gist of it.”  Wow said I, isn’t that so sweet.  And isn’t it what I do with my Awesome Readers as well.

So it is my pleasure to do hours of research each week and then test what I read and write it out, and  do 3- 4 edits so I can save you time and “give you the gist of it”!  Yep, there you have it, the awesomestlovenlife process.  :)  Sometimes, of course, the Divine downloads a message that must be sent across, and that could be in poetic form.  I am merely a channel.

It is certainly an Act of Love, as it was with my Mother, and as it is with my Best Friends...and with ALL of you.

=>Let’s pause for a moment here in honour of our Parents, those Awesomest Creatures without whom we wouldn’t be here on planet earth.  No matter what our relationship with them at this point, no matter where they are, whether here or with God, let us send them Love and a Prayer<=

“Honour thy Father and Mother, that it may be well with you all the days of your life and that you may live long in the land.”

That statement is not qualified.  No-one asked for one’s opinion on whether they are good or not.  We just do it because we do not get another go at this, neither do we get another Father or Mother.

Your Parents are awesome because God made them and they had you.  And if you start there, for sure, you will find a ton of other reasons why they deserve this shoutout today...and everyday.  Yes, you will surely get the "gist " of your Parents' awesomeness!  

You are so special in God’s eyes…and in mine! 

I treasure what we have, our daily time.

Thank you.  I send you Love and Peace. 



31st August, 2020

ALL~A Message of Hope

Are you feeling low right now?

As you do your best to manifest different, to boost your vibe,

Embrace this, accept it, give thanks for it!


“Without weakness, we cannot know true might,

Without pitch-blackness, we cannot see the most brilliant light,

Without receding, the wave cannot reach its highest height,

It was he who could not see who received the miracle of perfect sight,

A new day surely does follow even the darkest night,

Without wrongdoing, we cannot truly know what is right,

So let’s release worry, and to Hope hold on tight,

And with complete faith, let us continue to fight the good fight.”

This too shall pass. 

We must embrace and give thanks for it ALL

in order to reach our highest potential.

“And it is only the one who has tasted death

Who knows the value of each and every breath.”

Thank you, and have the awesomest day ever!



12th August 2020

You ******************


Yes, you. You are Awesome as you are and becoming... that’s a whole bunch of stars for you!   So if it seems to be taking too long, this Love thing, here is hope, and a promise that it will come soon. 

Please enjoy this time; it is a gift.  And enjoy the company of the best person in the Universe, and that is you!  Awesome person, aren’t you the one you have spent the most time with since the blest moment of your birth, aren’t you the one who has always been there, aren’t you the one you can always talk to, no phone required….how amazing is that eh?

So while we ditch all the angst about this finding one's ultimate Soulmate business, let us focus on the Love that already exists within and without.  (I share this with their permission)  I know someone who has been single and celibate for 8 years by choice.  And it has been tough, but now they are so in love with themselves that they truly aren’t waiting anymore!  They know that they are not alone and that Universal Love is always with them and within them.  So know that and feel it too.

May your Lover-when he or she shows up-be better than you imagined and possess more good qualities than your List contains. (You have made a List right?  If not, please do, and ask as big as you want...for certainly, you are all those items on your List already...right?  If not, no worries, start today.)

For now, let’s continue to savour Love in ALL its forms.  Give as much as we can.  Yep, even to the doorman and the homeless person.  One smile from you could make anyone's sure does make mine!

Bless you, thank you for spending time with me, be happy.


26th September, 2015


Love: The Myths and The Reality


Love…the most spoken about, obsessed over, and written about topic ever, right?  Is it also the subject you think about most, way up there with money?  Would you like to be in a perfect love relationship but wonder whether it will ever happen?


My suggestion to you today is to stop, just stop all effort.  Often interlaced with effort is neediness.  We are unaware of it; it just creeps up on us.  Before we know it, we have sent out the wrong vibe, and all our “efforts” are wasted.

Yes Truest Love has to be manifested.  Love is energy and cannot be created or destroyed: it just is


Sure, many people who have expended effort are with someone today.  BUT do they pass the test for success?  This is spoken of in a newly released book that will soon be featured here.


=>ALL that you seek is already within you!<= 

Feel that, as you feel your breath. 

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are ALL right here and now, in this fabulous moment, as is complete freedom.


Grand day, Awesome person!


~Life Coaching~Wellness~Meditation~Music Therapy~Writing~Editing~


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