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Welcome to theAwesomestLovenLife!


Dearest ALL:

Thank you for coming by here.  This space has been created exclusively for YOU! 

I love ALL of the Goodness in life, and if we tap into it, we can live, love, and be our awesomest and best.  Thus, the acronym ALL, from Awesomest Love and Life!!!  This is an ALL-inclusive space, caste, creed, religion, orientation, financial level, and age no bar. Let's make room, for we are about to usher more Awesomeness into our world!

The AwesomestLovenLife Culture

This is an arena for us to refresh, heal, become new, and get back to the real world more energized and enthusiastic to tackle what we need to, a space where we get to feel, embrace, and know how truly Awesome we, Life, and Love are!  We have something huge in common: we share the desire to make our Life and Love the Best it can be…and to add to that daily. Here's a space for ALL people, men, women, older children, and teenagers of every and any location, religion, and hue, so do bring your family and friends along.

The idea of the "agony aunt" has been around for many years.  So with a view to using positive words, you can call me your "Bliss Buddy"!

Someone suggested awhile back that I do a course in wellness.  I hadn’t heard about it before.  All the courses I looked at seemed to be over-priced.  I decided, as many in similar situations, to educate myself.  How blest are we to have so many great people who have shared their wisdom!  But I must say my foremost book of reference is the Bible.  (I have since completed two Yale courses to augment my knowledge, since no-one ever know everything.)

Wellness, somehow, is insufficient for me.  Sure, it is the essential first step.  But the problem arises when one stops there.


=>Wellness is the launching pad for what we are doing here.  Wellness is the foundation for Awesomeness!<=

Our Motto

Here @ : “We live our #AwesomestLovenLife today and it gets better daily!”  Wrap your brain around that.  And since (not if!) we live like that, we can truly help others. 

What must we try to avoid?  A roller coaster.  That comes from too high highs and too low lows.  Can we live evenly this way?  Yes.  If we aim at balance each day, listening to and heeding those inner cues that tell us when we are doing too much externally and we need to focus inward and feed ourselves spiritually, or if we are not doing enough of one thing and too much of another.

A Space for ALL People

ALL religions are welcome here at  I am a staunch Roman Catholic and I have also lived as a Hindu, a Protestant, and a Buddhist.  I know and love all religions for I believe in one God and one Love.  The word catholic means universal anyways:  God by any other Name is the same and always the Superawesomest!

We are So Alike

Another huge similarity we share: We ALL need some love and appreciation.  You will receive oodles of both here for sure. is a “help-yourself-to-ALL-the-Awesomeness-that-Life-has-to-offer” website.  I see it as a lavish banquet, just as Life is, and Love is.  I deeply desire that you will find something of value here and feel happier for your time spent here daily.

A Bit of the Backstory

This website was started in 2015 and was named awesomelovenlife. It has lain dormant for a few years as I could not cover the fees, having diverted the money to go see my Father and then my Mother.  I have left some of the old posts up.  Others are refurbished to make them more relevant and there is fresh material all the time.  This website is simple and straightforward, not too many gimmicks; isn't that one of the messages of what is going on right now, that we simplify and bring what is...awesome!...into our present.  Hopefully my words paint pictures for you. And now, let's move forward with freshness and Hope!  As of 12th August 2020, this website has been renamed as is in order to reach our highest potential and keep going.

Send all the praise here

When you are helped, please give ALL the praise to our Maker from whom ALL good things come: I am merely a humble little avenue for His Infinite Goodness and Mercy.  And to my Parents who gave me their Bliss, great genes, and a beautiful upbringing.

So, let’s get this party started!

Keep smiling, keep trusting, and keep believing, for "With God, ALL things are possible!" (Matthew 19:26) and “ALL things are possible to the one who believes!"

(Mark 9:23)

With ALL that I am to help us become ALL that we are meant to be…

Love, Gratitude, Prayers, and Blessings!

To honour Jehovah, the Holy Face of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and His Holy Spirit,

my Parents, and my Mentor.

11th August 2022:  Since the website has only been reopened today, it wil be awhile before posting starts and the schedule is not decided at this point. But there is sufficient material here to keep you occupied for days if not weeks:)

The Very Best~

TheAwesomest Love nLife14


p.s.I might put up a picture soon but please bear with me: I am a little shy


Testimonials and Credentials:

I just took them off!  I only had them on upon advice from a friend.  I am not used to bragging on myself.






~Exclusive Services provided in Meditation` Counselling` Life Coaching``Writing and Editing.~

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