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This page is where we get down to how we can make contact so you can avail of the various services offered @ AwesomestLovenLife.



1. For your peace of mind, setting up a separate email address is suggested to ensure greatest privacy.  Or use a nameless email.  Don’t divulge your name either.  This is left to your discretion.  None of your letters will be shared online nor used anywhere else, rest assured.  You will be accorded the utmost respect and confidentiality. None of my responses should be shared anywhere either as they are all property of theAwesomestLovenLife14.


2. Please pay via PayPal/Credit Card, based on how many responses you desire.  One response/prayer request costs $10; 2 cost $15; and 3 cost $20.  You are receiving top-notch help, no worries!  I am keeping the prices low because I wish for this service to be available to the masses. Life Coaching one hour $80 and up.

If you know someone who cannot afford it, treat them! I would love to offer those people free service but some payment is required to ensure that everyone who comes by is legit, sure you understand.


=>My Generous Sponsors:   Thank you. Your largesse blesses billions via this website and allows me to fulfil my heart's desire which is helping as many people as possible at the lowest rates affordable to ALL!  You can avail of 1 session free @ www.theawesomestlovenlife.  State "SPONSOR: FREE SERVICE" in the subject line.  Use this for yourself or a friend in need.  So based on what you wish to donate, you would just go in and choose one of the response tabs above.<=

3. Personal Coaching/Prayer Requests: You can write me at  In the subject line, write PAID and the number of responses. For instance, if you desire responses to three questions, this is how your subject line would appear “Three Responses-PAID”.  If it is one Prayer request, your subject line would read “One Prayer Request-PAID”. 


4. This is my approach and gets the best results for me.  I cannot divulge exactly what it is that I do.   You play a vital role in this so please co-operate and follow instructions perfectly because it is the best results in the shortest amount of time that we desire.  Since what we focus on grows larger, please don’t describe anything negative at length as it will only add energy to it, spread it, and affect the outcome negatively.  For instance, if you wish to heal from a broken relationship, just state that.  It would go something like this: ”Dear Awesomest Love14, I wish to heal from a broken relationship/ divorce.  What is the best way?/Please pray for me”  If someone is ill, “Dear Awesomest Love14, please pray for my close one who is ailing”.  Don’t even name the illness or give details.  My aim is to spread happiness and goodness .  We do so by focusing on the happy outcome desired!  You can ask questions on anything that we as normal human beings face in our world (please find the entire list below).

Of course, with the Life Coaching, your email will be a bit more detailed.  Please be specific and state exactly what outcome you desire.


5. Please always adhere to the rules of good conduct and propriety: this is not the space for anything coarse or off-colour and no such emails will be responded to.  If paid for, the entire amount will be donated to charity.


6.  There are no refunds as much precious time and energy is invested and my best is done on your behalf.  The Highest Good always comes in, even if it does not seem that way immediately.  If we don’t get exactly what we prayed for, we get better!  For instance, you might think a certain job is the perfect one for you: God knows best and if it doesn’t work out with that job, you will get better! PLEASE CHECK POINT 20 BELOW AS WELL OF HOW YOU ACTUALLY GET TO TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!


7. What I can guarantee is that you will get my best effort and I believe that God’s best will happen and always does in His perfect time.  So please be patient. God is great.  


8. You will be prayed for immediately.  You can expect a response in 24-36 hours given the volume of emails I have to respond to and the time spent on each one.  Sunday is the only day I am not available.  But you will be prayed for 7 days a week, that is ongoing.

9.  New Service:  If you wish to Vent in absolute confidence, you may do so here at the above rates.  Venting once or twice helps in certain situations; writing about it helps even more.  I can surely turn your perspective positive and make you feel better.

10.  Given the success received with Music Therapy or a Mini Concert, that service is also offered by me.  I do this  to assist your loved ones who might be advanced in years and need some cheering up.  Or maybe you need a quick boost in your day and nothing else is helping.  Perhaps you wish to treat your friend to a unique gift for their special occasion.  Music works wonders and miracles.  You pay for 2 responses and you get 10 minutes, your own little "concert".  Please email me for more details.  (This has since been discontinued and I will let you know when it is reopened)


Find out whether he or she is The One.

Cost $111.11 .


An amazing step by step program that gets you through anything and you thrive while you recover!  So no time is wasted. 

Cost $222.22 .


What from the past is holding you back and making you feel way less than your awesomest each day?  Use this powerful technique that can help you forget anything.

Cost $33.33.


Be and feel brand new with this amazing program.

15. The Only.  Glow Up!  Level Up!  Be your Best Most Magnetic Attractive Self Course.  The Esoteric Secrets.

16. The BP Technique.  Erase the past and unwanted memories and live your AwesomestLovenLife! 

17. The Awesomest Meditation for Self-Love, Self-Concept, Freedom, Boosting your Frequency+Manifestation Speed, Magnetism+Attractiveness.  Helps you Level up and Glow up with Highest Intentions for you!  Also helps bring in your SP.

18.  ​I Visualize for you!: $11.11 per item.

19.  Affirmations song: $11.11 per 4-6 line song.

20.  ***YOUR FREE GIFT!!!***FOR FIRST TIME SUBSCRIBERS WHO (1) STAY:) (2)GIVE THE VIDEO A LIKE AND (3) A KIND POSITIVE COMMENT, AND (4) HIT THE BELL, YOU GET ONE SESSION WITH ME ABSOLUTELY FREE!  THIS ENTITLES YOU TO ONE EMAIL QUESTION. A VALUE OF $11.11!!! EMAIL ME @ and put “FREE SERVICE FIRST-TIME SUBSCRIBER, LIKED, COMMENTED, AND HIT THE BELL” in the subject line.  Since there are no refunds on any of my products, you can get a feel for what I do from my writing, vids, and a one on one with me.

21.  YouTube Channel 

Thank you for placing your faith in me and bringing me so much joy and I trust you will receive much in return here on theAwesomestLovenLife14. 

Helping you helps me fulfil my life’s mission.

 Be Happy and...Awesome!



posts on here will soon be resumed.  The website has only just been restarted so give it a little time.  Thank you.


Service offered in these Areas:

1.  Awesomest Health

2.  Family

3. Meditation

4.  Friendships

5.  Money

6.  Faith

7.  Prayer

8.  Love

9.  Exercise

10. Food

11.  Home/Office Organizing

12.  Fashion

13.  Beauty

14.  Marriage/Relationships

15.  Divorce

16.  Sleep

17.  Healing

18. Dating

19. Law of Attraction

20. Freedom from Guilt/Shame/Regret

21.  Etiquette

22.  Freeing Oneself of the Past

23. Law of Assumption+Law of Assumption

24.  Boosting Self-esteem and/or Self-Love.

25.  Beauty Queries

26.  Leadership, Public Speaking, Voice Training.


~Wellness~Life Coaching~Inspiration~Writing~Editing~Counselling

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