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This is the page where we enhance our Health by leaps and bounds.  


"Health is Wealth", ancient saying.  Even more true today, what with ALL the pressures that people face...and throw in that radiation from cells and such.  Give yourself a break, from all those appliances and the stress they bring with them. 

Be kind to yourself.

Life is a beautiful gift.

Much love





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06 June, 2023

If You’re Going to Eat it Anyway

A few days before we spoke about If You’re Going to Do it Anyways.  Today we speak about If You’re Going to Eat it Anyways.

So say there is something not so healthy per se.  And you know you shouldn’t eat it.  But you are going to eat it anyways.  Do this in these situations:

  1.  Bless it and say "this is good for me".

  2.  After you heat it up, pour a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil over it ensuring that the oil itself does not get heated up.  So if the food is too hot, then pour it over your salad or take a “shot” of olive oil in juice.  C’mon no fussing, it’s not half bad!

  3. Keep the portions small. (try!)

  4. If it is carb/ sugar heavy, (you know what comes next!) sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon on top.

  5. If it is early enough in the day, chase your meal with a regular green tea.  If it is late, then go decaf.

  6. Try to get in some exercise after.

  7. Hope for the best.

Most of all, enjoy it!  Keep the vibrations around this naughty act high so you are not dealing with guilt.  The next day, be extra healthy.  No I was not about to say repeat the process teehee:)  I did this with my butter pecan tart icecream and I kid you not, it tastes great with the olive oil in it.

Here I am referring to things like gooey butter-laden desserts, an ultra heavy sammy, or red meat.


ALL things in moderation. Be gentle with yourself.  However, here at, we are not so “gentle” in certain arenas where we allow ourselves no leeway. 

That is coming up shortly.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$!!!



12th April 2023

Enjoy Rice and Maintain your Weight with Ease

Do you love rice and look at it longingly and deprive yourself because you fear the numbers on the scale…or that the favourite outfit will not fit as well?  Are you aware that rice converts to sugar in the body and thus you do not indulge your “rice tooth” as often?  Do the puffy belly and yearning for rice compete in your mind?

Well, help is here as it always is…such is my endeavour each and every day.

Now this is truly awesome.  A few years ago, scientists in Sri Lanka discovered a special way of cooking rice that causes the body to absorb only half the calories! 

The Method:

1. Cook rice as you normally do and add a teaspoon of coconut oil to it during the process.

2.  Refrigerate the rice for 12 hours.

3.  Now, heat and eat it as usual.

Automatically with this process, the body absorbs half the calories.  The addition of coconut oil seems to change how the body digests the rice.  See?  I didn’t tell you to eat rice and go walking ‘round the block…though that would help as well!

Some Additional Tips:

  1.  Add a ton of veggies to your rice so you eat fewer grains of rice per spoon.

  2. Eat your rice last so you don’t have to serve yourself more than a half cup at a time and you are full by the time you get to it.

  3. I would sprinkle powdered cinnamon on all carbs since they convert to sugar in the body and cinnamon helps to metabolise sugar as does powdered clove.

  4. Add riced veggies to your…rice!  This further reduces the number of grains of rice per spoon, then you can eat a little extra.  Cauliflower works great with this.

  5. Save rice as a special treat for the weekend.

We can enjoy all things in moderation as my Mammi would say.  And Budda before her, I suppose, when he told us to follow the Middle Path.  Hmmmm…and what would Awesomest Love say?  I would say adopt a 90-10 approach.  90% healthy and 10% indulgence.  We live only once so we must have some cheesecake…and rice!  Put some cinnamon on top and enjoy. 

Be happy.  ALL is well.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$ !!!




09 April, 2022

Get a Better Derriere Easily

Nope I am not about to tell you to a do a hundred squats a day.  No offence to anyone who does that-or has the time to do that.  I am concerned for your knees as well.

This is something simple you can add to your routine and it is good for your overall health too.

  1.  Set up a standing desk.  You will have to elevate your monitor or laptop.  I use a few big tomes and cover them with brown paper to make them look good.  Use coloured wrapping paper if you wish to add some pizzazz to your day!  You might have to use bricks under your table.  I am not going to tell you buy a higher table because, really, why waste money and trees and resource.  Now from time to time, stand up while you work or watch your vids or whatever it is that you do at the computer.  When you sit back down, do a squat…or two.  And how do you do that for those of you who are puzzled?  You consciously start to sit in your chair and stop just as you reach the seat, then stand up and do it again.

  2. When you stand, clench your gluteal muscles, composed of the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus.  That is a more polite way of saying the scientific terminology for the muscles in your derriere. (still being refined here teehee:)) 

  3. You can keep doing that (clenching) anywhere, but do be discreet in public.

=>It is amazing what rich rewards a few small changes can reap, and we often don’t have to spend any money either<=

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!



03 March, 2021

Do something awawesome for your liver today: start the day with hot water and lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Make it a small shot so that you protect your tooth enamel and there is not too much contact. Chase with a gargle to further protect.


This concoction helps detoxify the liver which is the organ for cleansing the blood. It secretes bile.The liver also regulates chemical levels in the blood. It is through the liver that blood emerging from the stomach and intestines passes.

Next we will speak of foods that are good for the liver.

Much awesomeness+++$ !!!



02 March, 2021

Elevate your Life and Health Superfast with these Tips

There is no need to do anything earth-shattering to improve our health and well-being.  What happens with plans and programs like that is people can seldom keep to them.  Instead, choose a few key strategies that yield tremendous benefits and make it seem easy.  Here are a couple of ideas:

1. Cut out sugar or cut way back on it.  This will help you externally and internally.

2.  Try the Ayurvedic lifestyle which eschews garlic and onion.  Though these foods are good in so many ways, they are believed to cause excess heat in the body.  They are also believed to boost negative emotions such as anger, laziness, and aggression.  You will not know until you try!  Since these foods are also high Fodmap (Fodmap =fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols.  These are carbohydrates that the small intestine does not absorb very well.) Avoiding them could help in weight loss and reducing bloating.  You could try omitting them for about 2 weeks and see if you feel any different.  Then use them sparingly.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$ !!!




Do This While you Sleep

We spend so much of our lives asleep.  We might as well make the most of it, ay?

Doing this one thing while you sleep can enhance your health by leaps and bounds.

Sleep on your right side.  In this position the heart is slightly elevated.  Glymphatic drainage of the brain is promoted and waste drainage,  and beta amyloid can be got rid of.  This is a protein that, in excess can lead to the a-word and other neurological ailments (please check word key).  Neurotoxic wastes are got rid of by the glymphatic system.

So lets be more conscious while we sleep and make sure we spend some of that precious time sleeping on our right side.

Next we will speak about why sleeping on your left side is good.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$!!!



The g-word

That would be gout.  It is known as the rich man’s disease.  It is a form of arthritis.

It is caused by an excess of uric acid in the bloodstream, tissues, and urine, and results in swollen joints, knees, ankles, feet, wrists, and often that of the big toe.

Treatment is easy and prevention is better than cure as with all things.

So try to avoid:

  • Red meat

  • Beer and whiskey

  • Organ meats

  • Seafood especially shellfish and sardines.

Most people go to a doctor and get a prescribed medicine for the treatment of this ailment.Drugs called Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors (XOIs) limit the quantity of uric acid made by the body.This can diminish the risk of developing gout.


There are also natural cures for gout like taking magnesium daily which I highly recommend for even more reasons than just this, and ginger, and dandelion tea.



22nd Jan, 2021

The Power of the Nap

Naps are great, one of God’s many Gifts to humankind.  Sleep is precious, as my late Uncle Henry taught me.  I truly didn’t get what he meant when I initially heard it.  Once the truth sank in…wow!

So naps are like a topup, a little somethin’somethin’.  When placed well in the day, they can boost productivity and enhance life tremendously.

Yes you can take a brief nap in the day and still sleep well at night.  20 minutes is good for a power nap.  If you can keep it to one hour, that’s great.  You dont want to go into REM sleep or it could mess up the night time which is super important for great health and spirits. If you must go over 1 hour, then do 3 hours, say, if you havent slept much the previous night.

In many countries the nap is customary.  Like in Spain and India, particularly warm places where it would be exhausting to work right through.  Many companies are embracing the nap culture and creating special spaces for their employees to rest during the day.

I know some people see a daytime nap as a symbol of weakness.  Ridiculous, is what I say!  Go ahead and nap with abandon…and enjoy sweet dreams while you are at it.

Coming up, how to make your nap even more effective.

Much Awesomeness++++$$$$!!!




24th December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


is for Sweet.  S is for sugar.  Lots of both going around this Season.  Let us enjoy as we indulge.  Let us exercise restraint and balance things off with healthy options and movement for the most part.  Let us set ourselves up for success as 2021 dawns.  Sprinkle some cinnamon on before you eat if you wish to take things further.  Eat earlier in the day and follow with green tea.

Above all else, have fun while you are at it!

=>ALL the sweetness you desire is within!<=

Much Awesomeness++++$$$$$.



25th November 2020

Great Swaps

(Please scroll down)


16th November, 2020

Easiest Awesomest Weight Loss/Maintenance Tips!

How many times have we heard something and not really tried it?

For me that’s like the advice: “Drink water when you feel hungry.”

This truly works.  I have been reading this for years and only tried it a few weeks ago.  It is, like, magical!

So the weight loss tips:

  1.  When hungry between meals, drink water.  2 glasses work even better.

  2. If you are still hungry, brew yourself a hot cuppa something.  Oh this works amazingly well!  Even better than drinking room temp water.

  3. Always keep clear low-fat broth handy and have some of that.  If it features some low-cal veggies, better still.

  4. Use smaller plates.

  5. Eat an apple and/or a salad before your meals.

  6. Ensure your salad dressing is light.

  7. Don’t munch through the day-it sneakily adds up way too many calories.

  8. Avoid tasting while you cook.   Once at the end is sufficient.

  9. Brew a hot cuppa something to sip while in the kitchen.  It will prevent you from nibbling.

  10. Make your space safe.  The foods that tempt you the most?  Ensure they are not in your home on a regular basis and you have to drive to get them.  Then do that every once in a way, drive to get them! Treat yourself.

  11. Follow the Awesomest Food Plan below.

So does your Higher Self tell you that there is weight to be lost but you are in a groove and find it tough to get out of…and those cookies taste way too good?  This is a space of no judgement, Awesome one, I hear ya, I have been there.  But when that pain comes knocking at the walls of one’s heart, when breathing becomes laboured…these are signs.  Or perhaps you are just not feeling your best.  It's the Higher Self speaking.

I asked one of my Managers why he held his cell phone to his head while he spoke.  He said: ”Live today, die tomorrow.”  I was shocked.  He has children!

So, take charge of your health for your children, your other half if you have one, for your grandchildren, for this Universe that still needs all your gifts, but most of all, do it for you.  And once you come to a good weight, then you can have the occasional cookie or peda (Indian sweet) or whatever.  You know what though?  The feeling of exhilaration when sweets or pasta or whatever it is that rocks your world right now has no hold over you…nothing can complete with that.  After all, it is power.  So let’s take all ours back so we can truly live our #Awesomestlovenlife !!!

We have so many more awesome tips coming up, stay tuned!  There is only so much a Girl can write in one day, eh?  But the chat with you goes on through the day.  And the emanation of Love and Prayers.  Thank you for reading.

Next we will speak about how to enjoy this entire process. Yes, you read right! Oh...this one's soooo good!  Superexcited to share it with you.


25th November, 2020

Great Swaps

We all have our own favourite foods.  Here are some healthier swaps so you can still indulge and keep your health intact.

  1.  If you like cheesecake, indulge in a sweetened fruit Greek yogurt.  Sprinkle some crushed graham crackers atop for the "base" effect!

  2. If you like kheer or custard, dress up some simple oatmeal with a dab of butter, some brown sugar and maple syrup, saffron, cinnamon and raisins.  You can avoid the sugar altogether.

  3. Instead of a burger bun, wrap your piece of meat in romaine lettuce leaves.  Delicious.

  4. If you enjoy deep fried sweets  like doughnuts and gulab jamuns, honey toast is awesome.  Toast some bread, butter it lightly, apply some honey and sprinkle cinnamon atop.  Please try and stick to two slices of toast. :)

  5. If your thing is potato chips, chose healthier ones like veggie sticks or pop some corn.  I also often get a bag of prewashed salad mix and d eat that-it is as satisfying and super healthy and you get the “crunch” as well.

  6. If you love chocolate, take a quarter cup of trail mix and sprinkle a tablespoon of chocolate chips into it.  Put cinnamon on top.  Soooo delicious.

  7. This one’s great: slit some deseeded dates or prunes, put in a bit of crunchy or creamy peanut or almond butter-according to your preference.  You can treat the peanut butter with some vanilla and chocolate chips if you like.  Freeze these.  O…M…G…!  Divine and they taste like a chocolate bar.  Eat one or two after a meal.




02 November, 2020

The Awesomest Food Plan

This would normally read “diet” but that word has, somehow, attained taboo status and turned negative.  Actually diet means a selection of food meant to improve health and prevent or treat disease.  In people’s minds, however, it represents restriction.  So until that changes we must use new words.

I was a slightly tubby child, enjoying the wide selection of books in my intellectual Uncle’s home in Ahmadi.  When we need to read or receive a message, the Universe provides.  I came across this food plan of how to lose weight easily and sensibly.  Who knows why it struck a chord but it did.  And I decided to follow it when I returned home.

It worked marvels!  The weight dropped off fast and I felt great.  The compliments received were awesome as well. 

So let’s get to it, it is really simple:

  1.  Three full meals a day.

  2. 2 snacks.

  3. Only one serving.

  4. No junk like cookies, candy, deserts.  Sugar, basically.

Why do I call this the best food plan?  This is because of all I have tried-and there has been a rainbow!-I got the best results with this.  Of course, cut carbs and the weight drops drastically.  But this one is sustainable and feels good.

I actually still follow this until today to be disciplined with my food.  We don't realise how many extra calories are taken in with grazing all day, "tasting" in the kitchen, and munching at odd hours.

Some tips:

  1.  Make sure your one serving is optimal.  I mean, don’t take a huge plate and load it up, that would be 3 servings!

  2. Focus more on protein and veggies than carbs if you would like to get the best results and drop the pounds faster.

  3. Don’t check your weight incessantly.

  4. Make an agreement with yourself, on paper is best, and don't allow anyone to sway you from your commitment.


=>Health is Wealth and we should put ourselves first to be of any use to anyone else<=


More amazing weight loss tips coming up soon and also a plan for those who wish to gain weight in a healthful manner.



23rd September, 2020

Longer Tips

Hello again and trust life is treating you awesomely as it is me!

Today we speak of tips.  Not the ones we give a waiter or cab driver (though those are awesome as well).  The caps-or tips-of the chromosomes called telomeres. 

=>Longer tips are characteristic of younger people!<=


Do you think you are subject to the march of time and there’s nothing you can do about the shortening of your telomeres?  Well, I am here to bring Good News-as always!

=>We actually have a say in how long our telomeres are, and thus, in how young  and healthy we are and feel and look!<=

This is one of the reasons why I am not a fan of age and speaking of it.  It truly is merely a number-yes note the play on words there.  “Mere” belongs in telomere and here’s how to keep yours long:

  1.  Exercise.

  2. Eat healthy.

  3. Sleep well.

  4. Meditate.

  5. Be peaceful (that is reduce stress).

  6. Do good deeds.

  7. Smile. Laugh. Be happy!

  8. Enjoy some good "intimate marital activity" with your Husband or Wife a few times  a week…or day, whatever floats your boat.

  9. Do what brings you much pleasure.

  10. Be creative.

  11. Learn something new.

  12. Speak kindly. (Why this?  Let's save it for another day.)

  13. Surround yourself with good people.  (Yes, keep toxicity and drama far!)

  14. Be in nature.

  15. Be present in your life.  Let the past go.


Pretty basic, right? 

=>The lovely rules for #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndAll will also keep our telomeres long!!!<=

Longer telomeres = a higher quality and longer lifespan as well.

Yes, you can always come to for Good News.


And here, right away, let’s start lengthening those telomeres by learning something new.

The telomere is located at the tip of each chromosome and has the function of protecting the ends of the chromosome.  It is composed of repetitive nucleotide sequences.  Telos in Greek means end and meros is part.  Thus, “telomeres”.


10th September, 2020

The Game that Most of the Universe is Playing

Part II (please scroll down)



09-09-2020 (My Mother used to love dates like this-R.I.P. Mammi)

The Game that Most of the Universe is Playing

Part I

And that would be Ostrich Ostrich.

Blessings and Peace to you, this is the day that the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice!

Yes Ostrich Ostrich is being played by a major part of the Universe with regard to their overuse of cell phones and what it is doing to their health and that of those around them and the planet.

Today we get super serious about this matter that is plaguing our precious Universe and its people.  That is the overuse of cellphones, and other such devices.

Before I proceed, let me clarify that I bless technology, am fascinated by it, and I give thanks for it.  The Lord has put this on my heart, however, to crusade for wise use of this great gift.

Let’s get straight to it:


I have been researching this long and hard.  Here I am going to give you a prime example.  And I have decided not to dance around it by saying I know someone to whom this happened.  It happened to me.

So once upon a time I owned a cell phone and couldn’t do without it as well.  I slept with the phone in my bed.  During this time I developed a tremble in my left hand!  Gosh it was so scary I thought I had the p- word (please check word key).  This got worse when I bought and used a cell phone in India, heavy pain accompanied the trembling.  But, I couldn’t do without the cell phone!  Then, this pain developed in my head, mainly the left side. 


I had to call  an ambulance one day and checked myself into Emerg.  (I put a positive spin on it of course and said I had got a limo to go to the spa :))  CT scan came out clean, the paramedics said my vitals were awesome like a teenagers (obviously, since I am forever 14:)).  I went to my doctor and got some meds which made matters worse. Then my doctor’s office stopped calling me back as they were so baffled! (Yes I have had this effect most of my life, of leaving people baffled). 

So I decided to heal myself.  I had to choose, as we always have to at crucial points in our life.  I cut out toxic situations...and put my cell away.  And then I researched and I healed myself.  (Big thanks to my God, and some great authors who shared their wisdom.)

After that I tried to spread awareness…and of course met with much resistance and scoffing.  People do this because they don’t wish to give up their love affair with their cell phone or laptop!

My observation has revealed this, time and again:

=>those who use appliances the most have the most health issues!<=

I mean, they have all sorts of symptoms, and yet, there they are with multiple cells, and iPads, and what have you!

Cell phone and appliance etiquette?  That’s a whole other topic! And you can bet we will address it here on!

Another observation:

=>prevalence of the c-word and mental health issues have increased over the past few years as use of cell phones and such has gone up.  Coincidence?  I think not!<=

For me, the symptoms subsided once I reduced usage, but traces have been left behind.  So if I overwork-and I do have that gene!-I pay for it with dry eyes, misbehaving skin, and that pain in the left side of my head. Then I have to scale back.  The pain also rears its head (pun intended) when there are mindless people around, placing their appliances right in the middle of a crowd.  That's when I have to excuse myself and move off...or when my loved ones are present and they will not speak up for themselves, put the stuff away.  Yes, you can bet that someone is searching for their phone when I am around. teehee. Pleased to be of service!


This is not a rant and neither a lament.  Let’s get down to business and see how we can retain these things, benefit from them, and be healthy.

It is amazing, whatever was downloaded to me by the Divine is borne out by studies from the experts.  Yes I do truly feel like the most blest Girl.  I keep on finding evidence to support all that I am saying, thanks to our awesome Universe and the Law of Attraction.

Judicious Use of Cell Phones and Appliances: The Tips

  1.  PLEASE do not touch any part of your body with the cell or laptop.  Yes you are using your fingers to type and text.  But apart from that, keep your laptop on a table, and your cell phone as well when you text.  Yes please, your pockets are not cell phone holders!  Carry a separate bag for the purpose and make it nice and thick.  Calls on speaker of course.  Use a landline, dude!

  2. Set up a charging station in your home.  This could be a closet, pass wires under the door, and make sure the door is closed.  Setting up a few can reduce the load.

  3. Take frequent breaks from your work and go look at some greenery if possible.  Blinking helps too.

  4. I wear as much protective clothing as possible when I work, even covering my head.  I know that cloth is scant protection, but every little bit counts.  A helmet would be great, but...!

  5. Recent research has shown that the light emitted from these devices can age skin as well!  So yes, please wear sunblock before and use the gadgets less.

  6. Please don’t leave your stuff lying around.  Place it in a drawer.  Be mindful of others too.  I for one do not wish to be responsible for adversely affecting someone's health; I am sure the same applies to you.

  7. Proximity.  Yes, stay as far away from these things as possible.  6 feet is good.  12 feet is better.  No device at all is best!  Use a stand alone.  Though stand alone computers emit more EMFs than laptops, we can position ourselves further away.  I also cover the hard drive with a thick blankie.  (As a writer, I had a setup where my left leg touched the hard drive.  And... you guessed it! I developed a pain in my left knee which subsided once I made some adjustments.) 


I put all these appliances in the same category as guns and cigarettes.  Our Leaders, and that includes Principals and Teachers in schools, please pass laws for the judicious use of cell phones and the ilk and please set fines as well.  Please set up designated areas for charging and using these things in public spaces just as we have for cigarettes.

Big companies who produce these things, Apple, Google, and all the rest:  thank you for improving communication. And I hope and pray that each appliance comes with its own manual for wise use, a warning as we see on every cigarette box, and a protective case that can somehow convert the radiation into youthifying waves! (Everything is possible.).  Even if the waves cannot be converted, then let them be contained. I guess you will not have to invent something extra if only people would keep their phones on airplane mode, huh?


I am certain that the excess of EMFs in the atmosphere has been affecting our environment as well and contributing to global warming.  But I have to research this more.

Part II will be posted tomorrow; not a second to waste and many lives to save.

Thank you for reading, Love and Peace.


p.s. I have not used a cell phone in more than 2 years now-(apart from using someone else's when needed.)  I would rather use the money saved on some lovely vitamins and greens.  A step for Girl, a leap for mankind!


10th September, 2020

The Game that Most of the Universe is Playing

Part II 

Me, the Empress of spreading awareness about this topic and putting cell phones away (yes, do watch out when you come over!), I learnt new facts recently. Here they are in brief:

The Tips and Information:

  1.  We are constantly subject to the invisible pollution from EMFs.  Electromagnetic fields surround any electrical devices in force lines.

  2. Laptops, computers, microwave ovens, wireless baby monitors, electronic equipment, wireless gaming consoles, cell phones, power lines, and even smaller devices like alarm clocks emit EMFs.

  3. EMFs can mess with your body’s natural biology and processes as they induce an electrical current within.

  4. EMFs can affect every inch of your body. (TBC shortly)16th October, 2020

  5. Reduce use of the microwave oven and certainly don't stand infront of it while it is on.  There is some research that shows microwaving can alter the nutritional content of food adversely.  But the experts are divided on this one.  So use prudently.

  6.  Set aside the conflict in this arena and go with the vote of the majority of researchers: it is prudent to reduce your exposure to EMFs.

  7. There is research-and evidence- to support the carcinogenic potential of EMFs.

  8. It has been known that these devices can get so hot that they can cause fires if used on a bed etc.  So please be careful and use appropriate coverings for your appliances.

  9. We should keep our appliances off as much as possible.

  10. Airplane mode is best.

  11. Wired devices are better than wireless ones including headsets and headphones.

  12. Try to stay at least 6 feet away from all appliances if you cannot avoid them for some reason, like at work.  I mention my "allergy to WiFi" at every interview and ask interviewers to kindly put their phones away.  Manners, people!

  13. Wired devices are better than wireless ones including headsets and headphones.

  14. Switch to landlines and reduce cellphone use as much as you can.

  15. Use as many battery operated things as possible including alarm clocks.

  16. If the ticking bugs you, keep it in a closet nearby. 


Let's not take this menace lying down, my Awesome People.  Let's not rest until designated areas have been set up for appliance use, awareness spread, and laws passed for inside and outside our homes.



Coronavirus, Covid-19…will bet you are as tired of hearing those words as am I.  And yet, this is our reality right now and so we must address it.  That is the only time you will read it on TheAwesomestLovenLife: henceforth, it shall be called c-19. 


How have you been doing in the midst of it all, Awesome one?  I hope it has been good with you thus far.

The loss of life pains my heart.  But as for the rest of it, I already live that way, so it's been a breeze, and I have been thriving.  I always wished to wear a head scarf as some traditions do, for the extra sun protection…now I have a mask!  I am pretty much of a recluse and practise mindfulness and good manners so social distancing is first nature to me.

Even then, things are so different, I am different. 

My Billionaire Junior Mentor said: “time’s running out”.  I get where he is coming from and whereas I would not put it quite that way, I can surely feel this sense of urgency.  I guess c-19 happening so close on the heels of my precious Mother’s passing compounded things.  My health which I have always treasured is even more important now.

Since the start of c-19, I have been boosting my immunity and have decided to go further as of today.  All that will be shared with you  really soon.

Sending love to all the people affected by this, Prayers that everyone does what it takes so that a second wave does not happen, and deep gratitude to the frontline workers.

=>Instead of “bye” right now, the standard line has become “stay well” or “be safe”.  c-19 sure has opened our eyes some.  Let’s take it ALL the way so that stronger signs are not sent. <= 

A Prayer: “Thank you Lord for the invaluable gifts of Life and perfect health".



07 August, 2020

The Best Mouthwash

Having “interviewed” people all my life in some way, I have gleaned a treasure trove of knowledge and ideas.  Bless the people who have been willing to share their expertise. 

So my dentist-a shy Chinese gentleman who blushes when I ask him to put my pic on his office wall because of my perfect no-cavity teeth!-told me the following about mouthwashes:

  1.  The best is Listerine.

  2.  If you want to go natural, use a salt solution.

The kind Dr K says that salt kills germs by osmotic pressure.There’s some nice medical terminology for you! I would go with zero alcohol Listerine. Alcohol is drying and, while mouthwash with alcohol might do a good job of killing germs, it can have an adverse effect on one’s breath.


Soon we will talk about “miswak”.

Have the best day ever, Awesome Friend.





















































































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