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This page is devoted to a huge element of staying young and living and loving our Awesomest and Best, and that is having Fun!

14th June, 2023

Fun n’ Easy

Now couldn’t we all use some fun n’ easy during these days.

Today I ran out of my snacks, my daily treats.  I couldn’t justify heading to the store for two things since I have to go tomorrow as well.  So I decided to make my own, something to tide me over.  Oh, so fun, so easy!...soooooo tasty.

Chilly Parmesan Crips:

  1.  Line an ovenproof pan with parchment paper.

  2. Preheat oven to 400 degs.

  3. Place a tablespoon of parmesan cheese on the sheet.

  4. Press down slightly.

  5. Continue the process and keep the mounds of cheese about a half inch apart.

  6. I baked this for 3.5 minutes and they turned golden.

  7. I sprinkled red chilly powder atop.

  8. Cooled them…just about, before my first taste!

  9. Say O…M…G…!

I made only 6.  Stick to (eating) 1 or 2.  You can make them garlicky by adding in some garlic powder before you spoon the stuff onto the baking pan.  I am superconsciouus of my breath, so...:)  I guess a squeeze of lemon would work as well if this is done before baking because we do not wish to compromise the crispness.

Next I am going to try this out with shredded cheese and some veggies to make them even healthier.  Will let you know.

Make sure you have fun, ay?  You can take anything and make it fun.  Even doing the dishes (imagine getting to play with all those bubbles, and nibble the leftovers off spoons:)…before they hit the bubbles, that is teehee:). 

It’s up to you.  Choose something in your life, call it fun, and then do it, and watch your vibration go up.

Yes, this could have featured under Domestic Engineering as well...or under Health for a good-for-you snack.  That is the magic of life itself!

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!



23rd April, 2023

Awesomeness Dessert!

Can you eat dessert daily~even thrice daily~and still be healthy and actually boost your vibration?

Yes, absolutely!

Here’s how:

  1.  Take a dessertspoon and scoop up a little crunchy peanut butter.  Sugar-free is best.  But if it contains sugar, that’s o.k., just mind your quantity.

  2. Place a pitted date on top of that.

  3. Sprinkle some desiccated unsweetened coconut on top.

  4. Place a couple of nuts of your choice somewhere in the midst of all this awesomeness!  Today I used a cashew nut and a macadamia.

  5. Occasionally, you can put a small piece of dark chocolate on top.

  6. Sprinkle generously with powdered cinnamon.

  7. Eat the whole thing.

  8. Decadent!

I find so much of taboo surrounding this subject of dessert.  It is often because people cannot stop with one serving and then guilt sets in and the effects of sugar (too high highs and sudden crashes).  This negates the entire magic of eating something sweet after a meal.  The Awesomeness Dessert cures all that.

The body does crave the sensation and taste of sweetness.  This dates (pun not intended!) back to our caveman days.  Sweetness was soothing after a long day out hunting, I suppose.  Or maybe during as well, they popped a few berries while they waited for their meat of choice to stroll by unawares! :)   So if we deprive ourselves of that need for sweetness, it leads to binges and not feeling so good.  Indulging in the Awesomeness Dessert prevents cravings and promotes feelings of relief and well-being.

My recommendation:  do the chocolate only on the weekend as it still contains sugar and you know my views on sugar.  The date provides sufficient sweetness.

You know we believe big out here @ the awesomestlovenlife.

Yes, let’s put the fun back into eating dessert.  And this one is healthy as well providing protein and vitamin E, the cinnamon serving to immediatly metabolize the natural (and white in case the peanut butter contains some) sugars present.

Keep your vibrations high and know that all the sweetness you seek is within you…as is every other good thing.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!



15th March 2021


Yes have some fun on Monday and take the stigma away from the start of the week! 

This is what I did: I went to an art show.  Right from where I am!  I googled a favourite artist- Mr. Vincent Willem Van Gogh-and found another one who is now a favourite artist Mr. Martin Schongauer.  Then I browsed their art, marvelling at the talent and the fact that they lived so many scores of years before me and they are still relevant today and what a legacy they have left behind.

Lets start our legacy right here and now.  What are we giving to people, what is our impact on planet earth.  It’s in what we emit, say, do, think, and feel.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$ !!!




26th January, 2021

Do This for Fun Today


Do you want to have some fun?  Does life feel too heavy right about now?  Do you wish you had more money to inject some lightness into your life?


Well here’s some good news!  You don’t have to have money to have fun.  Yes, some types of fun cost money.  But, it is also true what they say, that some of the best things in life are free.  Like fresh air.  And Mother Nature.


Today I am going to share with you something I have often done for fun. It might surprise you to begin with but you might also start to think of this as fun, you never know.  Let's find out.


The Method:


1)  Keep a plastic bag and disposable or garden gloves ready.

2)  Choose a spot, say, a corner of a garden or a busy street. 

3)  Now pick up litter and put it into the plastic bag.

4) Throw that bag out in an appropriate spot when you are done.


This little exercise makes us feel great and it helps clear our beautiful planet.  Perhaps it sets an example if someone witnesses your little act (though that is not our intention).  You can bring children in on it.  And it is great exercise as well!


We should not perform our acts of kindness with a holier-than-thou attitude.  If we curse the people who litter while we are doing this it negates the essence of the act.  When we feel bothered-and we will-let us say a Prayer for them, that they grow more mindful.  We can also say this affirmation: “As I clear this space, I spread love into the Universe and back to myself.  I have fun as I do it!”


If you cannot get out, then choose a spot in your own garden or home.  All it takes is 10 - 15 minutes and you will have reaped many benefits.


How blest are we to have so many beautiful gifts given to us free of cost.  Among the best of those are this planet we call home and our very own space on it.  Let us be good guardians of our estate. 


We need to change our concept of fun.  The Fun Fund (coming up) is good, yes.  But this space is not just for the affluent.  Sometimes there is no money to buy bread, let alone for little splurges.  This is to acknowledge and honour those times, and insist on having fun anyways.


=>Let us redefine Fun as being anything that brings joy to us or others, anything that leaves us feeling better<=

Writing you daily does that for me, Awesome ones.  Thank you for reading and spending time here.  You are in my Prayers.



03 December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


D is for Desire. 

Let’s switch from need to desire in our vocabulary and in our minds and life.  Neediness pushes things away.  When we desire something, we indicate that we are awesome as we are and this is in addition. 

=>Neediness repels; desire draws in<=

So why is this under Fun today?  Let's have fun with the process of manifesting our desires, let's look within and see what else floats the boat and say: "Hey!  Wouldn't it be fun to have that!"  Make a vision board or book while you are at it.


Have THE best day ever as you march forward and up!

Love + Peace




27th November, 2020

Want to Have Some Fun Today?

In a word, get some BUBBLES!

This came to me, that there is not enough fun in life as it is today, what with all the stress and strain going on.  The word Bubbles popped into my mind as well. 

Most people postpone fun to some later date-like a big expensive family vacation-but that later date often doesn’t come because people have forgotten how to unwind and feel good.  So most times, there is not enough money for the vacation or if there is and it does materialise, then stress is packed in along with the bathing suits and sunblock…and yes, the dreaded cell phone and other stuff!

Here at  theawesomestlovenlife, we schedule time for fun, even if it is only two minutes daily.  This is an essential factor of #TheAwesomestLovenLifeForALL !!! 

How do we do this with bubbles?

The Tips:

1.  Get a bubble kit.  It costs pennies, cents, a few rupees…what have you!

2.  If you don’t want the trip to the store, yes, please, be lazy!  It's fine on occasion.  Instead, you can

3.  Have a bubble bath.  Or

4.  You can stop up your kitchen sink, put some dishwashing soap in the bottom and run the water with force-voila, bubbles!  Make sure the water is warm and run your fingers through.  Enjoy the sensation.  DONT do any dishes!

5.  If you don’t wish to do any of the above, wait!  There is another option: when you drink your tea or coffee or whatever drink, do so through a straw.  Blow bubbles into the liquid!

Yes I am encouraging you to be a little silly; do it when alone.  Doing it in company puts a strain on others and could compromise one’s respectability.  Though I must admit that sometimes, I forget and blow bubbles into my drink while in the company of those closest!

Bubbles are reminiscent of childhood and immediately make us feel better.  I have tried making some bubble liquid at home (not much success!) but that is too tedious and the idea and intention is to have some Fun, not to make more work for oneself.

I don’t recommend trips down memory lane because being present is so key.  But I do recommend bringing some awesome feelings from the past into this moment to be savoured now.  Just as we leave incidents behind but bring the wisdom with us.

Let’s make sure to incorporate fun into each and every day, even the tough ones.  And on days when fun is hard to come by or even joy is difficult to muster, let us trust in His Amazing Grace and lift up the corners of our mouths…there!  Feel better already, right? 

We have access to that at any given time.

=> Smiles and laughter, even if fake, have the power to lift one’s mood.  And what is fake often and soon turns real, that's the coolest part<= 

May your Joy "bubble" over always and in ALLways.  This is one of my main intentions, to bring more joy.  And in trying to augment that of others does my own increase.

Love and Blessings –and FUN-ALL around!




18th November, 2020

Make Your Own Shelves: How to Do It 

Shelving can prove to be very expensive.  Sometimes even the cheaper stuff ends up being way more than one’s current budget can handle.

You have made the decision to get organized: good on ya!  How do you do it with little or no cost?

Help is here!

I recently found myself in this position when I learnt about the value of vertical space.  I got all excited.  These lovely cloth shelves came to my attention.  But I had also learnt about being choosy.  So I didn’t want to spend that money right away.

Again, Mother to the rescue.  I had seen her once save a cereal box…and make a letter-holder from it!  I guess the best thing about Mother is how excited she gets about little things, one of the best gifts she has given me.  ALL right, back to topic lest I start to wax eloquent on my Mother’s Awesomeness, and that is a subject I could go on and on about as you well know.

The Procedure:

1.  I took a few sturdy cardboard boxes and cut off the flaps.

2.  I decided the style of shelves I wanted in each closet.

3.  Using a slightly bigger star screwdriver, I aligned the boxes and made holes.

4.  Next, I threaded sturdy gift wrapping twine through the holes and tied firm knots.

5.  A few holes in the top of the whole thing and more string.

6.  Then the shelf was tied to the metal rod inside the closet.

7.  The wall can be used to keep your shelf in place.

8.  It is amazing how much weight these “shelves” can hold.

9.  If you have the time and wish to be more creative, you can spray paint or cover the boxes.

10.  I wished for minimal effort and cost so I didn’t.

11.  Hundreds saved, home organized better, available space optimized.

12.  If you wish to make your shelves even  more sturdy, you can attach with staples or duct tape

another small piece of cardboard in the front of each shelf at the bottom to hold things in.

I thought I might need to use my stapler: I didn't but you can if you wish.


This is a great project for students and children.  It is never too early to teach a child to be well-organised, neat, and good with money.


More and more people are realizing the value of clearing their space of stuff and getting organized.  This is an easy, economical way to do it.  It is not laborious either, like some crafts.

Save those boxes: we will soon make something else...and I will share how to make a little side table supereasily!  (I just made one last night).

Enjoy…the process and the after-effects!

Love and Blessings.



09 October, 2020

Time to lighten up today


It is so easy too.  Just laugh.  Forced it might feel, but it doesn’t matter.  Your mind doesn’t know the difference and neither do you, baby!  So almost immediately, you feel happier, your spirits lift, the thing at hand doesn’t seem so life-and-d anymore.


The Other Benefits of Laughter:

1.  It boosts immunity

2.  It increases productivity

3.  It keeps you looking young

4.  It speeds up dream fulfillment

5.  It is a great ab workout!


Guess what else?  The forced feeling lasts only initially; then you actually are laughing happily.


Laughter yoga clubs are becoming more and more popular.  You would be amazed at how silly the jokes are. The idea is to just laugh.  Or maybe you will not be so amazed; maybe you belong to one such club or have spearheaded one.  Good job!


One of the greatest men I know has this gift of laughter.  He can just laugh and get so into it he gets red in the face, and before we know it, all of us are laughing at nothing in particular.  Imagine having that effect, spreading joy so easily.

I call this The Gift of Spontaneous Laughter and I prayed for it and I now have it.  Just that I have to regulate it because it can bubble forth at a religious ceremony or some other such place and then I cannot control myself…and the last thing we want is to offend people, right?  It comes to me through the day in spurts, especially at busy times, to sortof tell me to chill out, this is not the end of the world.  It also comes to me in the form of silly

What was the name of the grumpy pudding?

Apple grumble!


Actually going back to our initial line, it is time to lighten up every day.  “Come to me all ye who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.  My yoke is gentle and my burden light.”  It is, you know. 

Check back a few years: what truly matters now?  Only life, really.  And love.  Death is tragic and should be abolished, in my books:).  So, very very few things we obsess about are really worth our precious energy.  Let us keep that in mind each day…and laugh it up whenever possible!

Come let's do it together now hahahahahahahahah HA!

It is amazing,

=>we have access to this-and so many other-gifts at any time we need them<=

Let's also say together with feeling

Thank You God.






25th September, 2020

A Simple Free-of-Cost Way to Have Fun Today

1.  Log in to youtube.

2.  Play Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy”.

3.  Do a happy dance to this, being as goofy as you can.

4.  Imagine that you are living your dream life and that everything you pray and hope for is yours.

Carry that mood with you through this day and the next...and the next.

Best to do this early in the morning and set the tone for the day.

Best to keep your curtains closed!  If you don’t care, neither do I, let the neighbours feel happy as well.

This might cost nothing but the song itself is priceless in its ability to boost moods and the entire Universal vibe.  Thank you, Sir.

The song Happy gets my ALL vote today as does being happy just like that.  Let’s not wait for the big stuff, the trophy, the Grammy Award, awesome as they are. It’s all big stuff.  It's all awesome!  It is, you know, every breath.  Little drops of water make the mighty ocean…and...

=>Every little breath makes up your Awesomest Life, and, en masse, #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!<=




18th September, 2020

Indian Matchmaking

Today, this show gets the ALL vote!  Loved it and waiting for more episodes on Netflix. It shows how matchmaking has evolved and how tough the job truly is. The matchmaker, Ms. Sima Taparia, is top-notch.  She comes across as very sweet, kind, efficient, and mindful. 

Matches are made in Heaven, they say.  Well, some of the heavy work must be done on planet earth especially in this day and age where things have become more complex in a way, even though we are so connected.  So many people are even scared of the word Marriage, especially given the high divorce rate.

Watching this show boosted my vibe (happy endings do that, yes?).  I heard someone say that as a female it was hard for them to watch the show.  Why, pray tell?  Even the one about the controlling Mother ended well where the son fell rapturously in love with the girl Mummy picked!  And this is way better than the show where the bride and groom meet for the first time at the altar!  Though I enjoyed that as well, preposterous as it was, thinking of that concept being acceptable in the highly developed West.  (I wonder whether any of those marriages survived.)


So I hope you enjoy it.  And remember to factor in some fun each and every single day!




27th August, 2020

A Fun Way to Make Some Extra Money

This is for ALL my Beloved Readers, everyone of any age…as most of what you find here on .  So if you are 12 years old or retired, if you are anywhere in the middle and have a little spare time, please, read on!


Would you like to make some extra cash?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if your money went further while you shop?  Do you enjoy doing good work for the Universe?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, then Swagbucks is for you!  It is super easy to join by providing basic information, name, address, etc. 

The amazing benefits are as follows:

  1.  You get cash back at various percentages on all the shopping you do online at affiliated stores.

  2. There are so many games and tasks that can be completed for points.

  3. There are surveys that can be answered.  Gold surveys pay more.

  4. Points are earned for referrals as well if you use the referral code.

  5. Certain web searches are paid for.

  6. There are contests, sweepstakes, and other cool challenges from time to time.

  7. Add the Swag button to your browser and that is paid for too.

  8. Points can be donated to various charities which is one of my favourite things about Swagbucks.

So, when you reach 500 points, you can withdraw it via Paypal and get $5!  How lovely is that?  You can also use your points to buy gift cards and there are discounted ones as well so your money goes even further!  However, I love cash best.

Please use my referral codes below for signing up and for the swag button so we both benefit.

Swagbucks Referral Codes


Coming up soon, yet another awesome way to make money.

Yes, making money can also be fun! Nature is often at play, even during sacred tasks like photosynthesis, and it would be supercool if we humans took notes.  It means bringing that lightness to every area of our lives; it does not mean fooling around on the job which often leads to nothing good.

=>Being playful and childlike is an integral part of #TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!=>

Thank you for your Love and Time, both such precious are you.


Please Note:  My younger (since all of you are young to me!) Readers,  please check with your Parents before you do this...and everything! :)


13th August, 2020

Walk This Way


What can you do for your mind today that is fun and will benefit your body, soul, and spirit?  You can walk on your lawn or some other grass barefoot.  It is preferable to do this after a rain shower and beneath the light of the moon, but any time will work too. 


So, why does this practice help?

Firstly, it’s scary, especially if done in the dark (which I do)!  That right there does wonders for one's entire system.  Secondly, it feels so refreshing.  Thirdly, one feels brave, having done this.  Fourthly, it is relaxing.  And fifth-which should have been first maybe-one taps into the energy of Mother Earth.  Sixth, it feels cleansing and helps to boost one's vibration.  So this practice serves to empower, grow, energise, and calm. Magic?

Some tips:

  1.  Please don’t go to a place famous for snakes or wild animals.

  2. Keep your footsteps brief and quick. Resting in one spot for too long is not advisable.  The grass is home to all sorts of creatures.

  3. Keep a wet towel handy with which to wipe your feet.

I love the overlap in life, where we do something in one area and reap benefits in multiple places. 

=>Yes, one sure does affect ALL and ALL affect one<=

Have THE awesomest day ever: you truly deserve it!


Walk This Way II



04 November, 2015


Awesomeness Salad

Bless and love you, my Awesome Friend!

Glad you could make it to lunch-I appreciate the time and effort.

You can sit down and enjoy a nice cuppa chai and watch as I make you this Awesomeness Salad: I don’t really like any help in the kitchen. :)



1. Bunched spinach

2. Olives

3. Olive oil-extra virgin of course (just like us, teehee:))

4. Lemon juice

5. Tomato

6. Beets (don’t judge me for using a can: I would rather spend time with you than boil up fresh ones.)

7. Pumpkin seeds if you have some on hand

8. Tuna (and obviously I did not go fishing.  A can here too, but see?  It is light meat.)

9. Salt and pepper to taste.

10. Apple cider vinegar.

11. Herbs like parsley, coriander, and dill.

12. Red chilli powder.


Now watch and time me as I do these Steps:

1.  Clean and wash spinach.

2.  Chop it up coarsely.

3.  Wash and chop herbs.

4.  Open cans and rinse contents well.

5.  Chop tomato.

6.  Put everything into a nice dish.

7.  Drizzle with olive oil, salt pepper, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar.

8. Add in chilli powder.

9. Toss lightly.


10. Say your Grace, and enjoy with a good friend…and that would be me this fine day!


Easy and gorgeous, and you say it took me about 15 minutes so I have plenty of time for what truly counts, that is being with you.  Stop salivating and start eating already. :)


We have gone so light with lunch, come back for dinner and we can splurge a bit!


This meal is good for everything, it falls well within the Low Fodmap plan, and it is good for the eyes, skin, hair, heart, brain, and energy levels.  It will also aid weight loss, thanks to the vinegar and chilli powder.  If you’re not on the Low Fodmap, you can add in garlic powder.  If you dont have fresh herbs you can go with dry.


You want seconds?  Sure, bring me your bowl.

Thank you for gracing my life with your presence.

Now take your extra energy and radiant glow and go spread it!  

See you soon.




































































~Life Coaching~Wellness~Meditation~Music Therapy~Writing~Editing~


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An  Awesome Salad which can be Low Fodmap, featuring tuna, greens, beetroot and olives.
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This page is devoted to a huge element of staying young and living and loving our Awesomest and Best, and that is having Fun!

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