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This page is ALL about sharing and living and increasing our Faith.


24th May 2024

You know you've reached somewhere in your journey as a human being and your inner work is bearing fruits when everything sems to be going wrong and you stop suddenly and say: "Hey, this too is working out for my good, and God has prevented something even worse down the road."  Wow!  That happened to me today.  I cannot go into the specifics of it because someone else is involved and I am big on maintaining everyone's privacy you know?  But I was helping out.  My patience was tested.  Then God sent me minutes of spontaneous laughter and it was such a stress-release. 

And I was able to calm things down and be still and know. 

Know that he is God.

Much Love ALLways.



22nd April 2024

Faith is one of the key factors in manifesting.  It is the lack of faith that causes people to waver and thus see mixed results in their 3D (this is one of the reasons for mixed results). 

What can you do to bolster your faith right now?

Take pen and paper and write down all your past manifestations and times when God has been amazing to you.  Make this  a habit and check back to your list frequently.

Peace for your day.




13th March 2024

According to your Faith be it done unto you said The Greatest Man to ever walk on planet earth-in my books.  And in my humble opinion, this quality-Faith-is lacking in a lot of people.  Did you know we are born with a measure of Faith?  And what do you do if yours isn’t the highest.  Stay tuned, I have a video coming up shortly on just this!  In the meanwhile, take a shortcut to manifestation listen to this and raise your vibrations easily no matter what religion you belong to.  ALL my work contains my HUA Frequencies (Healing Uplifting Awesomeness)

Thank you for being here: I appreciate you.

Much Love+Peace ~CherPaula



20th May, 2023

Part I

(Cannot figure out what title to give this piece so let it remain that way. ) And this is very closely connected with The Million Dollar Question right below.

Though I am currently on vacay, the Lord puts this on my heart strongly to share and so I must.  It has been within all day and here we go.

So... what are you here for?  In Sunday School we were taught we are here to love and serve the Lord.  Sums it up pretty well.  But how.  There are so many avenues.  And it is not as if we pick one and then do that our whole life.  It changes as we go along.

What are you here for?  

What I wish to tell you today is, it’s fine.  Don’t stress out over what you see that other car doing in that other lane.  If all you want to do is dust the furniture and cook an awesome meal for when your husband or wife returns at 6:00p.m. and bring him or her a cuppa tea and some cookies that you baked with such love, and just be in love, filling the intervening time with odds and ends, then do that.

Don’t feel stressed about the friend who has 6 degrees if you have zero.  The lure of Harvard and Cambridge might be heavy, and the realisation of the urgency and brevity of life might have set in with C-19.  But you dont have to give in to it or feel less than.

Do you have a special peculiar calling on your life that no-one else can understand and people might mock?  Don’t tell ‘em!  You fulfil it and if it involves another person, trust me, be your best self and God will provide you with a Partner because two is better than one. 

What I wish to say to you today is, it’s o.k.  Be who you are.  Be true to you.  But know yourself first.  What do you truly truly truly desire (see below).  What makes your heart sing and your spirit soar.  Try to make sure that it does not hurt others.  Like doing drugs.  It gives you a quick high and then a lot of crash and burn.  And your loved ones suffer as do you.  If it is a right and mindful desire, and after your best efforts and highest intentions, some people get hurt incidentally, that’s not on you it’s on them.  Its not your fault.  And if they lay the guilt on you don’t accept it.  If your desires are just and true, go with them.  If it costs you your closest relationships, that's up to you to figure.  Do the Cost-Benefit Analysis.  What is more precious to you.  Who is most precious to you. 

=>Always choose a person over a thing or job<= 

Jobs are a dime a dozen.  Find a rare jewel?  (By that I mean a person).  Hold on for life...or someone else might get their hands on it (them).  It is for each one to decide, based on the situation.  Something about this job causing a rift in your closest relationships...maybe the one with yourself most of all!...what would you do.

If everyone around you dresses to the nines and you don’t wish to, don’t do it.  Or if they don’t care about their appearance and you care deeply about yours knowing it is a gift from the ALLmighty, then do that.

You are the one who has to live with you, you have to be able to look yourself in the eye each night.  No, don’t avoid that mirror.  Even if you throw the looking glass away, the Universe will show you what you need to see.  Ostrich is one game God does not allow us to play for too long.  Then there is C-19.  (Gosh my fingers can barely keep up with my thoughts pouring out of me!  This is so from the Holy Spirit.) (TBCS)


(see?  I didnt make you wait!  Such urgency with this one)

21st May, 2023

Part II

I lay her in the ground.  I buried her with my own hands (almost).  That beautiful body and face that death could not erase in the gorgeous purple velvet coffin fit for a Queen. For she was that.  My Mother.

What happens after death is decomposition.  And then?  All those cadavers are the same.  It is a great equalizer, death.  As are so many thing in life.  The fact that the Ruler and his assistant have the exact same body functions, ingestion, digestion…and most of all, breathing.  In and out.  Now that is common to every single human being.  Oxygen across the board.  And our need for Love.

I have always said and will maintain.  Work hard if you will.  I have worked like a beast and still do oftentimes.  Like the past 6 days of celebrating for which I cooked single-handed, 12 dishes in total.  With God’s Grace.

Have goals, go Ivy League if that is what floats your boat.  But know this:

=>we take nothing with us<= 

So check your motivation behind it.  If it is only because looking at someone else’s life made you feel bad, then don’t.  You will lose interest quarterway through.  And (not that I ever do something to compete with someone else) as is the case with me, you might lose money or receive some hard knocks as in the Universe telling you: “Off course, Darling!  Recalculate!”

I mention Ivy League here because it was always a big dream of mine and I found myself recently looking into it.  I have always loved exams but this time, the idea of attending one is what deterred me.  It does not appeal anymore. 

Does this person or thing make me happier?

Why am I doing this?

Ask the questions.  Then be brave to see the answers your Higher Self provides.


I put a gift in her coffin. My precious black hair and a Loveletter and a copy of the song I had written her.  She couldn’t bring them with her though.  She left SuperAwesomestness++++ in her wake.

=>What will you leave, Awesome one?<=

So what is the point of all of this Life.

Love.  Loyalty. Kindness.  And Good Deeds.  Kind Speech. Only those are real.  Though they are not tangible.  Only those remain.  Only those are recorded in the Book of Life.  If there is one.  This is my opinion. 

=>The essence and the sentiment behind what we do is what counts<=



21 June, 2023

Part III

I mean, what more is there to invent.  I am not trying to dissuade anyone here.  If you have come up with something superawesome, then go for it!  But don’t invent just for the sake of it.  If you are feeling passionate then do it.  So we have the telephone, the smart car, the microwave oven, sunblock, cheezies, paneer, concealer (teehee:) couldn’t resist), man has gone to the moon, and then some.  I would like someone to invent a case that converts radiation into good- for-you stuff seeing as most people have 1-10 gadgets and use them pretty irresponsibly.

So what else is there to invent?  What is the purpose of inventions?  To make life easier and more fun, to make us feel better and to make the life of those to come better.  I feel that most of that is done.

Honestly we take nothing with us.  It gives us pleasure for awhile.  It’s like my friend told me who got her degree.  She got the desired letters behind her name-toughest exam in the world at that time for the small percentage of people that get to pass.  And she told me it wasn’t so great after all.  It was like whatever.  After all those hours of studying.

I have a bunch of awards.  They lie beneath my bed in a box.  I am grateful for them.  In addition,  my greatest effort each day lies in different arenas which I will not mention today. Those are my greatest achievements.  I am perhaps the most ambitious person I know.  But my ambition is in very very different areas than that of the world.  And for those very very few whom I allow close, I wish, intend, and desire that they come to know me in that way, and that they can see past the list of certificates and the glamorous exterior into my heart and soul.  That is the true achievement, when those are magnificent.

There was Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  And then so many martyrs, soldiers, and saints who gave their lives.  Today, we know a few names.  There are more names we don’t know.  The unsung heroes. Look around you. It might appear a wee bit more posh than a few centuries ago.  But has anything truly changed.  There is still the opposite of peace, safety, perfect health, kindness, abundance in so many pockets of the Unvierse!  I don’t know about you, but I see a bunch of people with their faces covered, the masks unable to disguise the fact that very few are smiling.  The level of happiness has plummeted.  When the masks come off, look around.  Count the number of people smiling per every 10.  Then count the number of people authentically smiling per every 10.  The numbers will shock you.

=>Are you smiling right now?<=

What do you wish to do?  This should put things into perspective.  In the happiest country in the world, Denmark, even the garbage man is respected.  And shouldn’t it be that way.

So, what are you here for.  And where will you put your energy.  More importantly, into whom will you invest your energy?  Will you put it into people who will forget you in a few weeks.  Or will you put it into The One who would bleed for you without a second thought...and already has.  Who is The One you would lay down your life for without a second thought.  Who can you not live without.  You know what I mean.  I dont mean merely surviving as if you are half a person, dragging through the motions.  That is not living!  

=>Will you wake up now or will you remain asleep forever<=

=>What will it take to wake you up...hopefully not death or the loss of Love...or some catastrophe like C-19<=

#NotAnotherMinuteToLoseNoMoreExcuses !!!

Ashes to ashes.  Dust to dust.  We enter alone.  We leave alone.  Choose carefully.  This is not a dress rehearsal. 





13th May 2023

The Million Dollar Question

Part I of them anyways.

It is this: “What do I truly, truly, truly desire?”

And Oh gosh!  I will bet anything that 95% of the population does not know the answer to that right here and now!

No judgement.

That’s a good thing.  It means that now, in this moment, we can start to discover the answer to that.  Let’s not waste time, ay?  There is an urgency these days, at the same time, let us eschew fear in the process.

So how do we figure the answer to this question?  It is for each one to know what makes their heart sing and soul dance.  Which path brings the most peace and joy despite any challenges.  What feels like one’s dream home. Featuring safety, luxury, comfort, and growth? 

In addition, here are some tips:

  1.  Be alone, be still, speak to God.

  2. Reduce social media check-ins during the time of discovery.

  3. Beware who you speak to in terms of asking for input.

  4. Don’t read too much at this time.  We wish for the mind to be clear and the heart to be calm.

Let’s stop looking over into the other lanes as we move forward in life.  Is that good driving practice?  No.  Occasionally we have to do a safety check.  But for the most part, we must focus on the road ahead of us. 

There is so much pressure from the world or one’s immediate circle.  It is like a person who is single and everyone else around seems to be “well-settled”. And everyone asks them when they plan to get married or looks at them with pity.  Do you know what goes on behind the closed doors of a person’s life?  No!  We wish everyone well, but let’s not get carried away by the facades around us. 

=>Let us never feel less-than because of the life of another that seems so perfect<=





03 May, 2021

If You’re Feeling a Bit "Not-So-High-Vibrations":

it’s o.k.  Give yourself a lot of soothing talk.  Be kind to yourself.  Don’t allow anyone to be unkind to you and that includes you.  Choose the best thoughts possible.

Do your usual stuff to boost your vibe because we must not sit in the lower reaches for sure.

Then do these two things certain to make you feel better (you can do 1 or both.  I recommend doing both.):

  1. Take a nap. (And if it is too late in the day for a nap, a quick workout will have the same effect.)

  2. Do a good deed for someone else. 

I trust you feel better soon.You can also check out my   ***OVERCOME GRIEF AND ANY NEGATIVE EVENT AND STRIVE WHILE YOU ARE AT IT PROGRAM***

Trust you feel better in the shortest time.  If you are here, that's a sure thing, for this is my intention, and my Bliss is poured into my words such that those who read or even stop by here will feel it.

Above all, have Faith that God is working out all things together in your favour.  Even if there is no evidence of it in the natural right now.  We walk by faith, not by sight.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$ !!!


24th March, 2021

The Benefits of This

Please scroll down


04 March, 2021

Whatever you are believing and praying for?  It is already yours!  Ask according to God's will, ask 

right, do it once, then thank that it is done.  You will get what you pray for or better if you stay in faith.  While you wait, be busy and happy in your life. 


ALL is well.  It ALLways has been, it ALLways will be.

This is what we believe and practise here @ www.theawesomestlovenlife.

Much Awesomness+++$$$$!!!





08 February, 2021

Let’s Get Over it, Ay?

Greetings, ALL!

So I have been noticing much of this “Woe is me” mentality.  

Today, shall we resolve as a group to end this once and for all?

It’s very simple: if we believe that things happened to us and this one and that did this and that to us, we are in a lower vibration and a victim mentality.  It also causes us to judge people and situations as “bad”.  And that is not to our Highest Good! 

So let’s make a small switch:

Let’s adopt the belief that everything happens for a reason and that God uses ALL things for our good. Then we can rise above and free ourselves from the bondage of the past.

Be victorious in your life, drop the “woe is me” saga, and sing your triumph song instead!  Yes, even when you cant see any trace of it.  This will bring the great stuff to you faster.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$





25th January, 2201

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13th January, 2021























08 Jan, 2021



















05 Jan, 2021

Psalm 23

Covers it ALL


The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
  He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters,
   He refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
   for His Name’s sake.
Even though I walk
   through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
   for You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff,
   they comfort me.

 You prepare a table before me
   in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
   my cup overflows.
Surely Your goodness and love will follow me
   all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord





01 Jan, 2021

Christmas Alphabets


is for Yes.  Say yes to life.  Say yes to something different than you normally do.  Beware of what you say yes to!

Y is for you.  You are awesome as you are and becoming.  Own your awesomeness, bathe in that of God and this Universe.

Peace and Blessings++++$$$$

Happy New Year!




22nd December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


Is for Quiet.  Yes this is the perfect time to be quiet and still, right in the midst of all the fun and frolic which has taken on a way new tone this year.  The heightened energy surrounding the season can still get to us if we don’t be vigilant.

We spoke of this under M and P.  Now we add on some more.  Be quiet, be still, and know that He is God.  There are many people trying to manifest things before Christmas.  We wish them ALL the very best.  In addition, let us also trust the Quiet which is the waiting time.  Trust in God, in the space between asking and receiving.

Have a beautiful day!



18th December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


is for Omnipresent and Omnipotent.  Yep!  You got it right, Awesome one…I am speaking of our God, of the Universe.

He is ALL-knowing, He is ALL-powerful, He is everywhere.  Omni.  ALL.

So let’s chill out shall we?  Relax into that knowledge that He has us safe in the Palm of His Holy Hand.  He has our back at ALL times.

What else is Omnipresent and Omnipotent?  Love.  Love.  Love. Love conquers ALL.  Love is everywhere.

Love is God.  God is Love.

Thank you.

Enjoy your day.




07 December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


Is for Forgiveness.

This is THE best time to forgive and try to forget.  Forgiveness blesses-and frees- the giver and the receiver.  So Forgiveness is one of THE greatest Christmas gifts you can give yourself and the world. 


Imagine carrying around 10 overloaded suitcases.  It is pretty impossible for most humans, right?  Well, that is how most people are roaming around with the virtual equivalent of baggage and most of that is past wrongs.  He did that she did this, I did this, now they are holding on for dear life not realising that they are the ones affected the most.

No-one is discounting what each one has gone through.  Take the good, leave the bad, and most of all, forgive.  Where we can, say sorry, where we cannot, think sorry.  Then drop it.  For the people who don’t seem to accept your apology, drop them too.  You’ve done your bit, make sure it was heartfelt and not qualified.

Now drop the baggage and let it go, Awesome one.  Have you ever seen an eagle fly with a suitcase…or 10. Thought not.

Fly forward and up, fly free.  That is how it was meant to be.

Most of all, forgive yourself.  There there, it's fine, just don't do it again.

ALL is well…and getting better.

Thank you.  I love you.  I am sorry.  Please forgive me.

To discover more magical effects of this practice, please watch this.  And if you like it, it’d be cool if you subscribe, share, give it a thumbs up and hit he bell icon so you are notified of future vids.  We have fresh material each week.


01 December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets

B is for


O…M…G…right?  In every single breath is the chance for newness.  Every single breath holds infinite possibility and Hope.  And that is the goodness of God, that, at any time, we can choose to turn things around.  Let’s choose well, my Awesome ones, during this magical season where I believe that our efforts receive a special exponential boost.

Love + Blessings…and magic dust sprinkled on your manifestations!



24th November, 2020

Freedom from the Ego Part II

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13th November, 2020






















13th October, 2020

How to Pray: The Easiest Way

Greetings and Blessings for this beautiful new day!

Recently I found myself dealing with someone who was struggling with Faith and Prayer.  I told them what I am telling you today: “Speak to God.”  That’s it.

This pertains to ALL my Readers and especially my young ones who are starting off on this awesome journey of Prayer and Faith.

Speak to God.  I am sure many of us have our rituals and formal Prayers.  I found that this statement helped me as well, the one who has been praying for so many years in so many ways!

Incorporating this into my day has further enhanced my good vibes. 

The Benefits of this Practice:

~ Venting is immediate so negative emotions are not allowed to sit and fester.

~One does not feel as lonely.  This is akin to what children do, playing with their imaginary friends.

~If it is a more important challenge, solutions come faster.

~One feels lighter since the burden is shifted onto Divine Shoulders.

A suggestion I would make is that we maintain the reverence and respect as we speak to God.  He will listen to us anyways, BUT, isn’t He who made the sky and sea and you and me the most worthy of honour?

=>At any time, we can learn.  As we teach others, we learn more if we remain open and humble<=

=>Let us recall that we are “praying” all the time, whether we know it or not.  What we focus on , what we add energy to, what we speak of or think about, all of these are Prayers.  So let us use our  focus, word, thought, and feeling power very very carefully<=


Now, there is a correct way in which to pray-especially for one’s desires-and we will address that soon.




30th September, 2020

A Special Message for You

(Gosh...I am SO excited about today's post...even more than usual!)

Good day Awesome one.  I have a message for us, a “word” if you will.  And I have been receiving this repeatedly over a few days.

So I must draw it out on paper and share it.

The message is this: “Cast your net again; your abundance is nigh.” 

So what does that mean to you today?  It could be applying for that job again…or another job.  It could be buying a lottery ticket though you are fed up of doing so and not winning anything...this could be your winning ticket!  It could mean being open to new love and new friendships.

I felt this message was mainly to do with monetary overflow.  But it could apply to any arena of your life where you feel a lack right now and have been feeling it for awhile.

This message also means to me: “Don’t lose Hope, don’t give up, keep trying, you are invincible, trust in and lean into the Higher Power!”

I wish you abundance in all spheres of your life beyond anything you can ask or imagine!


credits for the below picture to whoever drew it originally.  Thank you.  Much appreciated.











































24th September, 2020

What can I help you with today?  I do wish that your life is perfect, however, I also know that this might not be the case.  Is your heart troubled and your soul aching to see the Promised Land that you know exists for you but you don’t dare hope right now because everything seems so bleak?  Hope anyways, Awesome one!

I am not going to narrate about one day a  few years ago because I am here to spread Bliss and drop the stories that are floating around with increasing magnitude.  Like we need more stories?!  I just prayed for some kindness…and received some at Walmart which has been #1 on the Fortune 500 list did I mention?!  A cashier I will call G sought me out and opened a line just for me…I think he was most embarrassed by my repeated mentions of his kindness.  He said: “If I were shopping at 10:30p.m. I would wish someone did this for me.”  God’s Angel or what?  (Why was I shopping at 10:30p.m.?  After a full day's work, the only slot available.  All precautions taken though, park close to the store etc etc.  I have since ceased to shop so late, upon requests from my Best Friends.)

So don’t worry, be happy as the old song goes, this too shall pass.  Be open, for you will receive from THE most unexpected quarters and you will be taken by surprise.

My suggestion to get us through this-and any-challenging time?  Be extra kind to ourselves, more of the good stuff, good thoughts (no thoughts Like Sadhguru would be best!), sleep, healthy food, and mainly, much silence and deep breathing so we can hear His voice telling us how loved we are.  Pray without ceasing.  Matthew 7:7 tells us to keep on praying and we will get what we ask for.  Turn your face away from all that displeases you and look towards His Holy Countenance in which there is always Love, Peace, Joy.

Yes, the life of a life coach is also challenging and it is through overcoming challenges and helping others that we perfect and hone ourselves.  How else do you think someone is qualified to coach?  The same principle on which Protestant sermons are way more powerful than Catholic ones, because the pastors are married.  No offence to anyone.  I am a staunch Roman Catholic who believes in One God and One Love.  (More about this in the intro so I do not repeat myself.)

​Lets drop the whole "I am human and thus flawed" bit. 

=>We are human made in His own image and likeness…and there are no flaws in His Holy Presence and Being.  He does not create anything sub par!<= 

So let's stop insulting God, eh?

=>At each stage, we are perfect and becoming more so!<= 

This mindset will cure our Universe of so much of what plagues it; then people will not give themselves license to do what the heck they want and blame it on God and "human imperfection".  (Saying "I'm perfect right now" in no way means we should slack off on looking inward and checking what needs  to be improved, dropped, added on.  That should be ongoing.  That is a major part of growth.)

Come back soon for my take on this life.  Look out for the piece titled The Boat.

Thank you for your time.

I love bless you.

And pray for awesome things for you everyday!



26th August, 2020




Today we are grateful.  Today we bathe in gratitude.  Today we say thank you more than we ever did.  Today we say thank you with more feeling than ever before.  And we can do it in as many languages as possible.  "Merci, dhanke, dhanyawaad, dziekuje, gracias, obrigado, deo bore korun, shukran, rahmat, xie xie" state a few.  This will rejuvenate our brains as new neural pathways are formed, and send love across the globe to ALL our brothers and sisters.

Yes, yes, I know, you have heard this before, probably.  Perhaps you have a nightly gratitude ritual.  So why bring this up?  It is so that we do it consciously today.  And do it much more often. Why wait until night time when there are so many beautiful hours in the day.

So as you are sitting sipping your tea, thank you Lord, for giving us tea leaves.

As you pet your dog, thank you.

As you hug your child, thank you.

Something not-so-good happens, thank you. (Huh?  Elaborations soon!)

As you uplift your Father’s spirits overseas, thank you.

As you think of a Parent in Heaven, thank you (I miss you SO much).

With every breath, thank you.

As you indulge in a lovely lunch (especially thinking of how many thousands who are not so blest-we will feed you soon, we promise), thank you.

Let's challenge ourselves to say or think more than a hundred thank yous today!  And let us keep that going until it becomes as easy and automatic as breathing.

And watch the magic unfold increasingly.  For ALL.  And for us.

=>This Awesome Life is ripe with miracles galore…and Gratitude is one of the greatest of them<=

Isn’t it amazing…We have another unifying factor right here: thank you is common to every single language on the face of this earth!

=>Let us never lose the wonder in each breath…and in each thank you<=

Oh and one more thing…THANK YOU.  For being my loyal reader, for your love, your trust, and for your support.  Without you, I wouldn’t be able to do this, I would be writing to thin air.  And that’s no fun!  Thank you for your time.  Thank you.  I love you.  Thank you.




14th August, 2020

Lighter Now

Hello Awesome Person!  I feel so blest to know you and to inhabit planet earth at the same time as you.

So, we come here as wee ones free of burdens…well, is that even true?  What about the journey from Heaven here, who  and what did we encounter, what about the exit from our first address, “#1 Mother’s Womb”, how excruciating was that for her and for us and for Father who looked on…

I don’t speak of past lives here as I have no opinions on the subject.

Anyways, during our life, the baggage has been added to, and how many suitcases worth is it currently?

Today, let’s lay all that down, Awesome one.  Does lugging an overfull suitcase do any good?  No, it only scores us a stiff back, neck, and what have you, and maybe some excess luggage fees.  The same goes for carting all that unseen baggage around, it is not productive.

We ALL know there is not another minute to waste on what doesn’t benefit us and all of humanity, and if we didn’t know, then C-19 contains that very message…among others.

So let us lay it down today.  Let’s commit to it together.  Whether it was the bully in Grade school, or the person who was unkind to you, or your time of being below the poverty line, or how they mocked you when you were overweight, or they didn't love you back, or that guilt over hearts you broke (can you help it if you are so good-looking teehee:)), or the Parent who left planet earth 20 years too soon, or all that c-19 seems to have stolen from you…today is a new day, a fresh start.  Your best days are out ahead, that is guaranteed for someone who lives and loves as awesomely as you.

“Come to me all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”  That is a promise that anyone of any faith can tap into.  Shift the burden onto the Universe’s shoulders.  God knows best how to convert lower energy into something that benefits all mankind. 

And if you don’t believe in God right now?  Cool.  There is no judgement here @ TheAwesomestLovenLife.  Believe in yourself, in your breath, and shift your burden onto the closest tree, or the nearest mountain…or fling it into the flowing river.  Whatever works.  It just does not belong on you or anywhere near you…as long as you have taken the lessons.

Yes, let us lay it all down today...and vow never to pick it up again.

There, lighter now.

Thank you for spending time with me each day.  I am always here for you so do write me when you need some extra soothing.


24th July, 2015


E” is for…


“E” is for ego.  E is also for evil.  And the ego is the source of most evil.  Events and people come and go, encounters are passing.  What keeps them stuck in our heads and us stuck in them is the ego.


How does one define the ego.  People used to think ego meant pride.  But it is so much more than that.  It is that part of the brain that never sleeps, it is literally a little demon that dwells on the inside of each brain.


In other definitions it is like a mediator between conscious and unconscious.  It is what questions reality and forms the basis for how one perceives oneself.


The ego should have been called the “engo” because it needs the letter n in it seeing as it is mainly negative.  It isn’t called the “engo” so let us always be aware of its negativity if left to run wild.


How does one get rid of the ego? One doesn’t, because with such an intention it is the best way to help it stick around.  This is because we are adding negative energy to it.  One can outsmart the ego and one can march towards freedom.


How to be free of the ego:


  • Pray.  That is always the first step.  Ask God to be free of it.

  • Understand how it operates. Knowledge is power.

  • Visualise.  See yourself being free and living happily.

  • Drop the Golden/Disco Ball.

  • Take positive action.


We will speak further of dropping the Golden/Disco Ball and the positive action to be taken.  We will also delve a little deeper into how the ego operates.


One of the great thinkers of our time tells us to bring our attention within the body and, say, feel the life force in our hands.  That is a good way to start.  Why does this help?  It helps because attention and energy are brought away from the mind.


People go to two extremes with the ego. They either think they are eternal victims of it or they fight against it in trying to get rid of it.  Both have a detrimental effect and prevent people from living their best life.


Thus we see how important the ego is in a human being. It can literally break or make a person.  Deprive it of the energy it craves and we can surely turn the little demon into an angel that works for our good.  


We live only once: let us insist on feeling and being our very best and do what it takes to give ourselves that.

God bless!


ps (There is a reason why the ego is spoken of here under Faith.  You will soon discover why.)



Freedom from the Ego I (TBC shortly)


03 November, 2020

Freedom from the Ego Part I 


Greetings Awesome ones!  I feel excited to write this article today.  Is it because of how much positive energy will be released once we are all free from the deleterious effects of the yapping ego?  Or is it because of how simple it truly is to be free of it?  Maybe a bit of both.


Let’s get started. 

Honestly, ALL the answers we seek are in the Good Book.  Someone told me that long ago and I didn’t believe it.  I do believe it now.  First I read many self-help books.  Then I discovered that most of it was pulled from the Bible.  Very cool.


We are told to “pray without ceasing”.  So that is the first way to drown out the ego.  If we are praying happy, positive, powerful prayers, that is not the optimal environment for the ego to thrive.  So we want to create that optimal environment within in which the ego cannot thrive and is driven away from human consciousness to the extent that it is never spoken or written of again.


Why do I think this is possible?  Well, for one, because I believe that with God, ALL things are possible, and to him that believeth ALL things are possible.  ALL good things, I mean!  (Yes, this covers the not-so-good as well so let us be careful what we wish for and pray for.)  The Bible, the Bible not me.  Don’t look at me with such awe.  ALL credit to our God, the Source of these beautiful Words.


So, back to shooing away mr e.  So if a person is saying all day, “Thank You Lord that I am Awesome and rich and beautiful and worthy of Love” then that is the predominant voice in his or her head and it subdues the other voice that might say: “You are poor and ugly and no good and worthless”.  Brilliant.


Can you imagine that most people roam around with negative self-talk rattling on within?  How sad is that?  Stroll down any street and you will see misery on most faces.  Now you know why.


Many people say they don’t pray and they aren’t religious.  But I believe everyone is spiritual because there are no dead bodies walking around and that means that everyone who is living and breathing on planet earth has the Spirit of God within them.  That makes them spiritual.  Sort of.


For those who claim they don’t pray, I wish to tell them that each time they make a statement or think a thought or feel a feeling, it is a prayer. 

=>So let us all think many many times before we speak, feel...or think!<=


Soon we deal with another quick way to free ourselves from the ego.  The e-word standing for ego or evil could make its way into my Word Key.


The day when the ego becomes the “egone” will be a great and blest day!


Freedom from the ego means many good things.  But most of all, it means faster manifestation of our deepest desires.  Our deepest desires manifested faster means happier people sooner.  And that means World Peace and fullness for ALL in our lifetime.


#TheAwesomestLoveAndLifeForOneAndALL !!!


Love you oodles!


Let us pray without ceasing.  That's our homework for today.  And every day.


Now you know why I speak of the ego under Faith. (reference to the first post here please scroll down.)


And I am even more excited about the subsequent parts to this article.  (TBC soon).

Thank you for your time.


24th November, 2020

Freedom from the Ego Part II


It actually fills me with even greater pleasure than usual to be writing this article because I practise with you as I write, I am even more conscious of my thought patterns, and I feel like, collectively, we can beat mr.e for good.  There is always strength in numbers.


The next way to walk  in freedom from the nonsense that the ego spews out is affirmations.  Affirmations are very close to Prayers.  They are positive statements we repeat over and over.


Write your own statements based on what the negative voice in your head nags you the most about.  For instance, perhaps an erstwhile bully said you looked awful.  Your affirmation would read “I am gorgeous”.  If it is an elder’s voice which haunts you saying you are not good enough, you affirm, “I am more than sufficient, in and of myself”.  If a partner taunted you and called you ugly, you tell yourself repeatedly, “I am lovely/handsome”.  If it is some random voice saying you are fat, your affirmation would read, “I am perfect as I am and becoming”.  If a teacher called you stupid, you say, "I am brilliant!".


The best way to counteract something negative is to take powerful positive action.  Too many people try to push against the negative and thus remain stuck in patterns, keeping the unwanted right there.  It is like pushing against a heavy rock.  It goes nowhere and one only exhausts oneself.


I will soon share another novel way of drowning out the voice of mr e.  In the meantime, there is lots for us to practice.  Affirm away, Awesome person.  That’s a good one right there, “I am Awesome and deserving of ALL the good God has in store for me”.  I can see it coming at ya…enjoy!


01 February, 2021

Freedom from the Ego III


Surely we are all feeling more free and energized at this point.  Let’s take it one step further.  Today we learn a quick technique to stop  mr e in his tracks.  This was sent to me by the Sender of ALL Good.  It is called “Dropping the Golden/Disco Ball”.  It is based on “roaming” around inside the body in order to not be in the head.


Times Square, New Year’s Eve.  The way the Golden Ball drops and a New Year is heralded.  This is similar. 


The Process:


  • Imagine a little Golden/Disco Ball in your head. 

  • Make it as sparkly and colourful as you desire around its golden base. 

  • When the ego starts (does it ever stop?), turn your focus to the Ball.

  • Now see it make a slow descent through the approximate center of your body.

  • Travel within wherever you want with your Golden/Disco Ball.

  • Then bring it back up into your head again.

  • Now imagine it really big so that it takes up all the space within your head.

  • This literally tells the ego: "No room at this inn for you!"


The Benefits of this Process: (TBC)


24th March, 2021


  • The ego is immediately shut up.

  • Your creative energy is honed as you use your imagination to decorate your ball.

  • It improves focus and memory.

  • You are more energized as power from negative thinking is freed up.

  • You feel happier because of the whimsical nature of this exercise.

  • You look younger and are healthier since negative energy is the chief cause of all disease and ageing.



Could freedom from the ego be the answer to global freedom and peace?  Well, logically speaking, if each human being stands in freedom, peace, and joy, then so does the world.  Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.  What is this Universe but the sum total of the individuals who make it up?

=> The quality of the individual decides the quality of the Universe<=


=>The state of the Universe is a function of the state of mind of each of its inhabitants!<=


You can find more about freedom and living happily in the soon to be released book The Only by JCs Angel.

Have a blest day while you allow your Golden/Disco Ball to drop repeatedly, thus heralding a New You.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$$ !!!































































































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