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Domestic Engineering

House work and cooking can be and are integral parts of Awesomeness too!  One's Home is one's Haven.  We also touch upon Family and Pets here.


07 June, 2023

Yummy Bowl :)



Turmeric powder

Black Pepper

Chilly powder

Garam masala

Methi leaves

Olive oil+canola oil

A couple snips of garlic+onion

Salt soy sauce

Green chilly red chilly snipped.

Apple cider vinegar.


6 eggs

Paneer cubes

Swiss cheese sliced

Soft tofu (which I got at 30% off as you can see teehee and YAY!!!)

Spinach chopped

Red pepper chopped

Coriander leaves for topping

Mixed canned beans

(was supposed to add in sweet potato and regular potato but got a bit lazy at that pointJ)

1 halal chicken sausage boiled and washed and chopped.




I heated the oils on a medium heat, fried the chopped ginger, chillies, and garlic and onion then added in the spices for a few seconds during which I beat the eggs and soft tofu lightly with salt and soy sauce and apple cider vinegar.  I added in the eggs and the veggies, I also added in some hot sauce.  The cheese went on last and the coriander leaves.  It came to SO MUCH!  Wow…I froze half.

Suuuper healthy and tasty.  Play with the flavours. You can also add in cumin and coriander powders; I didn’t feel like that flavour today.

Dots of ketchup on the top.  And a few corn chips on the side for crunch and a dab of carbs.







28th May, 2021

I Did the Math For Ya

Did you put a laundry load in by mistake before 7p.m. and run the dryer thinking it was the weekend?  Did you then freak out wondering about the huge hike in the electricity bill?

Nothing much to worry about.  I did the Math for ya.  It costs only about $2 extra, if done after 5 p.m. that is.

Dont make a habit of it though.  Go off-peak as much as you can.  Help Mother Nature and those 2 bucks could feed some starving kid somewhere.

I truly thought it was Saturday: time flies when you're having fun...and anticipating more fun!!!

I always tell people: "Your best days are surely out ahead!"  Today know what I did?  I told myself that.  I truly believe it.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$




04 May, 2021

Awesomest Birthday Cake!

Boohoo!  My Birthday cake is over...and I enjoyed every last bit of it.  It was super easy to make as well.

Here's how: (You all will surely laugh:))

1. Go to Walmart or whatever bakery you have nearby.

2. Buy one piece each of your favourite cheesecakes. Cut into quarters/slivers. I got strawberry crumble, lemon mascarpone, and salted caramel.

3. Buy one can of gulab jamuns and one can of lychees.

4. Purchase 1 ripe kiwi. Slice it elegantly.

5. Choose a lovely plate.

6. Place the cheesecake pieces first.

7. Then get creative with arranging the kiwi slices, gulab jamuns, and lychees.

8. Cover with plastic wrap and chill well.

9. Enjoy! (Sharing is optional haha🙂) Cinnamon on top of everything.

10. The key is the small portions~this prevents one's eating too much at a time and can even lead to weight loss! (if spread over a few days and combined with a couple sessions of exercise daily plus green tea...and the cinnamon!). 

=>I firmly believe that one should not work on one's birthday<=

Please feel free to adopt this rule...and you can safely say "I read that on theawesomestlovenlife" ! Superglad to be of service and help people chill out more and celebrate themselves.

God is great.  Philippians 4:19: "My God is supplying ALL my needs according to His riches through glory in Christ Jesus!"

Much Awesomeness+++$$$ !!!


16th April, 2021

Feel Better Now

Would you like to feel better now?

Then go ahead and clear the clutter in your space!

Hey, don’t tackle your entire house at one go, that will not work!  It will only stress you out.  Choose one small spot, like a drawer, or a closet.

This way you can complete it and feel good.  Completion of tasks is very important.

Before you start, set the intention that as you clear out the old you make room for the new to enter.  You bless it.  Then get to work, trying your best to focus on the task at hand and not let your mind wander.  So, come into the moment.

Be strong with what you keep and discard.

Scroll down for more tips and read up on the Interim Space.

Many people think of housework or clearing as a chore.  Instead, here @ the awesomestlovenlife, we put a positive spin on everything.  Housework is fun, clearing is fun!  And look at the benefits it reaps.  It gets the body moving, it burns calories (don’t be ditching your daily routine for one drawer now!), and gets us out of our thoughts.  It also ushers in our manifestations faster by making way for them and helping to distract us from those things.

=>Clutter is trapped energy and can act as a block in our path<=

=>As without, so within and vice versa<=

=>If your surroundings are a mess, your mind will be a mess<=

So to put it positively, if your surroundings are in order your mind will be in order.

It truly does work like magic.

Then, eternal baby that I am, I go to that space several times and admire my handiwork!  It brings joy each and every time. 

"God saw all that He had made, and it was very good."

Give yourself a pat on the back right now!

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$!!!




16th March, 2021

Be More Organised and Happier With this Small Tweak

So who doesn’t want more peace and to be more organised?  A lack of organisation in one's life leads to much stress.

Each of us has some area in which we can come up higher.  Area or areas.  I think that is ongoing through life.

For today, we pick one pet peeve, one thing which is constantly bothering us. Let me give you an example from my own life.  Being a writer, I cannot do without my pen.  (haha right?:))  I need constant access to my pen.  And I found that I had to keep searching for it because I write in different places, in different journals. Gosh it would create some confusion and hassle me.

And then I said I must solve this.  So my pen now has a designated spot.  I am getting better at keeping it back there!  It’s at a 98% right now and that’s pretty good.

So what is it that you are constantly searching for?  Or do you always run out of some vital food and have to run to the store or send someone at all hours?

If it is the first, find a spot and commit to keeping the object there, like your sunglasses or car keys.  If it is the latter, buy more of the product and freeze if necessary.

It feels good to be on top of things.  It brings the power back within where it belongs.

=>Yes, often some small action can reap big rewards<=

No price is too high to pay for peace of mind.

Much Awesomeness++++!!!



05 March, 2021

Save Time-and Money-this Way

  1. Identify the grocery essentials you need on the regular.

  2. Now make a list of them.

  3. Print off a few copies of #2 with extra space.

  4. There.  You are all organised each week and can add in any special items you need in addition to the basics.

This saves time. And money. Because time is money isn’t it? Can we ever put a value to it. Making a list will also help prevent impulse purchases that often prove unnecessary.Set the intention to stick to the list.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$ !!!




23rd December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


Is for Rest.

And this comes under Domestic Engineering because we might want to get everything sparkling and shiny and that’s great.  In addition , let’s aim at balance, shall we?  If we overdo it, then we compromise our own well-being and we should never do anything at the cost of that.  Oxygen mask on me first if I am to save another.

Try to get some shut eye before midnight (and watch your face glow even more the next morning and those dark circles vanish!  Yep, so this could feature under Appearance as well!)

If there are late nights, catch up on sleep with a mini nap during the day.  (If your mini nap goes on a bit longer, then forgive yourself! :))

If we are well-rested, we enjoy the Season more and can focus on what truly matters, not just getting this and that done, but the sentiment behind it.

So, what can we slash today to add that time to our RQ (Rest Quota).

Much Awesomeness+++$$$

Thank you.




26th November, 2020

The Interim Space

(Please scroll down)




09 November, 2020

Get Organised and Happier in Five Minutes-II (please scroll down)



26th October, 2020

Get Organised-and Happier!-in Five Minutes: How to do It-Part I


Who wouldn’t like to feel happier right now?  Is something or someone bothering you this minute…and many minutes of the day?  Would you like to get more organized but just don’t know where to start? 


Well Awesome one, you have come to the right place at the right time!  If you have five minutes to spare, I am going to show you how to start to get more organized.  The indirect effect is that you will feel happier as well.

The Method:


1.  Choose a room or space.

2.  Designate an area as your “interim space”.  (That is a better way of saying “junk space”!)

3.  Now clear all countertops.  Use a plastic bag if you need to put stuff in.

4.  Put the stuff in your “interim space”. 

 That’s it.


Wow you tell me, I did that in less than five minutes, Awesomest Love!  Don’t you feel wonderful? 


The Benefits:


1.  Being visual creatures, we feel an immediate mood boost to just see clear counter tops.

2.  The air in our space gets to circulate more freely.

3. The mind and spirit feel instantly lighter because our space has been cleared.

4.  We feel less stressed as we can get to where we want to go quicker.

5.  This little burst of activity serves as a distraction from other things that are trying to weigh us down.

6.  We never know where this one act of ours can have a ripple effect.


What about the interim space?  Oh we will get to that.  When we have more than five minutes, that is!  But for now, this is perfect.  We will also learn to use vertical space rather than horizontal space as the great home organizers tell us.


You haven’t just tricked your mind into believing you did something great, you haven’t just gone and dumped stuff from here to there.  You have actually made progress in your quest for more organization.

=>Many a great journey commences with those first hesitant, sometimes unsure, steps<=


“A place for everything and everything in its place”.  Yes, yes, yes, we know there are many rules and guidelines.  My point is that, our aim is not to win the Most Organised Person award today, it is merely to feel better right now and get some relief. 


This is taking baby steps at its best.  Approached this way, it also takes the frustration out of getting organized and it will save you having to hire someone or writing to a talk show host who will then spill your private matters abroad.  I mean, who can organize your space better than you?  And do you really want your business on tv, and the internet where it will remain forever?  Thought not!


It doesn’t take a lot to be happier and more organized.  The two are completely intertwined, if you ask me.  When we are more organized, we feel happier.  And when we feel happier we have more energy and an increased urge to be more organized.


ALL it takes is five minutes.  How brilliant is that!  How brilliant are you in ALL your Awesomeness…go take a look in the mirror right this minute if you don’t believe me…and then, let's you and I go clear some counter tops.  Be happy!


09 November, 2020

Get Organised and Happier in Five Minutes-II


Hello there Awesome person!  What an organized person you are.  (Even if you don’t believe it at this point, I do, and I said it, so it shall come to pass!)


Today you imagine you can read my mind and think that I am going to tell you to tackle that interim space where you have just placed everything the other day…not true.  I don’t want to burden you.  Today we are going to do something else that will give us immediate gratification and help us feel organized right here, right now.


The Steps:


1.  Shift your focus from the interim space!

2.  This is because, surely, that is all your mind would like to think about.

3.  Go fetch a cloth.

4.  Choose a spot, say the living area of your home.

5.  If you are a kid, it could be all horizontal surfaces of your room.

6.  Now dust, swipe.

7.  There, done!


Again you say, that was less than five minutes.  Good, go meditate or brew yourself a cuppa, whatever is your personal pleasure.  You have earned it.


You could also say an affirmation before you do your little get-organised ritual, something like: “As I clean away dust, I am freeing myself of the past and its remnants, and allowing lovely new things to enter.”


So as you can see, this isn’t only dusting your furniture.  It yields benefits on all levels, mind, body, spirit and soul.


=>It would be good to always remember that everything affects everything<=


Isn’t it amazing, the power of the present moment...and how we can boost our mood within five minutes...or less.  It is not only the power of the present moment but our own innate power, God within each and every one. Let us tap into that and feel and be Awesome!  Right.  Now.


26th November, 2020

The Interim Space


Thought I had forgotten, didn’t you?!  Well, you most likely forgot about the Interim Space…which is an essential part of getting organized as you will soon find out.


Ready to get started?


The Steps:


  • Make sure you have 10-15 minutes to spare, the latter being better for this project.

  • Have three bags ready.  Big white garbage bags are good.  (This will save the step of making labels with masking tape.  But use what you have.)

  • With your permanent marker, label each bag.

  • The first is charity, we always start there.

  • The second is garbage.

  • The third is a ?.

  • If you have only two bags, that is fine, just keep a garbage bin closeby.


Now, head to your interim space and perform these steps:


  • Empty it out completely, whether it be a shelf or drawer.

  • If it is a drawer and you can take it out, do so and turn it over a sink or big garbage bin as there is sure to be some debris at the bottom.

  • Next, wipe it out with a damp clean cloth followed by a dry cloth.

  • If it is a shelf, you can use a dust pan and brush to clean it out and then wipe with a damp cloth.

  • Place a dryer sheet or paper towel with some of your favourite perfume, a few drops of vanilla, or some essential oil. (You can skip this step if you don’t care about smells but it will make you happier.)

  • If you have the time, line your interim space with some tissue paper in a lovely colour.

  • Now, the fun part, get to that pile.

  • Sort through and place things into the bag to which they belong, charity, garbage, or ?.

  • Let us allow ourselves the ? bag especially if we are getting started and are not sure about certain things, whether to keep or toss.

  • What hasn’t made its way into the bags obviously goes back into the shelf neatly.

  • Now place the bags out of sight in a closet for when you tackle your next space.

  • If there had been a lot of stuff in your interim space and your bags are full, complete the motion.

  • The garbage bag goes out to the designated area, the charity bag into your vehicle ready for drop off, and the ? bag goes into the closet. 

  • You get to keep the ? bag for a month.  If you have forgotten it by that time, you truly don’t need it and someone else could make better use of the stuff, so donate!  This is why I said in the beginning that forgetting about the interim space is a good thing because you know you don't need that stuff all that much.  Makes this process easier.


 You want to know my opinion?  When in doubt about whether to keep or toss, toss!  (Or donate as the case may be.)  There is no price one can put on the peace of mind that reducing clutter brings.  Yes, sure, you might think of that item but you will get better, that is also a sure thing.  That’s the Awesomeness of God in action.  Rich rewards are coming your way in areas you will not even expect…yes, your actions are calling forth positive results as we speak.  Wait and watch and …by the way?  Congratulations!  That was Awesome work!   Enjoy the fresh vibe within and without from just this 10-15 minute exercise.  Like a little child I always go back to my space that I have just cleared up, revisit it a few times and enjoy the feeling of a job well done. 


You truly will feel lighter and happier, and it will impact ALL areas of your life.  Not only that, but your happy vibe will spread to the entire Universe. 

=>Organising one little part of your world has made the Universe better and cleaner…imagine that<=




14th October, 2020


Love Hummus


The world is becoming increasingly smaller with the exchange of recipes and beauty ideas between regions and countries.  The sharing is lovely and fosters peace as races gain an appreciation for each other.  For instance, what would we do without curries from India and green tea from China?


This brings us to hummus.  This dish from Arabia is very well-known.  Today, before we speak about how to be a clean cook, we make hummus with a twist.  And we delve into the benefits of this dish as well as learn how easy it is to make.  So if you are a tyro cook just starting out, this is something great for you to whip up and impress yourself and others.  When you see how easy and quick it is and how tasty, this will boost your confidence which is key in being a great chef.


(Please bear with me as I seldom use recipes and encourage you, as well, to tap into your instincts and taste, so am giving you approximations.)




  • a can of chick peas

  • mint leaves-about 6

  • Coriander leaves (cilantro) a cupful

  • red chilly powder

  • 2 cloves of garlic chopped

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • cumin seed, half teaspoon

  • turmeric powder, quarter teaspoon

  • lemon juice to taste

  • extra virgin olive oil

  • water

  • asafoetida powder-a healthy pinch.



Get your blender or food processor ready. ( If you are a kid, please, get an adult to assist you initially as the blade is sharp.  Once they have given you tips and permission, however, handle this machine with finesse as you will be using it all your life.  Come from a place of faith, faith in God and your own abilities.)  First put in the liquid, some lemon juice and olive oil.  You can add some water, a couple of tablespoons. Next, rinse the chickpeas well in a strainer and add them to the blender; give this a blend.  Add in the mint leaves and all spices.  In terms of the salt and pepper and chilly powder, you can start with a half teaspoon of each and add more, depending on your tastes and those of your family.  Now add in the garlic and mint leaves and give it one more blend. Voila, done!


Don’t blend continuously if you want it chunky, blend continuously if you desire a smooth puree. I myself  prefer it with a bit of texture.


Scrape the lovely mixture out into a nice white or light coloured bowl.  The Arabs serve this with a drizzle of olive oil over and garnished with a mint leaf.  Chop up your cilantro and add it over top. Serve this with pita bread or gluten-free bread.  It will even pair well with rice.  Truly, it is a complete meal.


This is the nutritional content of Love Hummus:


  • Protein

  • Curcumin

  • Vitamin C

  • Iron (a whopping 33% of your daily requirement per cup, believe it???)

  • Calcium

  • Vitamin A

  • Potassium

  • Omegas 3 and 6 and monounsaturated fats.


The Benefits of eating Hummus:


  • It is great in weight management as it can be used as a butter substitute and can rev up your metabolism and energy, while ridding the body of excess water.

  • It replaces meat well for those who prefer the vegetarian route.

  • The above recipe can fight the dreaded “c-word” (because of the curcumin in turmeric powder).

  • It will help preserve your youth.

  • It will give you shiny hair and skin.

  • It is good for the joints.

  • It will benefit your eyesight.

  • It will diminish dark circles as cilantro contains Vitamin K.

  • Good for expectant Mothers or those who have just delivered.

  • Helps keep you calm as cilantro also contains magnesium.

  • Great for the heart (garlic and olive oil).

  • Boosts your immunity and staves off colds (vitamin C).

  • Eating this one day a week helps Mother Nature as it serves as a good replacement for meat.


People's major concern with this dish is that it might cause flatulence. But we have you covered there with the asafoetida powder and cilantro which help with this..."situation".

What to do if your Parents will not allow you to use the blender yet?

Obey them!  You can still make this by mashing the ingredients together.


Next time, we will speak of variations to this dish that will surprise you.


I call this “Love Hummus” because you will, indeed, love yourself-and others-when you make it, not only because of its divine taste but also because of the myriad health benefits.  And you will be loved in return because it is so delicious and healthy. 


Spread some joy, Love is contagious, and this is one of the best ways to let it permeate your world and the entire Universe.  The little bean, such a powerhouse…but no match for Awesome you. 

Happy Day!





02 October, 2020

You Will Never Go Back

If you start to pop your own corn, that is.  The only concession here?  We still use a microwave.  C’mon Awesome one, let’s get over it.  Our 80-90% healthy lifestyle allows for such stuff, (in case microwaving everything is actually bad for health.  And the jury is divided on that one, so...).

Which genius was it who discovered pop corn?  Bless his or her soul.  Then the geniuses who created the microwave and microwave pop corn, saving people much time and effort, Parents especially.

However, if you start popping your own corn, you will never go back to the prepackaged variety.  It tastes so fresh and wholesome and the sky’s the limit with the flavours you can add.  It is healthier as well as it eschews trans fats.

The Procedure:

1.  Put a third to two thirds of a cup of popcorn kernels into a brown paper bag.

2.  Fold the top over a few times.

3.  Place the bag seam side down in the microwave.

4.  I set mine for about 2 minutes 10 seconds.  It varies from machine to machine as you know.

5.  Listen carefully.

6.  When the rapid popping stops, bring your bag out.

Some ideas:

1.  Now transfer the popcorn to a bowl.

2.  It will be very hot.

3.  You can sprinkle salt and flavourings of your choice.  Add a dab of butter if you please and if you have been good all day with your food.

4.  For portion and calorie control, put half right away into a container.  It keeps quite well.  A glass container is best since the food is hot.

5.  If you desire the rich taste and wish to be healthier, heat up some canola oil, and swirl your flavourings around in it, then add it over top of the popcorn.  Or you can do a combination of canola and butter.

6.  And the unpopped kernels?  I save them and repop them (yes, it's a thing!).  They don't turn out as fluffy as the original, but they are pretty good.

7.  If you have made too much, then place some in a container and freeze it to keep it fresh.  Amazing!

=>Waste not, want not<=

Of course, my favourite is lemon chilly popcorn!  Cannot do without my heat. 

Ah, you have your bowl of popcorn before you, now grab your favourite mag or switch on the telly and sink into the wonder of enjoyment: you work so hard, you deserve it, Awesome one.

So this could feature under Fun as well.  Do remember to have some over the weekend, and each and every single day. 

=>Yes, housework is fun and if we think of it that way, we realise it is yet another great Gift from the Almighty<=




20th August, 2020

The Magic Combo

What's that?  Find out soon!






























































































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