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 Our Appearance is the first thing people see about us.  It is also a gift we must take care of.

Here, we speak of ways to optimise our looks, makeup tips, and how to look our youngest and best = Awesomest!





13 February, 2024

Be Even More of a Traffic Stopper with These Three Beauty Secrets!!!


04 June, 2023

Secrets for Thicker Hair

Do enjoy this video  and watch parts I and II as well!

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$$ and it is good to be back.

First post of the New Year.





06 April 2022

Rice Water

Rice water is famous as being a great beauty aid.

It is good for the hair and the skin.

Here’s how to make and use it:

  1.  Wash some rice really well.  I would use a quarter to a third cup.  Use more if you plan to cook it after which would be a good way to optimise time and resources and help Mother Nature and your sched.  Long sentence there!

  2.  Now soak the rice.  I like to use a glass bowl and lukewarm water.  Use filtered water as far as possible because you are going to use this on your skin and hair.

  3. Leave this covered for about 30 minutes.  I go longer.

  4. Now mix things about and strain off the water from the top.

  5. You can apply this as a treatment on your face, and put it into your hair as well, focusing on the scalp.

  6. This can be left on for 30 minutes to a few hours before you bathe.

Believe in yourself and pamper yourself.  We teach others how to treat us, so…:)

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$ !!!



08 March 2021

Would you like to be more vibrantly attractive?

It’s easy.   In addition to all the lotions and potions you apply daily, let the past go.

Ever seen someone lugging heavy baggage around?  Not the prettiest sight.  This is how most people move through life when they carry around great burdens of past issues.

To be truly free, we must let the past go.  I am not going to mention here the analogy of the rearview mirror.  Oh guess I just did! :)

You can find more techniques of how to drop the past right here @

To put it positively, let us be more present in our life. 

=>It is a wonderful thing, to have the breath of God within us.  With each breath is the possibility of ALL things<=

Much Awesomeness+++$$$$!!!



ALL about Almonds

Eating almonds is something great to do for our health.  This practise also helps with keeping the skin young.  Recent research shows that ingesting about a half ounce of almonds daily can help prevent wrinkles, and reduce existing ones.  In the latter it was seen that wrinkle severity went down by a whole 9% and wrinkle width decreased a full 10%. 


Almonds contain vitamin E, polyphenols and essential fatty acids.

Almond meal makes a great face scrub when mixed with yogurt.  It can also be used as a mask. For an extra brightening effect, add in a few drops of  lemon juice.  For decadence, rose water, of course.

Much Awesomeness+++$$$!!!



10th February, 2021

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11th December, 2020

Christmas Alphabets


is for Jesus!  Allow me to indulge myself with my greatest passion eh?  Jesus the little Babe in the Manger who went on to rule the world and His voice resonates today and always will.  Jesus was for ALL.  Inclusiveness started with Him. He sat with the supposedly “bad’ people of society.  He forgave them.  He hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors.  We need to bring some Jesus into today, forgive and forget and not judge even the seemingly weird, but, rather, pray for them.

J is for Joy.  Joy to the world.  So…how can we bring more joy to the deep vast pockets of this Universe that are filled with angst?  Each one can look within and without and figure it out.  Doing charity is not for bragging rights…it is our duty!

So...why is J out here under Appearance?  This is because Joy is one of the best ways to look good, feel younger, and be more healthy as well. Yep, high, high frequency.

You take care and have an Awesome day.

Much Peace and …yes, Joy!


10th February

Instant Confidence

And thus A Self-Esteem Boost

And who doesn’t need some of that from time to time!

You can do this as often as you like in the day.  It even serves to lift your vibe. 

This is from Ms.Amy Cuddy of Harvard University.  She calls it “power-posing”.

And of course, we put our own spin on it here at :)

I call it the Victory Pose because it features two V’s.


  1. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. 

  2. That’s one V-an inverted one.

  3. Now fling your hands up in another V.  (and now I add in my own steps)

  4. I go further and look up. ("I lift up mine eyes to the Heavens from whence cometh my help")

  5. Now smile.

  6. Breathe deeply, hold it in, and breathe out through your mouth.

  7. Now another deep breath and exhale through your nose.

  8. Want to take this further?  Say: “I can do, be, have, and am ALL things through God who strengthens me”!  (Philippians 4:13 adapted)  Say it with feeling and a smile.

This pose serves to reduce cortisol and thus stress, and increase testosterone and thus confidence.  That is as far as I am going into the science behind it all.

You can do this before an interview or a date or a speech.  Teach it to any children you know. 

Our bodies are great resources for empowerment.  And Cheers to The One who fashioned something so exquisite as the human body.

So why is this here under Appearance? This is because high confidence and self-esteem will make you look younger and more gorgeous.

Much Awesomeness++$$$$ !!!



17th November, 2020

Your Face is Your Fortune

Clinical Grade

Skin care is such an important part of our everyday lives…and if it isn’t, it should be.  The skin is our largest organ and it absorbs whatever we put on it so let us ensure that we give ourselves the best care.

Clinical skincare has scientific research that proves it is efficacious.

Clean skincare, by and large, does not contain harmful chemicals.

Clean + Clinical = Cleanical

This is a new idea floating around, what with people and companies moving in the direction of cleaner and greener.

It is amazing to note the curative powers of plant-derived substances.  Also interesting is that many of the popular and strong things people use are plant-based.  For instance, the diabetes medicine metformin is made from goat’s rue!

Bakuchiol is popular today as being an alternative to retinol which can often irritate skin but it is the gold standard for treating fine lines.  Bakuchiol comes from the Indian babchi plant.  Cannabis is showing up in skin care as well due to its calming properties.  Of course aloe vera is amazing as is reseveratrol which is derived from grapes.


There are many companies that offer cleanical skincare and the options are well-priced.

Some examples:

  1.  Naturopathica

  2. Kinship

  3. Ren.

Of these I have tried only Ren and it is good.  I cannot give a review since I did not even know it was cleanical and I believe it was a sample I had received.  If you wish to try before you buy, please visit a store like Sephora that provides samples  


Why I write this article today is so that we are aware there are options at pretty good price points for those who wish to be kinder to their skin…and the Universe.

=>Your face truly is your fortune, there is no other like it in all of planet earth!  Wear a smile as you walk around with the knowledge of your own gorgeousness.  It is a gift from God…as are you.<=






30th October, 2020

That Proverbial Glow~New Ways to Get It


Everyone wants that proverbial “glow”.  Infants have it, people in love have it, people who have just enjoyed physical activity have it.  Is there an easy way to get it?  I am about to divulge two!  The best part is, my techniques have nothing to do with applying make-up. Make-up is great, but I am all about being natural and real first.  Then enhance what one has got.


Two surprising ways to glow:

1.  Put on a thick layer of a moisturizing mask and go take a hot shower!  If you don’t want to spend on a mask, use whatever facial moisturizer you have on hand.  People in some parts of Europe might even use a layer of olive oil; using facial oils is catching on in the US and Canada as well. ( Asians don’t always do this because the residual oil could increase incidence of tanning and most Asians like to be Fair and Lovely!  However, the use of facial oils has been catching on in Asia as well.)


When you step into the hot shower, don’t let the water touch your face initially.  What you are doing, in effect, is steaming your face.  The pores open and the moisturizer gets the chance to work most effectively, its essential nutrients sinking deep into your skin.  Now, massage your face in circular upward motions with your finger tips.  This encourages more blood flow and relaxes the muscles, promoting a youthful look.  When you step out of the shower, go to your sink and splash cold water on your face.  The contrast between cold and hot will add to the glow-inducing effects of this ritual.  It will also help close the pores. 

What would be perfect right now is a Vitamin C cream to optimize the effects of all the preceding steps.  Many brands make vitamin C creams and you can get them at any price point.  You can make your own vitamin C cream at home; I will teach you how soon. 


Stand by for tip #2…it will surprise you!


Love and Peace ALL!

Thank you.




29th September, 2020

Answers to the Awesomeness Quiz

(Please scroll down.)

28th September, 2020

An Unusual Beauty Secret

ALL of creation is beautiful.  The same God that created the Queen created her maid…and the skunk as well.  That is a humbling realisation isn’t it.  It is also empowering.  I have seen previously “plain” people be transformed by makeovers and a new mindset.  (And the skunk’s beauty I would like to appreciate in pictures, preferably cartoons, as one recently sprayed my dog in the eyes and she still wears eau de skunk…6 baths, a grooming, and a few weeks later.)

Today we do something unique.  We beautify the mind by causing it to think outside the box.  We, perhaps, learn something new ("perhaps" because I am sure I am dealing with geniuses here!).  We jog our memory, we enrich our grey matter.  Doing this every day, research has shown, is one of the best ways to remain young forever!

So let’s get to it.  I request you not to google the answers you don’t know.  I will reveal them tomorrow and you can score yourself.  And even if you get a 10%, you will give yourself an Awesome…because you will get an Awesome from me even if you score 0.  Zero is good, it means you can only go up.

The Awesomeness Quiz (prepared especially for you especially by me):

  1.  Who was the first King of England?

  2. What is the capital of Austria?

  3. How many bones does the human body have?

  4. Which is the deepest ocean?

  5. Which famous principle causes the heaviest ship to float in water?

  6. What should the skin’s pH Balance be? 

  7. What does pH stand for?


Good Luck!

And here’s a new unusual word for today:

Pulchritudinous: means beautiful.

Let’s use it in a sentence:

You are pulchritudinous and awesome!

Have the flames of education been fanned afresh within you. 

We learn new things for ourselves and to share them with others.  This is not really to parade our knowledge at parties…what parties?  The masked ball takes on a whole new meaning eh?!

=>A young and beautiful mind yields a young and beautiful face and body<=

Let's think beautiful, kind, happy thoughts and help the process further.


29th September, 2020

Answers to the Awesomeness Quiz

1. The first King of England was Aethelstan (or Athelstan).  He ruled from about 925-939 A.D.  He was single with no children.  He is considered one of the greatest Anglo-Saxon kings.

2. The capital of Austria is Vienna.

3. The human body has about 206 -213 bones.  Why the range?  This is because some people possess an extra finger or something.  At birth, there can be about 270 bones which later fuse or mineralise.

4. The Pacific Ocean is the deepest.  Mariana's Trench is the deepest trench at 10,994 m, and is located in the western Pacific.  (love the band too!)

5.  Archimedes' Principle.  In very simple terms, if the weight of the water displaced is greater than the weight of the body, it floats.  (and that is by heart-credit to my Teacher!)

6. The skin's pH balance should be about 5.5, slightly acidic.

7.  pH stands for power or potential of Hydrogen.  It ranges between 0 and 14.  7 is neutral.  Anything below 7 is acidic.  It is a very important factor in testing water quality as well.


So how did you score.  Remember to be kind to yourself no matter what.  You get an "Awesome" from me as promised!  And I can already see your skin glowing even more with that increased brain activity.


22nd September, 2020

Lovely Lips

The lips are an important part of one’s face. They feature in so many activities during the day.  Without our knowledge, they take a lot of stress and if not treated properly, can show some not so nice results.

Have you been feeling of late that your lips do not look like they used to?  Are you seeing discolouration and wondering why?  Would you like to have better lips without going the filler route?

Here are some things to take note of and easy habits you can adopt:

  1.  Licking the lips is not a good idea and could cause them to darken.

  2. Wearing lipgloss or vaseline can cause the lips to get “fried” if one goes out into the sun.

  3. The first step to lovely lips is wearing a lip balm with spf, the higher the better.

  4. This forms a nice base for lipstick or gloss.

  5. This must be reapplied during the day as we eat and drink so often.

  6. People go overboard with scrubs and that could darken the lips.

  7. Be sparing with your use of lip exfoliants.

Next, why your lip balm isn’t working.



08 September, 2020

A Green and Clean Skin Routine

Hello Awesome Beauty (or Handsomeness) as the case may be!  It is my pleasure to know you and have you here.

Over the years, I have read about  makeup and clean creams that do not contain preservatives and are made with natural ingredients.  I have aspired to buy Tata Harper’s line and soon will.  Burt’s Bees is a more affordable choice and I might start there.

It is not only cost that has prevented me.  I guess I was skeptical about whether those lines would work as well as the stuff with chemicals.  But deep research has told me that they do.  In fact Ms Tata Harper is supposed to have the most amazing skin.

My shampoo is already all sulfate free.  And I mainly use alcohol free hair styling products.

I still have some of my skincare around. So how can I go greener and cleaner right now?

The first thing I do each morning is apply organic aloe vera juice all over my face and neck!  Sometimes I will do an extra layer.  Then I proceed as usual.  Cool, eh?

Aloe vera juice has so many amazing properties so it is like applying a serum straight from Nature.  It is also great for the hair so I actually do a scalp massage with it as well. (I just read that aloe vera can bleach the hair as it contains vitamin C so maybe I will not do that daily and only once a week.  I love my thick black undyed hair!  Thank you God and my Parents.)

Our body is the temple of God and His Holy Spirit so we must treat it with the greatest care possible, being conscious of what we put on and into ourselves.  I will soon share something else I am going to do shortly to be kinder still to my body.

=>A smile is the best skin care and makeup, so let’s “apply” that as often as possible!<=

You have a unique light, so please shine as brightly as you choose!

Thank you for your Love and your Time.




19th August, 2020

Want to Look Younger Now?  Here’s How

Hmmmm, "look younger"?  Why settle there? So let's say here’s another way  to look your youngest and best.  That would bring True Age into it and here at we are ALL about that, being one’s best on every front, actual years notwithstanding.

=>Our True Age encompasses and is dependent on our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings, and yes, the state of our body as well.<=  Take my Parents for instance…teehee:)

This came to me as I was watching telly the other day.  I saw a lady of a certain age with hoop earrings.  They worked for her, but what would be even better, I thought, was a sparkly cuff!  I know that hoops are popular.  But for a change, why not try a shiny cuff?

The Benefits of This:

1.  It draws the eye up.

2.  You don’t even need a pierced ear.

3.  One piercing is enough as most of them attach to the upper part of the ear with a simple hook.

4.  I would say go simple, skip the dangly bits, that would be way more classy.

5.  Get something light (weight-wise).

6.  Silver I have found is younger than gold, despite what is supposed to suit which skin tone.

7.  Cuffs are safer than hoops and I am sure I don’t have to elaborate.


Hoops can sometimes cause the dreaded saggy ear that gives a person’s age away.  They can also draw the features down if they are too big.

So try something new if you will, and when they ask you what you have done to yourself, just shrug in a nonchalant way and smile.  Let this be our little secret…before someone else sees this article that is!  Then we form a club: the more happy young people the better, am sure you agree.

If you truly wish to go all the way, get a silver cuff with pink crystals…and watch the magic unfold.  You will even need less makeup.

And now for the men…that will follow shortly.

Also look out for another brilliant idea to look younger instead of going the cuff route.

Feel your best and look your best, emit those vibes of utmost Awesomeness that only you can…and watch your own personal space-and this Universe-transform.  Every time I start to think that World Peace and Joy are a myth, I feel my Hope renewed by this: “For they that wait upon the Lord shall feel their strength renewed, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint!”  (Isaiah 40:31)  He always keeps His Word.


Note from AwesomestLove: So, why would an article about looking younger pertain to one of my 12-year old Readers?  It is because you live in a world where the factors for accelerated aging are increasing, like a compromised ozone and excessive use of cell phones laptops etc.  Yes we are tackling those but must live with the reality for the present.  So you must start as early as possible to protect yourself and be kind to who you will be a few years from now.  Then you will not have to go the nip-tuck route and will save precious time. (No judgement as regards nipping and tucking-to each his own and God for ALL.)  There are many who try to act and look older than they are.  I say look as young as you can for as long as you can!  This will help you in the long term.

The sparkly cuff can also help my younger Readers who are in a tussle with Mother and Father about getting an extra piercing or two in their ears. Use a cuff in the meantime and see whether you truly wish to get that piercing.  I thought I wanted to get an additional piercing and my Mother stopped me from doing it...and I thank her today for my pristine ears.  I thoroughly enjoyed my cuff, though, it was a little glove!




26th January, 2017-01-26

Make Your Own

Waterproof Base.

Foundation, in other words.

Everyone uses some form of base...well most people.  So this is for men, women, children (who are allowed by their Parents to use makeup!)

The Steps:

1.  Take some regular foundation.

2.  Add in some waterproof sun block.

That’s it.

No need to spend big bucks.

You get a foundation that sports SPF as well.  Make it high enough of an SPF and you can get away with just the base some days.  It is always recommended to put on a layer of sun block though and then add this base atop.  Extra protection.

You want it to be really waterproof?  Use a long-wearing foundation to begin with and add in the waterproof sun block.


-Saves Money

-Saves fuel (you don't have to head out!)

-Boosts creativity

-Improves vibe (the satisfaction of having made something yourself while your money remains in the bank.)

-Keeps you looking young.


My my... awesome and gorgeous?  Such a winning combination!  You are unstoppable.


Next, how to make a Luminous Foundation (and thus save plenty more). (TBC)


~Life Coaching~Wellness~Meditation~Music Therapy~Writing and Editing~Prayer~

Jesus Christ. Faith Hope Love Abundance Gratitude Counselling
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